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Cheap construction

Begin building a structure without enough money for completion. Press R to surrender before construction stops due to lack of money, but do not complete the surrender command. Wait a few minutes, then select the "Cancel" option. The structure will be half-completed. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.22p.


Use the following procedure to sell the indicated buildings for free minigunners. For the GDI missions, sell a Guard Tower or Advanced Guard Tower. For the NOD missions, sell a SAM site or Obelisk Guard Tower (Obelisk of Light). First, select the "Sell" button in the Sidebar. Use the Left Mouse Button to sell the building. Use the Right Mouse Button to activate the selection cursor. Use the Left Mouse Button to select the building and press S. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.22p.

Funpark mode

Start the game with the c&c funpark command line with the NOD disc. Choose to a new game and select NOD. This will start the game in dinosaur mode. You will play three missions against the dinosaurs and then three other missions where you control the dinosaurs. Note: If you save your game, it will resume in the regular game and not in Funpark mode.

Controlling air units

Note: This trick works for both the GDI and NOD. To control air units in midair, simply give the helicopter a team number. This allows you to give multi strikes without reloading.

Protect units

If you want to protect a certain units (for example, an ore truck) select a vehicle then hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] then click on the unit you wish to protect. It will follow it around for protection.

Wall tricks

This trick requires a Construction Yard, a high enough tech level to at least build Sandbags, and decent amount of money (depending on where your base is located). Build Sandbags/Fences/Concrete Walls to close up entrances to your base. Make sure the walls are not too close to your base, because the enemy will just shoot over it. The enemy AI is too dumb to know that they can "tear" down walls and they will just stop when they get to the wall.

More Tiberium

Build a "wall" around Tiberium when playing against the CPU. Make sure to also close up the entrances to your base. Then, press R to display the surrender option. Do not press anything else and wait for some length of time. Then, choose the "Cancel" option. The Tiberium amount should have increased on the map. Note: make sure the Tiberium is "regenerateable".

Train free civilian

Build a silo, then sell it. one civilian will appear.

Destroying the Temple of NOD

Surprisingly, the CPU NOD usually keeps its Temple in a small second base, apart from its main base. This base is also usually very poorly defended. There will usually be only one Obelisk guarding it, however they also usually fill it with SAM sites making an air attack futile. Also, the CPU will not use the Nuclear Missile until the Temple is attacked, and for good reason -- there is only one nuke attack allowed per game per player. First, build a second base large enough that you can still fight if your first one, or it, is destroyed. Then, get a large army and mass it outside the base close, but far enough away to be out of range of the enemy's Obelisk. Get an Ion Cannon shot ready and use it to attack the Temple. It will fire its nuke at one of your bases, destroying it. However, now they have used up their only nuke and you do not have to worry about it anymore. Order your army to swarm the base, first taking out Obelisk, then any Turrets, then everything else except for one building. Take over the building, barricade the base with walls, then build walls or buildings over where they had buildings so they cannot rebuild them.

Disable Obelisks Of Light

Each Obelisk takes a lot of power to operate. Go into the NOD base and destroy one or two of their Power Plants. They now should not have enough power to use the Obelisks. After they are disabled, attack them. The CPU will usually sell them before they are destroyed. Make sure you destroy all of their Power Plants before trying to take over their base. If you destroy buildings before the Power Plants are gone, they will be able to use the Obelisks again.

Nuclear Reactor

When you build a Nuclear Reactor ($1000), your power bar will be full of green with very little yellow and red. This means you do not need to build Power Plants, Tesla Reactors, or Bio Reactors, as long as the Nuclear Reactor is still in use. When you build a Nuclear Reactor, you can sell all your other Power Plants and get extra money and still have near maximum power. Be extremely careful when it is under attack. If it is at low health, immediately repair it with the Wrench. The Nuclear Reactor explodes just like the super weapon "Nuclear Missile", and leaves a circle of green toxic mist for a certain amount time. When you get super weapons, you will also get Force Shield. When you notice the Psychic Dominator, Nuclear Missile, or Weather Storm used on you, use the Force Shield. Once you use this on the Nuclear Reactor and other buildings, they cannot harm you as much.

Easy win on final NOD mission

Build all the way along your tech tree and send a Cyborg Comando to one of the small bases with a Construction Yard. Secure the area and build three Carry-Alls. Pick up the three Missile Launchers and bring them directly to the beacons. Note: You might want to send some troops to the top-most beacon, as it is guarded by a RPG launcher.

How the CPU cheats

The CPU cheats in the following ways:

It starts with more money.
It can rebuild their buildings even when they have no buildings nearby.
It can rebuild their Construction Yard without an MCV.

You can easily get around the last two, however, by taking out all their Construction Yards. With no Construction Yards, they cannot rebuild without an MCV. Destroy all their Airstrips and/or War Factories to keep them from getting more MCVs.



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