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Championship Manager: Season 00/01

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Cheat Codes

Transfer funds do not decrease

Enter JIMMY RULES as a manager name. When you buy a player, your transfer funds will not decrease.

£100 million

Enter FISHBITE as a manager name.


Keep good record

You can exit the game without saving if you are losing by pressing [Keypad Asterisk]. You now have another chance to win that game.

Faster matches

Press [Space] during the game while there is not any on-screen commentary. Note: You will also need to repeat this at the start of the second half.

Champion team

Choose a team to manage but do not select "Take Control". Instead, select "Tactics". The game will respond that no tactics are available. Type champions then select "Take Control". Your team will have better performance.

Start as England manager

At the start of a new game, click on any English club. Then, click on any English player. Click on the players nationality (English). The England team will appear. Select "Take Control". You will then be the manager of England.

Easy money

  • Play as a team such as Real Madrid and sell add on a manager such as Manchester United. Get Manchester United to buy your players such as Savio for £12 million and players such as Geremi for £7 million. You can get about £100 million after selling them, and be able to buy players such as Lugi Baggio and others.
  • Start with Juventus and transfer list Del Piero. Lots of clubs will offer a large amount of money for him (about £30,000,000). Note: Do not accept the offers with monthly installments, as some of the clubs will offer straight up front.

Easy victory

  • Simply take over the opposition's team. Play all the players on the wing, which results in your team getting a big win.
  • Select "Add Manager" and click on the team you will play next. Select "Tactics" and set all the players on the side with no one in goal. Also place the worse captain in charge of that team.

Buy FGN players that have European Passports

In the player and staff search screen, click on "Player Search". Then, specify "EU National" under filters. While you are in there type in, after the "Text" filter, a country or continent outside the EU. This will allow you buy to foreign players that have EU passports such as Alexander Mostovoi (who is Russian/Portuguese).

Opponent has no players

Choose a rival team that you do not like. Add manager, then free transfer all their players. Instead of clicking "Continue", retire immediately. None of the free transfers will be blocked, leaving them with no players.

Finding good players

Enter the "/cm0001/editor/" folder and run the cm0001ed.exe file to start the game editor. Use it to open your data file, which should be in the "/cm0001/data" folder. Use the filter to find any player who has ability over 180. These players are very good but usually are very expensive and famous. However, some of them are not -- for example, some players from South America. You can use filter to find any player with potential over 180. Some of them, especially the younger ones, are not expensive and will develop into very good players in a few years.

Cheap players

  • Add the manager of the club that the player is at. You can now release the player you want and resign as manager that day. The very next day you will see that the player is freelance and plays for number one. You can then attempt to sign the player on at a cheap price.
  • Add the manager, then just make a bid of about a million. You are manager of the club that you want the player from, so you can accept and reject any other bids from other clubs and let the player go to your club for a very small amount.

Free players

  • Take over the team that you would like to get the player from and set his transfer status to $0, "This Player Is Not Needed" and "This Player Is On Transfer List". He will get mad. Click on "Change Player" and switch to your name. Approach to buy him and the desired player should be worth $0. After that, you will get a new mail message for the team you took over. Accept the transfer, etc., The player will almost always accept your contract and sign with you for no money. Note: If the player is in a different region, when you choose the leagues you want so you can get your free players, choose the leagues with the players in them.
  • To get a player to volunteer, place an outrageous bid for him (twice his market value). After his team has accepted, change your offer zero and select "Cancel" on the "Adjust Offer" screen.

Recommended players

Try the following players.
, , , , , , ,

Ada Fleming (free, 14 years old, comes into game a few months in)
Alan Shearer
Alan Smith
Alessandro Turchetta
Alex Notman
Allesandro Del Piero
Ariel Ortega
Arjen Robben
Arthur Numan
Aydin Musa
Ben Thatcher
Bennidect McCarthy
Bernardo Romeo
Celestine Babayaro
Cherno Samba
Claudio Lopez
Csaba Feher
Daniel Andersson
Daniel Nardellio
Daniel Osorno
Daniel Van Buyten
Danny Schofield (£800,000)
Darren Fletcher (wait until 2003)
David Bingham (varies)
David Healy (Man. U.)
Denis Yevsikov
Deon Burton
Diego Cagne
Diego Quintana
Dieter Hamann
Dmitry Parfenov
Dominic Matteo
Edwin Congo
Emiliano Conti
Faustino Asprilla
Fausto Rossini
Frank Baumann
Giacomo Cipriani
Gustavo Lopez
Hatem Trabelsi
Helder Postiga (free)
Hernan Jorge Crespo
Inacio Pia
Jairo Fernando Castillo
Jamie Smith
Jay Jay Okocha
Joe Cole
John Convery
Jorge Luis Anchen
Jose Quitongo
Julian Gray
Julio Ricardo Cruz
Julius Aghahowa
Kahveci Nihat
Kalam Mooniaruck (free)
Kennedy Barkiciglou (£2.3million)
Kim Kallstrom (£1.2million)
Kris Taylor (wait until 2004 before buying him)
Lubomir Moravcik
Ludwig Freden Klenfelt
Mads Timm (under £5 million)
Marcus Allback
Markus Kreuz
Martin Djeton
Martin Palermo (Boca)
Martin Wood
Maxim Tsigalko (Dinamo Minsk)
Michael Ballack
Michael Mols
Omer Riza (West Ham.)
Patrick Kluivert
Paul Matthijs
Peter Lovenkrands
Pierre Wome
Rafael Van Der Vaart
Raul Estevez
Sergey Semak
Sharbel Touma
Shota Arveladze
Stefan Klos
Stephane Dalmat
Stephen Crainey
Steve Harper (willing to drop down a few divisions and is only 800K at the start)
Steve Mcmanaman
Tierry Henry
Tomas Rosicky
Valery Karpin
Vincenzo Montella
Vinicio Espinal (buy him midway through first season)
Vladimir Smicer
Willie Howie (about £1 million)
Willy Sagnol
Zoltan Sebescen

Mark Kerr is very cheap, but becomes an amazing player. Buy him from Falkirk at the beginning. He will cost about £800,000 but can be worth up to £15 million after three or four years. Also llyas Saglamoglu from Torslanda is very cheap. He costs about £90,000 but can be worth up to £16 million. Also, try to buy players from Finnish or Swedish clubs. Some players can be bought for £200,000, but be worth about £8 million within half a season. Phillipe Mexes from Auxerre and Ivan Javier Cuadrado are also quite cheap and very good players for middle table Premiership clubs.


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