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Complete the indicated mission to earn the corresponding medal.

Golden Puffles Medal: Find Aunt Arctic's two disoriented Puffles in mission 1.
Wilderness Survival Medal: Survive in the wild with the materials used in mission 2.
Electromagnet Medal: Remove the giant magnet on top of the gift shop in mission 3.
Golden Tube Medal: Rescue the distressed penguins on top of the ski mountain in mission 4.
Gold Investigation Medal: Capture the crab and finding the remains of the polar bear fur in mission 5.
Golden Box Medal: Receive credits that you thought outside the box in mission 6.
Silver Watch Medal: Repair the clock tower quickly in mission 7.
Boiler Spoiler Medal: Perfect the plumbing system in mission 8.
Secret Squad Success Medal: Manage other multi-members in mission 10.


Fuzzy look

Press [Minus] during game play and the screen will change to a fuzzy look.

Igloo upgrades

  • Click on the doors to make them open.
  • Click on the gym's right ceiling light to unlock the secret igloo.

Secret places

The dojo is on the purplish mountain.
The iceberg is the floating ice in the water.
The lighthouse brings you to the beach.
The mining shack is the snow drift to the right of the forts.
The sewer in the plaza brings you to the ice caves.
The upper right speaker in the dance club brings you to the boiler room.
The first closet at the sport shop is the entrance to the secret agent HQ.

Boiler Room

Clicking on the top left cabinet lets you read the past eight newspapers.
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Note: Always click at the same time.

ET shows a music note and makes a noise
EI shows an igloo
EP shows a blue Puffle
ES shows a skull
ED shows a sun (the "D" stands for day)
EF shows a flower
EG shows a game controller
EH shows a red heart
EL shows a four leaf clover (the "L" stands for lucky)
EZ shows a slice of pizza (the "Z" stands for the z's in pizza)
EC shows a cup of coffee
EN shows a moon and stars (the ""N stands for night)
EM shows a coin (the "M" stands for money)
EW shows pink ice cream
EQ shows brown ice cream
E1 shows a laughing face
E2 shows a smiley face
E3 shows a straight face
E4 shows a frowning face
E5 shows a surprised face
E6 shows a face sticking out tongue
E7 shows a winking face
E8 shows a green sickly face
E9 shows a red angry face
E0 shows a red angry face
Shift! shows a large !
Shift? shows a large ?

Different dances

Wear the indicated item and dance to complete the corresponding action.

Wear the coffee apron to pour coffee.
Wear the chef's hat to make pizza.
Wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim.
Wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula.
Wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer.
Wear the lasso to twirl it around.
Wear any musical instrument to play it.
Wear a lifeguard whistle and wave and you will blow it.
Hold the lasso and it will twirl in the air.


Press the indicated key to use the corresponding command.

Wave (or wear a whistle)
Throw a snowball
Tell a joke
Say yes
Say ok
Say hello
Say good-bye
Say no

Aqua Grabber: Easy coins

  • Go to the map and click the iceberg in the top right corner. Go to the submarine and play Aqua Grabber. Do the main treasure in the Clam Seas. You will get 300 coins for the main treasure and 25 coins for each of the smaller ones. You can get 1,000 coins in about five to ten minutes by doing this.
  • Go to Soda Seas and get all the cream soda barrels. Go to the last cream soda barrel place. There will be a lumpy part where there is no water. Bump it hard and a worm will appear. Use the worm to catch the fish in Soda Seas. You will get 200 coins per fish brought to the net. You can also use the fish to catch the Mullet fish (a big fish) for more coins.

Arctic Antics: Bomb making

Buy a magic seed and mystery parcel. Plant the seed. Wait for the seed to become a sapling. Open the mystery parcel. Then, plant the bomb on someone.

Arctic Antics: Walkthrough

1. Go down to the river.
2. Follow river to the right.
3. Look under the platform.
4. Investigate the entrance.
5. Pick up heavy iron bar.
6. Crawl back out.
7. Go back up the bank.
8. Walk along the riverbank to the left.
9. Follow river left.
10. Follow river left.
11. Go towards the woods.
12. Go under the bridge.
13. Pick up the silver whistle.
14. Go towards the river.
15. Climb the tree.
16. Crawl along the branch.
17. Jump to the far bank.
18. Walk to the right.
19. Go towards the grass.
20. Pick up the broken pencil.
21. Go towards the river.
22. Walk along the riverbank to your left.
23. Go towards the object.
24. Climb the stone.
25. Open the hatch. Get some rusty nails after you open the hatch.
26. Climb off the stone.
27. Go around the stone.
28. Go away from the river.
29. Walk left.
30. Go forward.
31. Go left.
32. Pick up the torch keyring.
33. Go right.
34. Go left.
35. Go along the bank away from the object.
36. Blow the silver whistle.
37. Move towards the trunk.
38. Climb back down.
39. Follow river to the right.
40. Go back to field.
41. Walk over to the house.
42. Look around the building.
43. Walk to the edge of the field.
44. Walk left, following the fence.
45. Pick up a wooden crate.
46. Heads toward the building.
47. Put down the crate.
48. Climb on the crate.
49. Climb through the window.
50. Search around with the torch.
51. Pick up the old hammer.
52. Climb back out of the window.
53. Climb down the ground.
54. Pick up the wooden crate.
55. Walk around the building.
56. Go back towards the river.
57. Go down to the river.
58. Follow river left.
59. Follow river left.
60. Go towards the woods.
61. Cross the bridge.
62. Follow the path uphill.
63. Go deeper into the woods.
64. Go farther to the path.
65. Climb up the ladder.
66. Fix the ladder.
67. Climb down.
68. Go towards the interesting tree.
69. Go to the pathway.
70. Turn off into the undergrowth.
71. Follow undergrowth to your right.
72. Pick up large key.
73. Go towards the tree.
74. Go towards the rock.
75. Go up the rocky hill.
76. Go uphill.
77. Go to the right.
78. Pick up woolen gloves.
79. Scramble down the bank.
80. Go to the other way.
81. Go towards the tree.
82. Follow the path downhill.
83. Follow the path downhill.
84. Go deeper into the woods.
85. Go farther to the path.
86. Climb up the ladder.
87. Climb further up the ladder.
88. Pick up the Ice Crystal.
89. Climb down to the ground.
90. Climb down.
91. Go towards the interesting tree.
92. Go to the pathway.
93. Follow the path downhill.
94. Go to the river.
95. Go towards the river.
96. Follow river to the right.
97. Go back to the field.
98. Walk over the house.
99. Look around the building.
100. Walk to the edge of the field.
101.Walk right, following fence.
102. Unlock gate and go through.
103. Leave the quest.
104. Walk out of the edge of the Quest world!.

Astro Barrier: Bonuses

  • On the level 11 wait for about 25 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it, then the secret levels will be available.
  • On level 7, when it tells you about the blue dots hit it. You will gain an extra life.
  • On level 11, shoot the orange switch and the other things to get extra points.

Book room: Easy coins

Complete the following tasks in the Slime Green book.

1. When given the option, type "busiest". After completing the page, click and drag the mop up to the top of the page and release it. It should appear on the other side of the window. Drag it around that side and it will clear the mountains to reveal a coin. Click on it.
2. When given the option, choose a tree. After finishing the page, click and drag the bowl away from its location and click on the coin.
3. Choose "Fell" when given the choice. At the end of the page, click the round green blob at the top of the page and drag it around. Keep doing this until all the slime has dissolved, then click the coin.
4. Choose "Made" when asked. At the end, push the penguin sitting on the floor around by pointing just behind him. He will soon flip onto the ceiling. Push him forward. Hole should form in the ceiling and a coin will fall out. Get the penguin back to safety and claim the reward.
5. Choose "Dropped" when prompted. At the end of the page, slide the mop and penguin out of the screen. Watch the walls carefully because it will flash green in a sequence. You must copy the sequence. When done, the door will swing open to reveal a coin.
6. Choose "Shout". Click and drag the paint bucket aside, then click on the coin.
7. Click the light bulb above the penguin's head. It will fall to the bottom of the screen. The screen will turn into a maze. Drag the light bulb around it, dodging the walls, and get it to the light bulb shadow. Once you have completed the puzzles, a coin will appear above the penguin's head. Click on it.
8. At the end of the page, drag the capes out of the box. When it seems you have finished, click on the box and you will drag out a sock. Switch the sock for the cape in the penguin's hand. Do the same thing with the other sock in the box, and drag it to the other hand. A coin will appear.

Complete the last page. It has no coins. At the end you will get 800 coins.

Card-Jitsu: Ninja Mask and Secret Ninja Hideout

Talk to Sensei and select Competition mode. Face and defeat opponents in Card-Jitsu. As you defeat opponents you will get belts of different colors starting at white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, purple, brown and finally black. Once you have your black belt challenge Sensei. He will defeat you automatically for a few matches, but keep fighting. After awhile you will be able to defeat him just like any other opponent. You will then get a Ninja Mask and access to the Secret Ninja Hideout.

Cart Surfer: Easy coins

  • Go to the mines and play Cart Surfer. Keep jumping by pressing [Space] and press [Down] [Down] [Down] to do a backflip for 100 points. Then, jump and press [Right] or [Left]. You will spin for 80 points. Keep switching off. When you come to a turn, grind it by holding [Down] and pressing the [Side]. Eventually, you should finish with somewhere between 230 and 360 coins in less than one minute. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired.
  • Play the Pizza game once. Try to get perfect for 1,080 gold, then play Cart Surfer three times. Repeat this until you have as much money as desired.
  • Go to Cart Surfer. Hold [Down] while pressing [Side]. Hold both keys for a rail grinder. The amount of times you hold them determines how many points you get. Note: If you hold the keys for too long you will fall.

Catchin' Waves: Easy coins

  • Get a Silver Surfboard. Go to the Cove and start "Catchin' Waves". Select the "Competition" option. Competition tends to get you more coins because you are being judged. The more you impress the judges, the better you wll do. Use your mouse to steer. Move your mouse up and down and your surfing penguin will follow it. Move your mouse to the right to speed up and to the left to slow down. To jump, move your mouse up over the wave. Your penguin should jump in the air above the wave. To get easy coins get well ahead of the wave and do some flips. To do a flip, move your mouse in a small fast circle, but keep it above the wave. Steady yourself when coming back down into the wave after a jump by holding the Left Mouse Button to "grind". If you start to lose your balance, slow down or move the mouse pointer behind your penguin.
  • When you catch some waves, shoot the tube all the way to the end while pressing [Right] rapidly. You should get over 550 to 620 coins per game. If you fall off, it might not work.

Catchin' Waves: Tricks

Shooting The Tube: Get close to the wave, but not too close to avoid crashing.
Spin moves: Press W, A, S, or D (or the [Cursor Keys]) while in mid-air.
Ice Breaker: Press A + W or [Left] + [Up].
Coastal kick: Press A + D or [Left] + [Right].
Lazy Wave: Press W + S or [Up] + [Down].
Blender: Press D + S or [Right] + [Down].
Backstand: Press A + S or [Left] + [Down].
Surf Fever: Press W + D or [Up] + [Right].

Gone Fishin': Recommended rod

The flexible 7 foot rod with standard reel is best for a beginner. All fish will be easier to bring, especially the bigger ones.

Gone Fishin': Avoid breaking lines

Exceeding the maximum line tension while fighting a fish may result in a broken line. Always follow the recommendations for lure speed and line tension.

Gone Fishin': Catch a grey fish

If you are a member, buy a Rainbow Rod. You can catch grey fish. They start at the top and swim down to the bottom. If they start at the bottom they will swim up to the to.

Gone Fishin': Catch a mullet

Keep last yellow fish, but do not click to let go of it. Keep it in the water and you can catch a mullet and get bonus 100 coins.

Hydro Hopper: Pass through objects

Jump before an object and you will go through it.

Hydro Hopper: Easy coins

When you jump over an object, move your Mouse from side to side to get an ten extra points.

Ice Fishing: Easy fish

To get the big fish, get a small fish (or the yellow fish). Then, just let the big fish eat it.

Ice Fishing: Avoiding line problems

Use the following trick if your line keeps getting cut by crabs, bit by sharks, or shocked by jelly fish. If a crab is going to cut your line, just catch a fish and keep half of its body above the hole and the other half below. If a shark tries to bite it off, just get a fish to its mouth. The shark will not bite it. The same thing can be done for the jellyfish.

Ice Fishing: Easy coins

If you a member, buy the fishing pole. Get the grey fish to get more coins.

Pizzatron 3000: Dessert mode

Click the giant red lever on the pizza machine until it turns to play in Dessert mode. Note: You must do this every time you play.

Pizzatron 3000: Easy coins

Every time you successfully make a pizza, you will get some coins. A regular pizza is worth 5 coins per pizza. A dessert pizza is worth 10 coins per pizza. Also after successfully making a certain amount of pizzas in a row, you will get a tip. They are as follows:

5 to 9 Pizzas: 10 coins.
10 to 14 Pizzas: 15 coins.
15 to 19 Pizzas: 20 coins.
20 to 24 Pizzas: 25 coins.
25 to 29 Pizzas: 30 coins.
30 to 34 Pizzas: 35 coins.
35 to 39 Pizzas: 40 coins.

Thin Ice: Secret path

Get to the last level and go into the big wall. Do this by going into the fifth block down from the bottom. You will find yourself going down a path. Keep hitting dead ends until you get to the bottom. For each level you finish completely (no more ice, only water), you will get a money sack. By the end of the game you get about 400 to 500 coins, depending on how many levels you finished completely.

Captain Rockhopper's Key

Go to the end of The Journal of Captain Rockhopper, which can be found on top of the Coffee Shop. You will find the Captains Quarters key with a Puffle on it. You can use it to enter his secret room in the Migrator, where you can play a game and look at his notice board.

Friendship bracelet

Go to the coffee shop, then to the upstairs. Click on the bookshelf. Read and click to the last page of the book that has the word "Stowaways".


  • Sometimes clicking on the jokes, riddles, or poems at the top with allow you to read bonus ones.
  • When you put your mouse on Aunt Arctic's face it shows her wearing spy glasses.
  • Use the following trick to talk with the newspaper. Open the newspaper. Then, click on the "We Need You" button at the top left corner. Then, click on "Question" and send it. Note: You can send anything. Then, go to the main page and press [Tab] until you are at the chat box. Type what you want, then press [Enter].

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt items

Search the following locations to find the corresponding item.

  • The first item is in the Ski Lodge. Click the fireplace.
  • The second item is in the Book Room. Click the candle.
  • The third item is in the Pet Shop. Click the black Puffle in the cage to make him turn red and catch fire. Click on him again to get a single burning hair from him.
  • The fourth item is inside the Mine. Click the lamp near the cave entrance.
  • The fifth item is in the Pizza Shop. Click the bottle of hot sauce on top of the brick pizza oven.
  • The sixth item is at the Cove. Click the stick in the campfire.
  • The seventh item is at the beacon on top of the lighthouse. Click the jetpack near where you play the Jet Pack Adventure game.
  • The eighth item is at the Dojo, outside in the courtyard. Click the lamp on the left side of the main entrance.

Silver surf board

Go to the cove and click on the surf board catalog. Then, click on the word "Waves". A silver surf board should appear. It costs 800 coins.

Spy Phone

  • The red light is flashing something in Morse code.
  • Click on the red light to make a comb, scissors, and a wrench appear.

Special Puffle tricks

Make sure they are well fed and rested then play with them.

Green Puffle: Uses propeller cap
Blue Puffle: Bounces ball on its head
Black Puffle: Catches fire and fly around the room
Pink Puffle: Uses the trampoline

Perfectly healthy Puffles

  • Click on the Puffle. Have it take a bath. Feed it before it gets done taking a bath. You now have a perfect Puffle.
  • Do the following in order. Play with Puffle two times. Let the Puffle sleep once. Then, feed the Puffle once.
  • If you have a Puffle that you need to fill, do the following. Bathe your Puffle. Feed your Puffle. Then when you look at your Puffle's stats, they will be completely full, no matter what stage they were at before.

Surfing Puffle

Note: You must have a Red Puffle for this to work. Go to your house and make your Puffle happy. Take your Puffle for a walk. Go to the cove and select the surfing game. Your Puffle will surf with you. Your Puffle also adds 1 or 2 points for every trick.

Dancing Puffle

Get a Purple Puffle. Go to your house and make your Puffle happy. Take your Puffle for a walk. Go to the dancing game and the Puffle will dance with you.

Aqua Grabber with Puffle

Get a Pink Puffle. Go to your house and make your Puffle happy. Take your Puffle for a walk. Go to Aqua Grabber and it will go with you.

Ice fishing

In the end keep a fish and do not let it go. Keep it in the water and let the big one eat it.

Throw snowballs very fast

To fire the machine gun snow balls make sure your mouse pointer is not selected in the chat bar. Press T and click the mouse at the same time very fast. When you press T, the targeter will appear on screen. Note: If you do not press T and click at the same time, instead of firing you will start walking to where the pointer is located. This requires practice.

Bean Counters: Strategies

  • If you carry six bags you fall.
  • The anvil, fish, and flower pot fall in the same place the entire game.

Hiding places


At the beach inside the fish cart.
At the pizza parlor in the desk.
At the dance club in the speaker.
At the lodge attic, go to the bottom left hand corner.
Any place with an object against the wall.
In the theater, send your penguin to either the upper left hand corner or the lower and upper right hand corner. Note: You might need to get over as far as you can to not be seen.

Parties and special occasions

  • Open your own party at your own igloo or a place in Club Penguin.
  • Find anything that has a source. For example, at the lighthouse there is a fish cooler; sell fish.

Free item

When the Migrator (big pirate ship) appears, there will always be one free item.

Toggle sites

If you are a Secret Agent, get your Spy Phone out. On the left side of the phone, there is a scroll button. Use it to scroll or use the normal way.

Steal furniture

Note: you must be a member. Go to a non-chat server. Go to an igloo on the map. Sit down in the middle. Press [Tab] and something will turn yellow. Drag that item out the door and it will end up in your box.

Changing things in other people's igloos

This trick works at any age.

If you are a secret agent:

  1. Click the tape measure.
  2. Click your penguin.
  3. Click the cell phone and go wherever desired.
  4. Click the map.
  5. Click the igloo.
  6. Go into anyone's igloo.
  7. You can now change their things.

If you are a regular penguin:

  1. Go as far away from your igloo as possible.
  2. Click the door.
  3. Click the tape measure as fast as possible.
  4. Click the map.
  5. Click the igloo.
  6. Go in to anyone's igloo
  7. You can now change their things.

Hidden animations

  • Click the door of the coffee shop on the home page. A penguin comes out.
  • Click the penguin above the "Login" button to have it appear with different colors and costumes.
  • While on the home page of Club Penguin, look at the very top. You should see the Coffee Shop, the Night Club, the Gift Shop, and a penguin. Click on the "N" on the Night Club. The penguin should now look like a ninja. Then, click on the penguin several times. It will change into different clothes. Next, go to the "Contact Us" page. Look at where the three buildings are located. The penguin is not there anymore, but put your pointer over the Coffee Shop door then quickly over the Gift Shop door. Two penguins should waddle out towards each other. When they meet they will say, "Hello!" and switch buildings.

Hidden messages

  • The light on the spy phone flashes "SOS" in Morse code.
  • The LED light on the spy phone spells out "you are cool" in Morse code. You can learn this by going to the phone in the F.I.S.H. Click the antennae and it will pop up a secret coded message.

Massive snowballs

When you are on the iceberg in the top right hand corner, you can see the town of Club Penguin. Throw snowballs at it and they will look massive.




Walk on walls

Go to the fish cooler and click on the door. Then, quickly click on the top sign. You can now walk the walls.


Click on someone other than yourself. Click on the card sender thing. Click on an invitation type (Mancala, Sled Race, etc.) and just view it. Do not send it. When it says "Hey... meet... for a sled race?", click the "Go There" button and you will teleport there.

Robot dance

Get a special item (an item with a special dance), for example the guitar. Put on your guitar with nothing on except the guitar. Click on your player. Choose another item with a special dance, for example, the violin. Put the violin on but leave your player card up. Do not exit out and press [Dance] or D. Look at your penguin. He or she will be doing a robot dance.

Fireplace door

Go to the ski lodge. Walk up to the fireplace and you will teleport to the attic.

Air guitar

Note: You must be wearing clothes on and have a guitar before you start this trick. First, bring up your player card and take all the clothes off, but keep your player card open. Put on your guitar while still keeping your player card open. Drag your player card to the side so that you can see your penguin. Make your penguin dance while your player card is still open. Your penguin's clothes will "jump" and you will be playing an air guitar.