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Crescent Pale Mist (PlayStation3)

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Boss Only mode

Obtain the Mysterious Button from D'Artagnan on Chapter 5, Area 002 under the Normal or higher difficulty setting. Note: Because the item may not be dropped from D'Artagnan, use the Thief's Dagger to increase the chance of it to appear. To activate Boss mode, press [Pause] at the title screen. You will then fight the Bosses of each chapter.

Terror difficulty

Obtain the Terror Medallion from one of the three Black Star enemies on Chapter 4, Area 017 under the Hard difficulty setting. Note: Use the Thief's Dagger to increase the chance of it to appear. Then, complete the game under the Hard difficulty setting with over 8,000 enemies killed.

Nightmare difficulty

Obtain the Nightmare Medallion after defeating the Nightmare Of Legend in Chapter 3, Area 040 under the Fear difficulty setting. Then, complete the game under the Terror difficulty setting.
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Music room

Locate the music room key on Chapter 6 under the Normal or higher difficulty setting. It is found at the bottom-most part of the chapter, just before reaching the corridor with power-ups and enemies leading into the final Bosses. You can now listen to the game's music at the title screen.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Vizet Boot Camp (Bronze): Finish Tutorial.
Ancient Scholar (Bronze): Collect all Archive artifacts.
Bone Collector (Bronze): Collect all items.
Artifact Collector (Bronze): Collect all Artifacts.
Boss Only Mode (Bronze): Obtain the Mysterious Button.
Magic Knight (Silver): Defeat NORMAL, Magic Knight mode.
Sacred Knight (Silver): Defeat HARD, Sacred Knight mode.
Terror Knight (Silver): Defeat FEAR, Terror Knight mode.
Music Room (Silver): Obtain the Music Room Key.
Brave Knight (Silver): Defeat Boss Only mode.
Pale Mist Knight (Gold): Defeat PLANERIEL, Knight of Nightmare mode.