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Dead Frontier

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Winning in the gambling den

  • To almost always win in the gambling den, before you place your bet get ready to press [Print Screen]. After the cards flip over, press [Print Screen]. Open a graphics editing program and paste the screenshot there. If you still remember where the queen is, cut that card out of the photo and create a new photo that is just that one card. Once you have completed those steps, compare the picture of the card to the other cards until it look exactly like the begging card.
  • When you see the queen start in the middle, it should go either left or right. It should be on the side that it goes to. If it is on the side, it should either be in the middle if it moves one space and the other side if it moves two spaces. Note: This only works once per day.

Easy money

  • Find things in the marketplace that are being sold for less than the scrap price. Buy them, then go to the yard and scrap them. Common items found for sale include, but are not limited to: Pen Knives; Beta Tomcats; and Chef Knives. Pen Knives are the most common for sale at less-than-scrap price.
  • Another way to make a large amount of money is to find your referrer link and then send it to yourself via email or other means. Use another computer to create a new account from that link then play until you reach level 10. At this point the game will grant your original account with $5,000. Note: This is time-consuming.
  • Create another account using a fake email address. Make a lawyer because they begin with $100. Private sell a cheap item for $100 to them. Note: You can get the item again by private selling it back to your main account for $0. Repeat the process as many times as desired. Note: Exit the browser every time you make an account and trade from your main account.

Easy experience points

  • Play when there is an outpost attack. A good general way to know when one happens is to check every fifteen minutes on the hour. You can gain a large experience bonus and therefore level up faster.
  • Stay "Nourished", as you get the most experience that way.
  • When outside Nayasta's outhold, go to the corner near the guard with the rifle with a group of three to five people. Look at the fence near the corner. If you go near it, zombies will appear. The number of zombies depends on their current aggro. Shoot at them. They will be killed and you get lots of experience points without dying. Note: To get the most experience possible, do this during an outpost attack.

Easy loot

When below level 15, start at South Moorhurst. Loot everything as you pass, and kill any zombies you find. Move east until you see the first turn. Take it and begin going north, looting and killing everything. Continue until the music changes and the purple zombies appear. Then, move east after North Wallton into Ravenwall and start looting. Note do this if ur level is below 15 only.

Free ammunition

Use the following trick to get free 5.5 rifle and .32 handgun ammunition. Go to the login screen and create a fake user. Name them and give a fake email address. Then, go to your profile, Click "Edit Buddies" and add your main character as a buddy. Then, click their profile and trade with them. Add all of the items you want them to have for free. This can be repeated as long as you exit the internet before doing it again.

Weapon recommendations

  • Do not run around with the biggest, loudest guns you can find, as that will make it nearly impossible to loot. Things you would want to avoid using are shotguns, chainsaws, and other things that go boom.
  • If you are stuck having to use a gun, use a pistol. While it still attracts zombies and raises aggro, it is not nearly as bad as if you were to use a rifle.
  • When traveling in search of loot, use a melee weapon (not a chainsaw) such as a pen knife. This allows for you to defend yourself when faced with a zombie chasing you while not attracting the attention of the locals. It also saves ammunition.


Always try to refrain from touching the wildlife and keeping your distance. This will allow you to casually walk around them without much trouble. This works best when you are in the areas surrounding Nastyas, as those zombies seem to be a little less aware.

Avoiding undead

Use the following trick if find yourself getting chased by a stampede of undead to avoid taking damage and allow for the undead to feast on a less fortunate player. As soon as you see the pack of undead coming for you, open the map or the inventory by pressing M or I, respectively. Avoid them for ten seconds as the countdown passes. Once it reaches "0", you will see either the map or inventory open and a message will appear at the bottom stating "Your status has been set to AFK and you cannot be harmed and are invulnerable to damage". The zombies will realize that you are not taking damage and will soon lose interest.

Quick travel

Use the following trick get to the outpost or bank quickly. Add the corresponding page to your browser's favorites or bookmarks for quick access. This will allow you to, for example, scrap the cheap items you found for sale by simply clicking on the saved link leading to the yard directly from the market. For example, if you want be able to quickly get to the yard without going to the outpost screen first, go to the yard and then add it to your favorites or bookmarks. Whenever you need to go back there, use the link. As an example, the link to the market is

Managing money

Always deposit your cash in the bank before going into the city (unless you happen to have invested in a security box).

Defeating zombies

You can hit zombies behind a fence, and if there close enough, melee them without them being able to hit you.


Invincible location

Go to West Foxton. Stand in the exact middle of the intersection. No zombie can attack there because of an invisible wall. As soon as you leave they can attack you again.

Hop fences

When there is a bush by a fence, run directly at the point where the bush meets the fence. The resulting collision should push you through the fence. This could be useful if you have a zombie chasing you.