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Steam achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Battle Geek Play All Clear: Battle Geek play all clear.
Battle Geek Play All No.1 Clear: Battle Geek play all no.1 clear.
Battle Level Play All Clear: Battle level play all clear.
Battle Level Play All No.1 Clear: Battle level play all no.1 clear.
Battle Score 100K: Battle score 100k.
Battle Score 1M: Battle score 1m.
Battle Score 3M: Battle score 3m.
Battle Self Play 10 Wins: Battle self play 10 wins.
Battle Self Play 100 Wins: Battle self play 100 wins.
ComboC. 100 Combo: ComboC. 100 Combo.
ComboC. 300 Combo: ComboC. 300 Combo.
ComboC. 500 Combo: ComboC. 500 Combo.
First 10 Combo: First 10 Combo.
First 20 Combo: First 20 Combo.
First Magic Turn: First magic turn.
First Star Magic Turn: First star magic turn.
First Stone Magic Turn: First stone magic turn.
IQ Easy Mode All Clear: IQ easy mode all clear.
IQ Easy Mode All No.1 Clear: IQ easy mode all no.1 clear.
IQ Hard Mode All Clear: IQ hard mode all clear.
IQ Hard Mode All No.1 Clear: IQ hard mode all no.1 clear.
IQ Normal Mode All Clear: IQ normal mode all clear.
IQ Normal Mode All No.1 Clear: IQ normal mode all no.1 clear.
IQ Score 100K: IQ score 100k.
IQ Score 1M: IQ score 1m.
IQ Score 3M: IQ score 3m.
Multi 10 Wins: Multi 10 Wins.
Multi 100 Wins: Multi 100 Wins.
Multi 1000 Wins: Multi 1000 Wins.
PointC. Score 1M: PointC. Score 1M.
PointC. Score 2M: PointC. Score 2M.
PointC. Score 5M: PointC. Score 5M.
Push Geek Play All Clear: Push Geek play all clear.
Push Geek Play All No.1 Clear: Push Geek play all no.1 clear.
Push Level Play All Clear: Push level play all clear.
Push Level Play All No.1 Clear: Push level play all no.1 clear.
Push Score 100K: Push score 100k.
Push Score 1M: Push score 1m.
Push Score 3M: Push score 3m.
Push Self Play 10 Wins: Push self play 10 wins.
Push Self Play 100 Wins: Push self play 100 wins.
Stage Challenge All Clear: Stage challenge all clear.
Stage Challenge All No.1 Clear: Stage challenge all no.1 clear.
StageC. 10min Clear: StageC. 10min Clear.
StageC. 20min Clear: StageC. 20min Clear.
StageC. 30min Clear: StageC. 30min Clear.
STAT. Chain 1,000 Times: STAT. Chain 1,000 Times.
STAT. Chain 50,000 Times: STAT. Chain 50,000 Times.
STAT. Clear 250,000 Times: STAT. Clear 250,000 Times.
STAT. Clear 5,000 Times: STAT. Clear 5,000 Times.
STAT. Click 10,000 Times: STAT. Click 10,000 Times.
STAT. Click 500,000 Times: STAT. Click 500,000 Times.
STAT. Collect 2,000 Cube: STAT. Collect 2,000 Cube.
STAT. Collect 9,000 Cube: STAT. Collect 9,000 Cube.
STAT. Execute 100 Times: STAT. Execute 100 Times.
STAT. Execute 500 Times: STAT. Execute 500 Times.
STAT. Magic Turn 20,000 Times: Stat. magic turn 20,000 times.
STAT. Magic Turn 500 Times: Stat. magic turn 500 times.
STAT. Play 10 Hour: STAT. Play 10 Hour.
STAT. Play 50 Hour: STAT. Play 50 Hour.
STAT. Rotate 100,000 Times: STAT. Rotate 100,000 Times.
STAT. Rotate 2,000 Times: STAT. Rotate 2,000 Times.
STAT. Star 5,000 Times: STAT. Star 5,000 Times.
STAT. Star 500 Times: STAT. Star 500 Times.
STAT. Stone 5,000 Times: STAT. Stone 5,000 Times.
STAT. Stone 500 Times: STAT. Stone 500 Times.
Unlock All Battle Modes: Unlock all battle modes.
Unlock All IQ Modes: Unlock all iq modes.
Unlock All Push Modes: Unlock all push modes.
Unlock All Puzzle Modes: Unlock all puzzle modes.
Unlock All Skins: Unlock all skins.
Unlock All Tutorials: Unlock all tutorials.
Unlock Battle Mode: Unlock battle mode.
Unlock IQ Mode: Unlock IQ mode.
Unlock Push Mode: Unlock push mode.


Easy "Multi 1000 Wins" achievement

This requires a second computer with a second Steam key for the game.
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1. Both computers start the game.
2. Computer one hosts a multiplayer game and computer two joins it.
3. Computer one wins.
4. Computer one leaves the lobby, making computer two the new host. Computer one then rejoins the lobby.
5. Computer one wins.

You can restart both games and repeat steps 1 through five, or continue with the following steps.

6. Have both computers leave the lobby.
7. Computer two restarts the game.
8. Computer two hosts a lobby, computer one joins and wins.
9. Repeat steps 6 through 9 until the game crashes for computer one.

Easy "STAT. Click 500,000 Times" achievement

Play Combo Challenge and have a lock spawn. This normally occurs at about ten combos. You can click it without any time limit.

Easy "STAT. Execute 500 Times" achievement

You must launch the game 500 times. To speed this process, start Steam in offline mode to skip the file synchronizing. Enter the "Clickr" library page. Press [Enter] to launch the game, then press [Alt] + [F4] when the screen turns black when playing in full screen mode to quick exit. Press [Enter] again to relaunch the game and repeat the process as many times as needed.

Easy "STAT. Magic Turn 20,000 Times" achievement

  • Enter Puzzle mode, then Stage Challenge, then select level 31. It consists of mostly large stones. Click on stones to clear them. When a lot of empty space has been created, press E or W to rotate to get some magic turns. Press R to restart before reaching between stone and stone. You can complete approximately 40 pieces of magic turns each time. Note: Timing the restart must be very precise.
  • Use the following trick on level 31 to instantly turn everything into Magic Turn blocks. Start by popping a rock to create empty spaces on the level. Then, rotate the level and press R to restart after the level has completed rotating and the blocks have begun to fall, but before any of the blocks complete falling. If done correctly, the entire level will into Magic Turns after restarting.