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Daytona USA 2

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Cheat Codes

Bumper view

Press View 1 + View 2 during game play to place the view off the left bumper. Press View 2 + View 3 during game play to place the view off the right bumper.

Overhead view

Hold View 4 + View 3 + View 2 (in order) during game play.

Dashboard view

Press View 2(2) during game play.

Alternate views

Hold View 2 and repeatedly press Start.

Mirror mode

Hold Start while selecting a track at the circuit selection screen.
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Time lap mode

Hold Start and press Accelerate to make a choice on the transmission selection screen. The message "Time Lap Mode" will appear to confirm correct code entry. No CPU cars will appear in this mode. Alternately, rapidly tap Start after selecting a track at the circuit selection screen until the timer runs out.

Lights on the road

Begin a race on the Fantasy Amusement Park (Advanced) track. Rapidly tap Start during laps three and four to put lights on the road.

Alternate soundtrack

Hold Start when the message "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" appears prior to a race. Release the buttons when the phrase "The race is approaching" is heard.

Turbo boost

This code will only work if you see your car or the demo of this game with a big wheel instead of a small wheel (which is the default one). Hold Start button while racing to execute a turbo boost. Your speed will increase as long as you hold this button. However, do not hold this button too long or you will lose control or collide with the other racers. Use this at your own risk. Another way to find out if a particular machine has this feature is that the "Insert Coin" message is replaced with "Press Start for Turbo" flashing in the screen.


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