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Command And Conquer: Renegade

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Extra multi-player characters (patched version)1 extras fnkqrrm
Extra multi-player characters (unpatched version)1 extras quantifigon
Send admin message to all clients (host only) admin_message <message>
Sends chat message to all clients (host only) message <message>
Toggle framerate display fps or display fps
View game in progress info in console window game_info
End current game (host only) gameover
Kick and ban a user from the game (WOL server only) kick
Set max net update think rate (times per second) net_update_rate
View player info in console window player_info
End game and quit to Desktop (dedicated server only) quit
Shutdown slave server (dedicated master server only) quit_slave slavename
Quit to desktop and restart process (dedicated server only) restart
Toggle half pixel bias in screen text screen_uv_bias
Set total bandwidth budget out set_bw_budget_out <bps value>

1. Press [Alt] and go to the purchase terminal. Press E and go to the characters. You will see new characters such as Templar, Initiate, Acolyte, and two others. Some can heal themselves by hitting the Tiberium themselves.

Radio commands

Press one of the following key combinations during game play to transmit the corresponding command. Note: hold [Ctrl], [Alt] or [Ctrl] + [Alt] to display a list of available radio commands.

Command Key combination
Building needs repairs [Ctrl] + 1
Get in the vehicle [Ctrl] + 2
Get out of the vehicle [Ctrl] + 3
Destroy that vehicle [Ctrl] + 4
Watch where you're pointing that [Ctrl] + 5
Don't get in my way [Ctrl] + 6
Affirmative [Ctrl] + 7
Negative [Ctrl] + 8
I'm in position [Ctrl] + 9
Enemy spotted [Ctrl] + 0
I need repairs [Alt] + 1
Take the point [Alt] + 2
Move out [Alt] + 3
Follow me [Alt] + 4
Hold position [Alt] + 5
Cover me [Alt] + 6
Take cover [Alt] + 7
Fall back [Alt] + 8
Return to base [Alt] + 9
Destroy it now [Alt] + 0
Attack the base defenses [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 1
Attack the harvester [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 2
Attack that structure [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 3
Attack the refinery [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 4
Attack the power plant [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 5
Defend the base [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 6
Defend the harvester [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 7
Defend that structure [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 8
Defend the refinery [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 9
Defend the power plant [Ctrl] + [Alt] + 0

Unlimited skirmish mode time

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "svrcfg_skirmish.ini" file in the "\westwood\renegade\data" directory. Change the "gametime" value to zero to remove the time limit. You can also edit the amount of staring money.

Extra units in multi-player mode

In multi-player practice or non-laddered mode, you can get extra units for characters and vehicles by pressing [F8] and typing extras fnkqrrm or extras quantifigon (in the unpatched version). The message "Extras enabled" will confirm correct code entry. Go to the Purchase Terminal and hold [Alt] the entire time that you are looking for something to buy. There should be four new characters and two new vehicles for each side. For GDI, the new characters are General Locke, Elana Petrova, Logan, and Lieutenant Maus and vehicles are a sedan and pickup truck. For NOD, the new characters are mutants, a chef, Mutated Petrova, and Kane. Note: You will only see the new units. Release [Alt] to see the normal units. Note: This will not work in a laddered game.
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Different practice map

You can play a practice game on different maps. You do not need to be online when you do this. Go into the game menu with the "Single Player", "Multiplayer Internet", etc. options. Click on "Multiplayer LAN" (even if you do not have a LAN), then click on "Host Game". Enter your game name, set your "Players Limit" to "1" and continue with the remaining settings. Make sure you have a different map than "CNC_Under.mix", then click "Start Game" You will be able to blow up bases and do everything that you could normally do in a regular multi-player game.

Play any map other than the multi-player tutorial

Go to multi-player LAN. Click "Host A Game", then set player limit to 1. Then, uncheck the "Dedicated Renegade" server box (or leave it alone if its already unchecked). Next, set the map rotation and click "Start Game". You will be able to play the maps, without any AI. This is useful for looking around and practicing. Furthermore, you can download mod maps from other web sites and try them out by yourself first. This is functional even if you are offline.

Vehicle dimensions

This trick works in Renegade and Skirmish modes. While in any vehicle except the sedan and pickup, press [F8] and type edit_vehicle. A screen will appear with the default dimensions for that vehicle. You can change these to have a fast controllable car to blow up the opposing team.

Helicopter vehicles

Press [F8] and type edit_vehicle on a vehicle to set its mass to 2000 and its aerodynamic drag to 0. Then, increase its max torque to a large number. Do not use too large of a number or the vehicle will be undriveable or the game may crash. Next, spin the vehicle until it lifts off. Note: This can only be done with tracked vehicles, the NOD Artillery, and the NOD APC, as the Buggy, Recon Bike, and Humvee cannot turn without moving.

Defeating Mendoza

Use the pistol and shoot for the head.

Use the chain gun on him. It should kill him in less than one round under the commando difficulty setting, even if you do not aim for the head.

Defeating Petrova

When facing her in the last stage, use the Volt Auto-Rifle on her as soon as you have cleared the room you found her in off all other enemies (Stealth Troopers, Viceroids etc.). Then, when facing the exit of that same room, hide behind the right side of the wall that is jutting out, but make sure that you can see the pathway coming up on the left (also while facing the exit) and the approximate middle "pillar" of the outside room. Shoot Petrova when she lands near you. She jumps around the room, sometimes cloaked, sometimes not; you will know its her in clacked form by the gun she carries -- you can see it and she does not die as quickly as other stealth soldiers. Keep shooting her with the Volt Auto-Rifle. Always aim for the head.

Defeating Ravenshaw

  • Use the flamethrower and rocket launcher on him. Run backwards and use the flamethrower on him when he is close or semi-close to you. Also try to aim for the head. When he jumps up onto the high walkways and is standing still, use the rocket launcher. Try to get in as many shots with the rocket launcher as possible. When using the rocket launcher, you do not have to aim for the head unless desired.
  • Shoot him with the Personal Ion Cannon. A lucky shot in the head will take away over half his health under the commando difficulty setting. When he jumps up onto the walkway, shoot him with the pistol in the head.
  • Use the Personal Ion Cannon and only shoot at him when he is standing still and yelling.
  • Immediately step out of the elevator and begin running around the room. Take out your laser rifle and start shooting at him, preferably in the head. When he jumps up to the platform and starts yelling, take out either the rocket launcher or sniper rifle and aim for his head. If he tries to body slam you, move a few steps away and wait until he impacts. Once he hits the floor, take out your sniper rifle for an easy head shot. If he tosses soldiers at you, kill them while they are in his hand. Not only will you remove the threat, but Raveshaw will also take damage. Note: It is impossible to defeat Raveshaw without him throwing you at least once.

NOD: Easy win

Get Chameleon and Technician. Go in and place one C4 charge at a time on the MCT. Blow it up before you place the next one. Go back to base and get the Flame Tank. Use it to destroy most of the buildings at the enemy's base. Go back to base and buy the Nuclear Device and Mendoza. Go into the base one last time and kill Sydney, then place the beacon on the pedestal. Quickly retreat and watch the fireworks.

Buy a Flame Tank. When you get in, destroy the Guard Tower. If your Flame Tank is destroyed and you die, buy another one then purchase the most expensive infantry. The more expensive, the stronger you and your weapon will get. With the Flame Tank and strong infantry, go to the GDI base and destroy it. If you lose your Flame Tank again, let the GDI kill you then buy another one and try again. You will eventually win.

Use Viceroids to your advantage

When using Tiberium weapons, the enemy sometimes mutates into Viceroids. To make sure they do not attack you, create the Viceroid in a crowd. For example, do this in the Deadly Reunion mission where a few NOD Soldiers and a Flame Tank are. Mutate the soldiers and they will attack the Flame Tank. While the Flame Tank is distracted you can slip past it.

Quickly destroy buildings in Under map

Note: This works best for the GDI. First, you will need 1850. Get an APC and a Hotwire/Technician. You can also get a Ion/Nuke for extra building destruction. Drive into the base and attack the Power Plant first. This knocks out the power for the Guard Tower/Obelisk. If possible, get back into your APC, drive to another building, and plant your device. If possible, escape and repeat using the money given by destroying the building.

Use Harvesters to your advantage

Hide behind the Harvester to the enemy base to keep defenses from attacking you.

Laying proximity mines

Remember that there is a team limit of 30. This may also include timed C4 and remote C4. Talk to your team to coordinate who is going to lay mines and where. If you are going to lay mines, do it smartly. Lay them at choke points and tunnel entrances. Lay your mines on the inside of the doors, and not on the outside. Put four or five of them a few feet inside the door so that a Buggy or Humvee cannot blow them up if they try to wedge the vehicle in the door. The engineer will run in and set them off. By stopping just one of those rushing engineers you will have a better chance of keeping that building.

Easy credits

Buy an armored personal vehicle and just shoot tanks and buildings while moving around. You will get easy credits, and people will not bother to attack you most of the time, because it is just an armored transport. It is cheap, fires extremely fast, and is great way to get credits.

Destroying GDI base in c&c_mesa map

Take a Stealth Black Hand with Nuke and a Buggy. Use the Buggy to get to the GDI Refinery and plant the Nuclear Strike Beacon. It works well because not many people use this tactic and you will not see engineers in that area. You can also get to the infantry barracks and plant a beacon. Just rush into GDI base with the Buggy through the Tiberium Refinery. You might lose some health, but you will have enough to defend your beacon. Normally no engineer appears.

Stop GDI Harvester

During a skirmish as NOD, buy a heavy vehicle and wait for the GDI Harvester to reach the Tiberium patch. When it gets close enough, ram the Harvester into the rock in the Tiberium to stop it from moving.


If you want to quickly get to a building that is being attack and need to repair it fast, use this trick. Change to a normal engineer and place both of the bombs underneath you. Explode them when ready. If you are luckym you will end up in the building that byou need to reach. Note: You may need to repeat this until it happens correctly.

Hidden room

In the mansion level, there is a hidden room full of weapons, armor, and health. To get to the room you must first find the library part of the mansion. Kill the two black hand Elites and look at the two middle bookcases. You should see a health gauge but no name; shoot it and the bookcases will fold up, opening a resupply room. Look out for the two ceiling guns in the corners. Once you have taking out the guns, the treasure is all yours.

Looking behind corners without being seen

Go to the position when you can see yourself by pressing F and move your crosshairs to opposite direction of the way you want to see. Besides your man, you will see what is behind the corner.

Soda machines

In some levels, you can find see soda machines with a can with a Templar head on it floating in rocks and Tiberium. Shoot it with your flamethrower. After a few seconds the lighted image on the front will turn dark and a can will come out spraying soda, and will eventually go into the wall.
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Special keys

F: See yourself
T or G: Zoom (different than mouse zoom)
/<name> <message>: Send a message to indicated person.
C: Crouch
[Shift]: Walk

Recommended strategy

Get people in a group. Two are infantry, two are engineers, and one is a sniper. The sniper will take care of long range threats; the infantry at close range; and the 2 engineers will take care of the other three, health-wise. This attack will not work well against tanks, but should do fine against enemy units.


Sniping with a Rail Gun

Host a multi-player game, and make a Rail Gun mod so that you will start with it. Go to the fortress (near the battlegrounds) and get a Sniper Rifle. Shoot the rifle until it is empty. Rapidly switch and right click between the Rail Gun and Sniper Rifle. Suddenly, you will get Rail Gun with a sniper.

Obelisk on multi-player city flying level

Get on one of the towers next to the NOD Obelisk. The Obelisk will charge up to fire at you. When it does, strafe left to avoid being hit by the laser. After it has fired, strafe right to avoid being hit by the laser the second time that it fires. Repeat this and you will be glitching the Obelisk. Make sure not to fall off the tower. You can use this technique to open a window for your team to get in the enemy base or until you can be airlifted.

Hourglass Obelisk

Play the C&C_Hourglass map as the GDI. Use the following trick to get past the Obelisk. To distract the Obelisk, first get two Infantry on top of the hill (one on the left and one on the right). The Obelisk should start charging up, shooting each of them but nothing will happen. Then, rush with a Humvee if desired. Note: Do not be in groups or you will all die.




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