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Chess Online (iPod/iPhone)

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Behading: Lose 100 games.
Bobby Fisher: Win 1000 games.
Boys to Men: Promote a pawn.
Burgler: Take 250 of your opponent's pieces.
Candidate Master: Win 25 games.
Castle Master: Perform the special castle move 10 times.
Chess Expert: Win 10 games.
Deep Blue: Win 500 games.
Drawn and Quartered: Lose 250 games.
Duke of Pawn: Promote 50 pawns.
Evasive Action: Get put in check 100 times.
Fast Action: Win a game in less than 60 seconds.
FIDE Master: Win 50 games.
Frenchie: Perform the special En Passant move.
Grand Larceny: Take 1000 of your opponent's pieces.
Grand Master: Win 250 games.
Hot Pursuit: Put your opponent in check 100 times.
International Master: Win 100 games.
Iron Maiden: Lose 25 games.
Larceny: Take 1000 of your opponent's pieces.
Looter: Take 100 of your opponent's pieces.
Massive Action: Win a game in 2 moves.
Pawnage: Promote 100 pawns.
Promoter: Promote 25 pawns.
Serf: Lose 1 game.
Sir Lancelot: Take your opponent's queen.
Squire: Win 1 game.
The Rack: Lose 10 games.
The Stocks: Lose 50 games.
Thief: Take 500 of your opponent's pieces.