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Championship Manager 3

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Cheat Codes

Manage England

Select any team at the selection screen. Click on an English player on the team squad screen, then click on "English". You should now be in control of the England team.

Unlimited money

Enter Jimmy Rules as a manager name.
ravct tbtae


Free players

Use the following steps to buy any player for free. As an example, Rivaldo can be signed to Man Utd. As ManUtd, go to Rivaldo and put in a bid of £0, press "Offer", and then "Yes". With another team under your control, e.g. Liverpool, go to Rivaldo and put in a bid of how much the player is worth, press "Offer" and then "Yes". Still as Liverpool, click on the action button and select "Change Transfer Bid". Now click on the small triangle in the top left hand corner. Then click on Man Utd (their name will appear once you have clicked on the triangle). You now have total control of the transfer bid. Just click "Accept" and your bid of £0 will be accepted. Withdraw Liverpool's bid for Rivaldo, and providing you can meet the player's wages, you will sign the player for free.
and Steven McAvoy.

For example, if your team is Arsenal and you want Beckham, create another player and take control of the desired team (Manchester in this case). Then, go to the player's profile (where it lists his attributes) and click on "Discipline Player". Make him hate you or release him. If not, you can change the transfer status. Now with Arsenal, offer Beckham £0 or £1 million. After awhile, he will accept.

Maximum money

Go to the "Editor" file in the Championship Manager 3 installed files and click it. Click on "Championship Manager 3 Editor". You should now see a square box which should say index on it. Click on the little arrow at the top of the box. Then, click on "Data". Next, press "Open". The "Editor" should then open and say "Processing". Click on "Clubs", then go to the search menu. Click on "Find". Enter the team of your choice that you will use in the game. Next, click on the amount of cash available for the team. Change it to "14999999999M", then click on "Save". Exit the editor and load the game. Start a new game. This will not work if this is not done. Your team should have the maximum amount of money. Note: You can also change how much skill the players have in the editor, as well as your club's reputation and other attributes.

Good players

Sign these players quickly, as they will be one of your top signings:

Vance Warner
David Woozley
Dean Chandler
Malcom Christie
Carl Laurie
Peter Prospar
Jamie Shore
Daniel Montenegro
Martin Palermo
Leyder Preciado
Pablo Aimar
Tonton Mokouko
Sixto Peralta

Young players

These are some of the young players to buy.

Chucks Nwocko
Javier Saviola
Kevin Hofland
Timmy Simons
Stilian Paetrov
Alex Notman
Paul Hook
David Garvock

Other good young players to buy include the following:

Marcelo Gallardo
Juan Roman Riquelme
Gianluigi Buffon
Frabrizio Coloccinni


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