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Dead Runner

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Baby Steps: Distance mode: Go 100m.
Bonus Champion: Points mode: Get 60,000 bonus points.
Bonus Finder: Points mode: Get 20,000 bonus points.
Bonus Friend: Points mode: Get 10,000 bonus points.
Bonus Lover: Points mode: Get 40,000 bonus points.
Can't Catch Me: Chase mode: Go 4000m.
Clean Run: Go 1,000m in one go without a near miss.
Close Call: Get 10 near misses in one go.
Crazy Fast: Chase mode: Go flat out for the first 2000m.
Distance Runner: Distance mode: Go 2,000m.
Fast Mover: Distance mode: Go 750m without slowing down.
Fell Walker: Distance mode: Go 1,000m.
Flee King: Chase mode: Go 2000m.
Full Speed Ahead: Distance mode: Go 1,500m without slowing down.
Gathering Speed: Chase mode: Go flat out for the first 250m.
Grave Digger: Hit your own gravestone.
Great Escape: Chase mode: Go 100m.
Lightspeed: Distance mode: Go 2,000m without slowing down.
Marathon Man: Distance mode: Go 5,000m.
Master Evader: Chase mode: Go 1000m.
Multiply: Points mode: Collect 10 2x multipliers in one go.
Pedal to the Metal: Chase mode: Go flat out for the first 750m.
Pickup Seeker: Points mode: Collect 50 items in one go.
Points Ace: Points mode: Get 50,000 points.
Points Collector: Points mode: Get 1,000 points.
Points Master: Points mode: Get 10,000 points.
Points Supremo: Points mode: Get 150,000 points.
Run Away Train: Chase mode: Go flat out for the first 1250m.
Slow Coach: Distance mode: Hit 30 bushes in one go.
Slow Starter: Die 3 times in a row in the first 250m.
Speed Freak: Distance mode: Go 1,000m without slowing down.
Three Amigos: Points mode: Collect 10 3x multipliers in one go.