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Cut The Rope (iPod/iPhone)

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Bronze Scissors: Collect 50 Stars.
Bubble Master: Pop 300 bubbles
Bubble Popper: Pop 50 Bubbles.
Calorie Minimizer: Lose candy 200 times.
Cardboard Box Completed: Complete the Cardboard Box.
Cardboard Box Perfect: Three stars in all levels of Cardboard Box.
Cosmic Box Completed: Complete the Cosmic Box.
Cosmic Box Perfect: Three stars in all levels of Cosmic Box.
Fabric Box Completed: Complete the Fabric Box.
Fabric Box Perfect: Three stars in all levels of Fabric Box.
Foil Box Completed: Complete the Foil Box.
Foil Box Perfect: Three stars in all levels of Foil Box.
Gift Box Completed: Complete the Gift Box.
Gift Box Perfect: Three stars in all levels of Gift Box.
Golden Scissors: Collect 300 Stars.
Master Finger: Cut 5 Ropes at once.
Quick Finger: Cut 3 Ropes at once.
Romantic Soul: Reunite 100 candies.
Rope Cutter: Cut 100 Ropes.
Rope Cutter Maniac: Cut 800 Ropes.
Silver Scissors: Collect 150 Stars.
Spider Buster: Outsmart 40 Spiders.
Spider Tamer: Outsmart 200 spiders
Tummy Teaser: Have On Nom open his mouth 10 times in a row.
Ultimate Rope Cutter: Cut 2000 ropes.
Valentine Box Completed: Complete the Valentine Box.
Valentine Box Perfect: Three stars in all levels of Valentine Box.
Weight Loser: Lose Candy 50 times.

Easter mode

Note: This requires the April 2011 update. Tap the candy on a string hanging out of the "o" in "Rope" at the title screen to turn it into an Easter egg. Begin game play. The candy will be replaced by the Easter Egg and Omnom will wear bunny ears for moment when close to the candy.


Hidden drawings

Some levels feature a part of the box that is slightly bit peeled off in the background. Tap these to reveal a drawing that is placed in Nom Nom's drawing book at the main menu. The levels with drawings are: 1-16, 2-18, 3-3, 3-20, 4-14, 5-1, 5-15, 6-7, 7-3, 7-21, 8-17, and 9-21.
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Easy "Tummy Tester" achievement

  • Select level 1-4. Cut the top, left and bottom rope at the same time. The candy will dangle and Om Nom will open his mouth as it passes by.
  • Select level 3-9. On the bottom slider, get close to the Om-Nom then move away from it ten times.

Easy "Master Finger" achievement

  • Select level 1-7. Swipe across the screen with three fingers simultaneously and you should cut five of the ropes at once.
  • Select level 1-18. Swipe straight up the sides of the screen with two fingers very quickly.


Walkthrough (iOS)