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Custom Battler Bomberman

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This game is titled Bomberman 2 in Europe and Custom Battler Bomberman in Japan.


Bonus parts

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding parts.
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Bomberman Max set: Earn an "S" rank in all Zone G levels. Note: This is a set of four new parts.
Cute Heart: Earn an "S" rank in all of Zone F.
Cute Ribbon: Earn an "S" rank in all of Zones B and C.
Cute Skirt: Earn an "S" rank in all of Zone A.
Cute Suit: Earn an "S" rank in all of Zones D and E.
Magic Cane: Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Magic Hat: Plant 10,000 bombs.
Magic Shoes: Obtain 1,000 packs.
Magic Tuxedo: Destroy 6,000 soft blocks.
Maximum Helmet, Suit, Hands, and Boots: Achieve "S" rankin all of Zone G.
Pirate Boots: Reach 90% game completion.
Pirate Coat: Reach 70% game completion.
Pirate Hat: Reach 60% game completion.
Pirate Hook: Reach 80% game completion.
Ossan Glasses: Reach 60% game completion.
Ossan Gloves: Reach 80% game completion.
Ossan Shirt: Reach 70% game completion.
Ossan Sneakers: Reach 90% game completion.
School Bag: Earn an "S" rank in all Zone B and C levels.

Alternate title screen

Complete one of the indicated tasks to unlock a new version of the title screen.

  • Successfully complete the game.
  • Finish the game with a 100% game completion.

Versus stage

Complete one of the following tasks in Mission mode to unlock the corresponding Versus stage.

Unknown: Defeat a zone's Boss (stage 10).
Unknown: Earn an "A" rank in an entire zone.
Free Roam: Plant 7,000 bombs.
Four Leaf: Destroy 4,000 soft blocks.
Magnet EX: Get 700 packs.
Quicksand EX: Complete 300 missions.
Ice Rink EX: Get 30,000 experience points.
Unknown: Get a Total Best Score of over 2,500,000 points.
Unknown: Get a Total Best Time of under 100 seconds.
Flash EX: Defeat over 7,000 enemies.

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Created by cubex55.


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