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Championship Manager: Season 01/02 (PC)

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Get any player

Select a club that is rich. Then, buy the player for at least £6,000 more than his value. If they do not accept, keep offering more until they do so. Next, offer him a contract of anything you can afford. If this does not work, your club may have a bad reputation.

Recommended players

If you have two players up front, the best two players to have are Henrik Larsson and Andriy Schevchenko. They are guaranteed to score every game, as long as you have a brilliant play maker like Zinedine Zidane.

As soon as you start a season, buy Cherno Samba who is 15 and plays for Millwall. If you play about 10 seasons he will become one of the best strikers. Also, Arjen Robben who is 17 from Groningen and Rafael Van Der Vaart who is 18 from Ajax are excellent prospects for the future.

Buy Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Malmo FF), Kenny Duechar(Falkirk) and Chucks Nwoko (Maltese team) for a young strikeforce which in a year or so will get up to 40 goals per season each in total. All three will cost £2 million and are a good value for the money.

Easy win

Add manager as whoever you want to be. Look under "Fixtures" and check who you are playing in your next match. Whichever it is (for example, Tottenham), add another manager the team. When at the match, go on Tottenham's tactics and take out the goalkeeper so that the team has none. You can now defeat the team easily.

Play only second half of season

Select the nation of the team you wish to manage and USA as foreground leagues at the start. When selecting the start season, choose USA and allow the game to load. When selecting your team, change the nation on the pop down menu to that of the team you wish to manage, and select your team. You will now take control of the team in mid-January, with the first half of the season simulated.

Quick money

Buy any player from a Finland, Sweden, or Asian club. Let him play five consecutive matches. Sub him in the sixth match at the 60th min. Fine him for a week after the match, then release him on a free after that. You will have at least £1 million extra. This works only for English, Italian , and Spanish clubs. Note: The player you buy cannot be on a free transfer. He should cost at least £1,000. For a German club, simply sell any ten players on your team within a week and you will get at least £20 million extra (free transfer is allowed).

Go to the "Editor" section on the start menu. Make all of your team's players amazing (full stats, except reflexes etc., unless making a star goalkeeper). Start a season with your team and add about ten managers, all at rich clubs. Make them buy your players for a lot of money, then buy them back for half the cost.

Scout report

Click on any player. Click on the "Action" button in the top right. Next, click on the "Set Nickname" option and enter one of the following names:

Oliver Collyer
Paul Collyer
Paul Norman
Kevin Turner
Marc Duffy
Svein Kvernoey
Mark Woodger

Once entered, click "OK" then click "Action" again. Click on "Request Coach Report", select a coach, and press "Confirm". Read out the strange report that is given. Note: This works on both the demo and final version of the game.

Finding good players

Enter the "/cm0102/editor/" folder and run the cm0102ed.exe file to start the game editor. Use it to open your data file, which should be in the "/cm0102/data" folder. Use the filter to find any player who has ability over 180. These players are very good but usually are very expensive and famous. However, some of them are not -- for example, some players from South America. You can use filter to find any player with potential over 180. Some of them, especially the younger ones, are not expensive and will develop into very good players in a few years.

Search for a player called Mpenza. He will cost about £17,000, but it is worth it as he scores all the time.

Go the game's editor. Filter out players with -2 potential ability. All of these players have the potential abilities to become world class players some day, if they are played frequently. Examples of such players are To Madeira, John Woodgate, and Krisstoffer Weckstrom.


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