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Dead Rising: Case Zero

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Alternate endings

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending.

Ending A: Give Katey the Zombrex, collect all bike parts, and leave.
Ending B: Collect all bike parts, give Katey the Zombrex, and leave.
Ending C: Get caught by the military away from Katey.
Ending D: Get caught by military on your bike.
Ending E: Give Katey the Zombrex but fail to get all bike parts.
Ending F: Forget to give Katey the Zombrex.
Ending F (alternate): Forget to give Katey the Zombrex while near her.




Combo cards

The following combo cards are available.
, , and

Air Horn :Purple spray paint + Pylon (traffic cone)
Beer Hat: Beer + Construction hat
Boomstick: Shotgun + Pitchfork
Drill Bucket: Bucket + Power drill
Electric Rake: Battery + Metal rake
I.E.D.: Propane tank + Box of nails
Molotov Cocktail: Whiskey + Newspaper
Paddle Saw: Boat paddle + Chainsaw (only one chainsaw is needed, but when assembled it will have a chainsaw at both ends)
Spiked Bat: Bat + Box of nails

Item locations

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding item.
, , and

  • Battery: In an alleyway to the left of the street after the buildings. Stop just before the Quarantine Zone. You will have to zigzag your way down the long alleyway. At the end on top of the dumpster is the battery.
  • Chainsaw: In Big Buck's hardware store.
  • Construction hat: On the roof across from the second floor hotel entrance in the alleyway. Jump on the dumpster in the corner of the alley near the metal stairs on the side of the building. Turn and face the stairs then walk forward until it looks like you are going to fall. Jump, then quickly tap A just before you would miss the stairs and Chuck will grab them. Climb to the top. Note: The shed key is inside the building. Hop over the railing at the top of the stairs and you will be standing on an air conditioning unit. Look over at the building across the alley to the right of you. You will see an air conditioning unit sticking out in front you. Walk to the edge and quickly jump (tap A) and Chuck will grab it. Note: A handgun will be located there. Climb upon top of the building, and in the right corner by the street is the construction hat.
  • Paddle: On the side of the sheriff station near the small park area.
  • Spray paint: On the roof of safehouse, on the air conditioning unit.

Sniper rifle location

Go to the back of the gas station, where the food and supplies are located. Enter the back room, where you will find a ladder. Climb up and walk towards the back of the roof, near two large air conditioner units. The sniper rifle will be located by the one on the right, closest to you. It will have twenty shots.

Easy PP

When you first start, make a spiked bat (nails and bat) and the I.E.D. (propane and nails). Run outside and use the I.E.D. on the zombies in front of the gas station until it breaks. Next, unlock Bob's hunting shop and take both shotguns. Run to the hardware store, killing zombies with the spiked bat. Get two pitchforks and go next door to the construction table. Make a boomstick (shotgun and pitchfork). Kill every visible zombie with the boomstick, earning 200 PP for each kill. This can kill multiple zombies, earning more PP. When the first one breaks, make a second one and kill more zombies. After they both break, go back to the safe house and repeat the process.

Easy money

  • There are slot machines with money in front of them in the casino. Bet $100 to gamble at them, and you will always win the first five times.
  • Break casino slot machines and ATMs. They can be found in the casino, theater, and diner.

Easy "Zombie Exterminator " achievement

Find the Zombrex in the back of the ambulance. You will get a cart with half of a bike. Push it out and back to the safe house. After the cinematic, instead of bringing that cart directly back, keep pushing it around into large groups of zombies. The cart never brakes and a few hits will kills almost every zombie (except for SoldierZom). Note: Start at about 8 a.m. and complete at 1 p.m. for best results.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Still Creek Savior (20 points): Save all the survivors in Still Creek.
We Ride To Fortune City! (20 points): Escape Still Creek with Katey.
Chop Shop (20 points): Defeat Jed the Mechanic.
Zombie Hunter (10 points): Kill 100 zombies.
Zombie Exterminator (20 points): Kill 1,000 zombies.
Small Town, Deep Pockets (20 points): Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop.
Part Way There (10 points): Find and return a bike part.
Ready to Ride (20 points): Rebuild the bike.
A Taste of Things to Come (10 points): Build a combo weapon.
A bigger taste... (20 points): Build all available combo weapons.
Locksmith (20 points): Unlock all the doors in Still Creek.
Clueless No More (10 points): Purchase a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner.


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