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Connection bonus

Use a USB link cable to connect to a PlayStation2 with a saved game file from Jak X: Combat Racing. Then, select the "Connect to Jak X: Combat Racing" option in the "Secrets" menu. You will unlock the "Goggles On/Off" option. To unlock the "Jak X: Combat Racing Vehicle On/Off ", your Jak X: Combat Racing saved game must have a 100% completion in normal mode. The Jak X: Combat Racing vehicle option replaces the scooter with a purple one.

Bonus videos

Collect the indicated number of Precursor Orbs to unlock the corresponding video.

Behind The Scenes: 1000 Precursor Orbs
Concept Art: 700 Precursor Orbs
E3 2005 Trailer: 600 Precursor Orbs
Game in Construction: 900 Precursor Orbs
Intro Animatic: 800 Precursor Orbs


Collect the indicated number of Precursor Orbs to unlock the corresponding mini-game.

Braveheart: 100 Orbs
Indiana Jones: 300 Orbs
Lord Of The Rings I: 200 Orbs
Lord Of The Rings II: 500 Orbs
Matrix I: 1 Orb
Matrix 2: 400 Orbs

Daxter's Dreams trophies

In Daxter's Dreams you must get gold trophies to unlock the extras in secrets by doing the following. The website codes can be accessed at

Matrix 1: Defeat matrix Gol 120 times. The reward is website clue A.
Brave Heart: Defeat Gol 200 times. The reward is website clue B.
The Lord Of The Rings 1: Defeat the Climbing Lurkers 150 Times. The reward is website clue C.
Indiana Jones: Defeat the snakes and spiders 120 times. Note: Avoid the rock. The reward is the Indiana Jones hat.
Matrix 2: Knock down the ninja farmer 25 times. The reward is website clue D
The Lord Of The Rings 2: Stun the flaming precursor statue 18 times. The reward is pants.

Web site vault codes

These codes are normally unlocked by getting a "Gold" rank in a mini-game.

Clue A: 32X83R
Clue B: 68T7E5
Clue C: 5A3D36
Clue D: 7A8J25

Mini-game bonuses

Get a "Gold" rank on the indicated mini-game to unlock the corresponding bonus. Then, press Start during game play, select the "Secrets" option, then choose "Cheats" to access any unlocked options.
atdia adeayid sfiafng

Indiana Jones Hat: Indiana Jones mini-game
Pants: Lord of the Rings II mini-game
Web Site Clue A: Matrix I mini-game
Web Site Clue B: Braveheart mini-game
Web Site Clue C: Lord of the Rings I mini-game
Web Site Clue D: Matrix II mini-game




Clank Mask

In the first oil rig level, after the part where you dodge the pistons, you will eventually reach a wall that you can climb inside a cylindrical room. Kill all the spiders on it. Climb it and you will reach a room with a giant wheel in it. Opposite to the room is another climbing wall. Jetpack across to it and climb it. You will reach a ledge. Opposite to the ledge is a smaller ledge indented into the walls of the room that looks too small to jump onto. Jetpack over to the indented ledge and you will be able to stand on it. Smash the picture frame on the ledge, and you will unlock the Clank mask.

Jak Mask

Play the the prison level and go to the second cell block that is patrolled by three guards. Sneak behind the guards and follow them moving counter-clockwise. Collect the key that is hidden behind the second pillar. Use it to open the first door you see to the northeast. Smash the picture on the shelf to find the Jak Mask.

Ratchet mask

Go to the level with the trains. Get to the part at the end where you must climb the tower that has fire beams running up it. Get to the top then go to the right of the exit at the top. Fall down and there should be a mask. Break it and go to the "Secrets" option at the pause menu. Look down and you will have Ratchet mask.

Sly Mask

After you complete the level where you have to nuke the giant metal-head fish with the other exterminator, go out of the warp gate. Have the camera face the warp gate. Go to the left of the warp gate and jump behind the crates. Have the camera face the exit and smash the picture of Sly Cooper. The message "You have unlocked the Sly Mask! Check in the Secrets menu under Extras to wear it!" will appear.

Ultrasonic attachment

Despite the confusion of the Ultrasonic attachment with it being a good hovering device, it is. It is like the fire attachment, but gives you a little more boost.


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