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Dark Orbit

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Level bonuses

Reach the indicated amount of experience to level up to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Level 1: Access to Maps X-1 and X-2 of own company.
Level 2: 10,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-3 of own company.
Level 3: 20,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-3 to X-4 of own company.
Level 4: 40,000 experience points.
Level 5: 80,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-3 or X-4 on enemy territory.
Level 6: 160,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-3 to X-4 on enemy territory.
Level 7: 320,000 experience points.
Level 8: 640,000 experience points. Access to PvP maps 4-1, 4-2, 4-3.
Level 9: 1,280,000 experience points. Access to PvP map 4-4.
Level 10: 2,560,000 experience points. Access to Map X-5 own company.
Level 11: 5,120,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-6 and X-7 own company.
Level 12: 10,240,000 experience points. Access to Map X-8 own company.
Level 13: 20,480,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-2 on enemy territory.
Level 14: 40,960,000 experience points. Access to Map X-5 on enemy territory.
Level 15: 81,920,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-6 und X-7 on enemy territory.
Level 16: 163,840,000 experience points. Access to Maps X-1 on enemy territory. Invade enemy base.
Level 17: 327,680,000 experience points. Access to all known maps.
Level 18: 655,360,000 experience points.
Level 19: 1,310,720,000 experience points.
Level 20: 2,621,440,000 experience points.
Level 21: 5,242,880,000 experience points.
Level 22: 10,485,760,000 experience points.
Level 23: 20,971,520,000 experience points.



Cubikon (X-6): 120,000 experience, 2.5 million credits, 300 Uridium
Devolaner (X-3): 6,400 experience, 51,200 credits, 16 Uridium, 32 honor
Kristalion (X-7): 51,500 experience, 420,400 credits 128 Uridium
Kristillin (X-7): 6,400 experience, 14,000 credits, 16 Uridium
Lordakia (X-2, X-3, X-4, X-5): 800 experience, 800 credits, 2 Uridium, 4 honor
Lordakia (X-5): 23,000 experience, 230,000 credits, 64 Uridium
Mordon (X-3, X-4): 3200 experience, 6,400 credits, 8 Uridium, 16 honor
Saimon (X-3, X-4): 1600 experience, 1,600 credits, 4 Uridium, 8 honor
Sibelon (X-4): 12,800 experience, 102,000 credits, 32 Uridium, 64 honor
Siblatite (X-3, X-4): 16,000 experience, 1,600 credits, 4 Uridium
Siblanite (X-5): 8,200 experience, 10,100 credits, 8 Uridium
Streuner (X-1, X-2): 400 experience, 400 credits, 1 Uridium, 2 honor

Saving Uridium

Do not upgrade your starting ship. Stay with the Phoenix for awhile. Spend 500 Uridium to get a Cloak Type I at the Hangar. Take all the mining quests first and save your credits. Offload your raw ore regularly when you run out of cargo space. Save the mining quest that requires you to harvest 300 ore in 10 minutes for last. If your ship is destroyed, your next one is free as long as you do not upgrade it. You will not lose any equipment, experience, ore, or Uridium to replace your lost ship.
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Easy Uridium

After getting a 20 Uridium bonus box, fly to the station (base) and sell 10 resources. Then, go out and collect up nother bonus box. It will have 20 Uridium in it.

Hidden maps

Before exploring the hidden maps, get a Bigboy, Vengence or Goliath ship. Go to map X-4. Go through the jumpgate in between two other ones. Then go through the center jumpgate. You cannot see it on the map that appears after you jump. You will now be in a hidden map. Be careful because the jumpgates here do not offer protection.

Less on-screen displays

Press H during game play to remove the tabs by the chat, the chat, and the top toolbar will disappear. It will still show the mini-map, the hit points, and your shield bar.