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Cubes 3D Revolution

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Advanced Schemer: Make a combo of 10 deletions.
Annihilator: Destroy 30 cubes in one turn.
Blessing: Make 3 consecutive Brilliant moves.
Bomber: Detonate 3 bombs in one turn.
Color Obsessed: Compose 5 lines of the same color in 5 consecutive turns.
Dead Zone: More than 50% of cubes on the field are antibonuses.
Fast Level: Complete any level after 3rd in less than 20% of maximum moves needed.
Favorite Color: Compose 3 lines of the same color in 3 consecutive turns.
God's Touch: Make 2 bonuses by the first move on a level.
Guru Player: Reach level 20 in Classic mode.
Ice Destroyer: Destroy 8 ice cubes in a single level.
Ice Hunter: Destroy 40 ice cubes in one game.
Impressive Ending: Finish a level with 25% or more score poins than required.
Lightning Master: Activate 3 lightnings in one turn.
Master Player: Reach level 15 in Classic mode.
Miner: Activate 7 explosive bonuses in one turn.
No Mistake: Finish the first 5 levels in Action mode with no revolving that do not compose a line.
Perfectionist: Get 30 Perfects in one game.
Pre-Schemer: Make a combo of 4 deletions.
Pro Player: Earn 100,000 points in Classic mode.
Resplendent Game: Get 20 Brilliants in one game.
Rookie Player: Reach level 10 in Classic mode.
Save The Day: Get back and finish any level after 3rd when the energy bar is lower than 5%.
Schemer: Make a combo of 7 deletions.
Stone Destroyer: Destroy 6 stone cubes in a single level.
Stone Hunter: Destroy 30 stone cubes in one game.
Stubborn: Reach level 12 in Classic mode with no hints.
Swift Level: Complete any level after 3rd in less than 10% of the maximum moves needed.
Triple Hit: Collect 3 cross-lightning on the field at the same time.