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Cro-Mag Rally (Windows Phone 7)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.
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Cro-Mag Man (10 points): Finish a race in First Place.
Old World Man (10 points): Finish a race in First, Second, or Third Place on Hard difficulty.
New World Man (25 points): Finish in First Place on all tracks.
Got the Cake... Ate it, Too (10 points): In a Gather game, collect all the tokens and come in First, Second, or Third.
Hungry Man (20 points): Collect all the tokens from all the tracks in Gather races.
Did I Mention the Clear Coat? (15 points): Complete a race with each vehicle type.
Nice View! (10 points): Stay airborne for more than 2 seconds.
Piltdown Man (10 points): Inflict damage on every opponent in a single race.
Keep it Clean (10 points): Win a race without using any power-ups.
He's Going the Distance! (20 points): Complete 6 races as Brog.
She's Going the Distance! (20 points): Complete 6 races as Grag.
Collector's Edition (15 points): Collect 100 tokens in Gather races.
Going for Speed (10 points): Finish Glacier in 5 minutes or less.
Omega Man (15 points): Make the Desert track less... green.