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Comix Zone (Xbox 360)

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Walkthrough (Genesis)

Walkthrough (PlayStation3): by ZEUSDAZ


Sketch fart

Defeat all enemies in a room, then repeatedly tap [Down]. Alternately, hold [Down] and attack an enemy.

Sketch dance

Hold [Left] and [Right] to make sketch dance.


Execute the following moves.

  • After 3 punching moves: Scissor kick
  • After 3 high roundhouses: Distance air kick
  • After 3 knee kicks: Hand plant kick

Hidden moves

Shoulder Ram: Press [Away], [Towards] + [Action].
Thrusting Kick: press [Down], [Up] + [Action].

Sega comment

Pause game play and wait until Sketch says "Sega".

Defeating multiple enemies

When there are two enemies on the screen to fight (as in a case like one of the last panels with two Strigels), move away from one of them if they throw fire balls. They will begin to throw fire balls. If there is a bar on top, jump up and grab it, then press [Up]. They will kill each other. Each takes 15 hits before they are killed.

Defeating the level 3 Boss

Lure him down to the place with the rocket. Press the lever on the right-hand side to kill him. Do this three times as fast as possible.

Extra hits

Often when you use a bomb (dynamite) on an enemy, he/she will fall back and then fall on you. Try to throw him/her and you will beat them up before they die.

Fighting tips

  • When you are fighting, use an up/down button control attack. It works better because then the enemy cannot block a strange, rapid set of blows.
  • Before Mortus draws in an extra enemy, create a paper airplane (hold down [Attack]) and Sketch will automatically throw it. This does not work on Strigils and is hard to do on Stix, because sometimes he will not get off his stick.


Look for these power-up items: grenades, dynamite, knives, fists, road kill, iced tea and paper air planes. Paper air planes are created by holding [Attack].

Killing enemies

When there is an enemy and some sort of a destroying object (such as a stake or fan), get on the opposite side of the enemy and roll him/her towards the object. They cannot hurt you when you are rolling.

Nocturnal tournament

If you use a fist when fighting in the tournament ("Welcome To The Temple, episode 2, page 1), it will turn black and the announcer will say "Your tricks are useless here".

Hidden Roadkill

In the second page of "Welcome To The Temple", if you lost Roadkill, pick him up after the double staked gate at the beginning. Immediately after that you cannot see him, but he is pacing around there. Collect him.

Hidden panels

  • In "Welcome To The Temple Part 1", when you get to the place with three rocks stacked up atop each other, simply take the left route. Follow it and then go down. Destroy the crawler and hit the wall on the side multiple times.
  • In "Curse Of The Dead Ships Part 1", continue along past the panel with multiple of mines. Keep going to the next one. At the bottom of the cave, release Roadkill. He will find a secret passage leading down to two question marks.

Old Fung

When you go to the other side of the Kung Fu master (Boss in "Welcome To The Temple") he will usually say "How fast are your reflexes?". When he says "I'm everywhere!", he is about to die.
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Sixth sense

When there are hidden enemies on the screen, Sketch Turner will keep panting in a ready stance instead of resting. For example in "Night Of The Mutants Part 1", Flying Kreep in barrels.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Complete The Game (25 points): Rescue Alissa and complete the game.
Choice is Good (25 points): Receive both endings.
Points III (25 points): Score 50,000 points.
3rd Grade (15 points): Use a paper airplane.
Points II (15 points): Score 30,000 points.
Accelerate Your Hero (25 points): Complete Episode 3.
Buddha Says (15 points): Complete Episode 2.
Unknown Territory (15 points): Finish the first page.
Points I (10 points): Score 10,000 points.
Orange Bull (10 points): Use the Iced Tea to restore your health.
Boo-Ya! (10 points): Use the dynamite.
Rats! (10 points): Rescue and pick up Roadkill.