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Dead Rising

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Easy achievements




Overtime mode



Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Zombie Hunter (20 points): Defeat at least 1,000 zombies.
Zombie Killer (20 points): Defeat at least 10,000 zombies.
Zombie Genocider (20 points): Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.
Self Defense (20 points): Defeat at least 1 psychopath.
Peace Keeper (20 points): Defeat at least 5 psychopaths.
Punisher (20 points): Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.
Legendary Soldier (20 points): Defeat at least 10 Special Forces soldiers
Hella Copter (20 points): Successfully repel a Helicopter
Tour Guide (20 points): Escort 8 survivors at once.
Frank the Pimp (20 points): Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.
Full Set (20 points): Collect all portraits in the NOTEBOOK.
Humanist (20 points): Get at least 10 survivors out of the mall.
Life Saver (20 points): Get at least 20 survivors out of the mall..
Saint (20 points): Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.
Strike! (20 points): Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls.
Costume Party (20 points): Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies.
Raining Zombies (20 points): Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol.
Gourmet (20 points): Eat all types of food available in the mall.
Item Smasher (20 points): Break at least 100 items.
Bullet Point (20 points): Fire at least 1,000 bullets.
Perfect Gunner (20 points): Don't miss with a machine gun.
Photojournalist (20 points): Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo.
The Artiste (20 points): Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo.
Group Photo (20 points): Get 50 Target Markers with the camera.
Portraiture (20 points): Photograph at least 10 survivors.
Census Taker (20 points): Photograph at least 50 survivors.
Psycho Photo (20 points): Photograph at least 4 psychopaths.
Psycho Collector (20 points): Photograph at least 10 psychopaths.
PP Collector (20 points): Photograph all PP Stickers.
Snuff Shot B (20 points): Successfully photograph zombie Brad
Snuff Shot J (20 points): Successfully photograph zombie Jessie
Transmissionary (20 points): Answer all calls from Otis.
Indoorsman (20 points): Spend at least 24 hours indoors.
Outdoorsman (20 points): Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.
Freefall (20 points): Drop from a height of at least 16 feet (5 meters).
Marathon Runner (20 points): Cover a distance of 26.2 miles (42.195 km).
Carjacker (20 points): Steal the convicts' vehicle.
Stunt Driver (20 points): Jump a car at least 33 feet (10 meters).
Stunt Rider (20 points): Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet (10 meters).
Zombie Road (20 points): Walk over 33 feet (10 meters) on the backs of zombies using the Zombie Ride.
Karate Champ (20 points): Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.
Sharp Dresser (20 points): Change into at least 20 different costumes.
Clothes Horse (20 points): Change into all costumes available in the mall.
Level Max (20 points): Reach Lv. 50.
Unbreakable (20 points): Get the ture ending without being knocked out.
Overtime Mode (20 points): Unveil all CASES and be at the heliport at noon.
8 Mode (20 points): Get the true ending.
3 Day Survivor (20 points): Survive for at least 72 hours.
5 Day Survivor (20 points): Survive for at least 5 days.
7 Day Survivor (20 points): Survive for at least 7 days.


Fight convicts again

Use the following trick to fight the convicts in the park area again more PP and a fully loaded machine gun. -After killing the convicts, jump into their car and do not touch the turret. Drive into the parking lot garage. Ride around for awhile then drive out. Take the gun and go about your business. When you return to the park you will see the trio riding around the park again. Kill them again and repeat.
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Go past barrier in beginning:

The first time you are in the entrance plaza, after the intermission sequence completes, run back up the stairs. Keep walking on the second floor until you reach the escalators at the end. Go down them. You will be past the barrier that Dr. Barnaby was behind. Note: Dr. Barnaby will not appear until you approach the barrier from the side that is facing the doors.

Unlimited ammo for military jeep .50 cal

When you are in the park in the middle of the mall, there should be three convicts in a military style jeep. If not, they will show up later in the game. Try to kill them. The Uzi you find on the balcony inside the mall works best. Kill the gunner first. If you kill the driver the passenger will start to drive instead. When the gunner shoots, just move to the left or right until he stops. He cannot hit you if done correctly. You only have a second or two before he shoots again. You must hit him with a couple bullets then start running again. Some time may be required to kill him, but it is worth it. After the gunner is dead you can take the gun off the truck. Let the car next to you. If you timed correctly, you can take the gun off the car. After you have it, kill the other two convicts in the car. You will get the jeep, an achievement, and a .50 cal. Shoot as many zombies as you can with the bullets you have. After your raid, get in the jeep. You will drop the gun. Look at where the gun was before you took it off. There is an empty slot there. When in the park, follow the perimeter. There is a road that you can turn into to go to a small parking lot. Go to the parking lot. There should be a motorcycle and a red car here. Inside the lot, there is a road that goes down into the basement parking lot. Go down with the jeep. There are a lot of zombies down there. This is a good location to get the Group Photo achievement. When you are done loading the level, look at your gunner slot. A gun should now be there. Drive around a little until you get to a location where you can get out take off the gun. Do not drive far, as you may get lost. Shoot everything until your ammunition is gone. Get back into the jeep. Once again there will be no gun in the slot. Leave by the same way you came in. You can stay down there a little but do not just run over victims. Note: There are some zombies down there with oxygen tanks that will explode when run over. Enough of these will render your car useless and prevent the gun from appearing again. When you get out of the underground lot and load the level again, look at the gun slot. Another gun will be there. Keep going down and up, loading another part of the level to spawn another gun. You can keep doing this for easy kills and an easy shooting 1000 rounds of ammo achievement.


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