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Dead Space (PlayStation3)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press Start to pause game play, then enter one of the following codes. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to resume the game with the code activated. Note: Some codes may only be enabled once per game. Also, codes that have multiple tiers (for example, credits) only take effect when activated in order (lowest to highest).

Refill oxygen

Press Square(2), Triangle(3). Note: This will work throughout the entire game.

Refill Stasis and Kinesis energy

Press Square, Triangle(2), Square, Triangle. Note: This will work throughout the entire game.

+2 Nodes

Press Triangle, Square(3), Triangle. Note: You must complete the game in order to enable this code again.

+5 Nodes

Press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square(2), Triangle, Square(2), Triangle, Square(2), Triangle. Note: You must complete the game in order to enable this code again.

+1,000 Credits

Press Square(3), Triangle, Square. Note: You must complete the game in order to enable this code again.

Although translating that ship number into a code seems to be Down, Square(5), Triangle, Square, only the last portion of the button presses are recognized, which is the "+1,000" Credits code.

+2,000 Credits

Press Square(3), Triangle(2). Note: You must complete the game in order to enable this code again.

+5,000 Credits

Press Square(3), Triangle, Square, Triangle. Note: You must complete the game in order to enable this code again.

+10,000 Credits

Press Square, Triangle(3), Square(2), Triangle. Note: You must complete the game in order to enable this code again.


Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game and save it. Continue on your cleared saved game file to get the following bonuses.
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  • Ten Power Nodes
  • 50,000 credits
  • The back story log entries
  • Impossible difficulty setting
  • Level 6 Military suit schematic


Walkthrough (PC)


Secret message key

  • In Chapter 1, just after you repair the claw for the tram hit your objective finder. Follow the blue line into the hall way where you need to go. Stop as soon as you enter the hallway and look up at the catwalk above your head. Ignore the alien for now. Walk until you find the first corridor on the right. Walk into it there to see writing in an alien language all over. Look down there to see a message that says in English that reads "Don't listen to their lies, read what they're really saying." Keep reading to find a key that shows the alien language, and below that the corresponding are English letters from A to Z and 1 through 0. Although not everything will be legible, you should be able to decipher enough to understand what is written.
  • In Chapter 6, after fighting the final creature that spills the gas out, there is a dim flashing sign just before the anti-gravity area. This is a codex for some of the letters and all of the numbers in the alien language.

Hidden message

Take the first letter of each chapter and arrange them in order to spell out the sentence "Nicole is dead".

Satellite puzzle

Created by MrKennyKRH.

Finding the Peng treasure

To get Peng you must be on the flight deck on Chapter 11. When in the flight room where your ship "used" to be, look between the walkways. It is in the gap between Runway 1 and 2 by the shuttle in the Flight Hangar. You should see a very small statue that has a golden appearance. Pick it up with kinesis and you will receive the Peng treasure (and its achievement or trophy). It can also be sold for 30,000 credits.
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Begin Chapter 10. Walk into the room with the dead Unitologists in it. Listen carefully to hear "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" from one of the game's trailers.
  • The song can also be hard in an elevator in Chapter 6.

Defeating the Hunter

The Hunter is a regenerating Necromorph that cannot be killed. The first time you encounter him is difficult, and you just have to run. It is best to shoot off his legs because he does not regenerate them immediately. He is much slower without legs. Then, freeze him and he will be taken away. When facing him again in a later act, use the same strategy then fry him with the rocket engines. Collect the Power Node that it drops.

Defeating the Leviathan

Created by MrKennyKRH.

First, take out the tentacles. When the center opens, aim for the orange ball. Take the explosive canisters or the Lathan pod and launch them in the center.

Defeating the final Boss

Created by MrKennyKRH.

Do not be intimidated by its size. Though massive, it is very easy to kill. The following was done under the Medium difficulty setting. Upon starting the fight, notice you are "caged in" by the Boss' tentacles. Notice the yellow "blooms" around the Boss' mouth. Shooting each one will get you closer to killing it. However, upon shooting a few of them, the boss Grabs you, holding you in the air. During this time, it appears that you are helpless. Aim whatever weapon you are using at the time and shoot the yellow blooms. After a few shots you will be dropped. The Boss will then begin slamming its tentacles at you more frequently. They are very easy to avoid. Strafe left to right constantly. They will never hit you. The Boss will roar, shoot a few exploding cells at you, or will drop enemy pods upon you. This is part is also easy, considering it is usually only two small Necromorphs. After you destroy the blooms, you will notice a "caged" area underneath the beast. Under this rib cage lies its many hearts. Again, use same strategy with the whole tentacle scenario. After a few times, the Boss will have his fit and open up again. Unload and the Boss will come tumbling down.

Slowing the regenerating hunter

To slow down the regenerating hunter for the longest time possible, cut off all the limbs of the hunter with the plasma cutter. Thenm shoot the hunter with the stasis field (if it is charged). This will allow you to get around and away from it while focusing on whatever else is attacking you.

Easy ammunition

When you are out of ammunition, but have a bench and several Power Nodes, you can refill the ammunition in a weapon to its new maximum by upgrading to a capacity node in that weapon. Note: This will also restore your health and help save medpacks.

Easy credits

  • Purchase the Contact Gun as soon as possible. Ammunition for it will start appearing around the ship. Sell all of the unneeded ammunition for it for 1,000 credits per unit.
  • Sell your Plasma Cutter at the store. It is worth quite a lot, but a new one is completely free. This is helpful for the max up challenge, because you can now buy about another seven nodes.
Note: If you sell the Plasma Cutter again you will get 0 credits. However if you melee and defeat a Necromorph and sell it again you will get 10,000 credits.
  • In Chapter 2 when you enter the Zero G Therapy area, there is a hole on the right side of the room along with debris blocking the hallway to other side and where you can see the planet. Once you go through the room on the left and get to the other side, back up to the debris. You can see something flashing outside in the direction of the planet. It is 10,000 credits.

Prevent Necromorphs

When there are a lot of dead human bodies around, stamp on them to decapitate some limbs. This prevents them being turned into Necromorphs if one of the sting ray-like Necromorphs that brings them to life appears.

Easy trophies


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards. Note: Enabling cheat codes will not prevent the trophies from becoming unlocked.
Dead on Arrival (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1 on any setting.
Lab Rat (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2 on any setting.
All Systems Go (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3 on any setting.
Cannon Fodder (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4 on any setting.
True Believer (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5 on any setting.
Greenhouse Effect (Bronze): Complete Chapter 6 on any setting.
S.O.S. (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7 on any setting.
Strange Transmissions (Bronze): Complete Chapter 8 on any setting.
Wreckage (Bronze): Complete Chapter 9 on any setting.
Keeper of the Faith (Bronze): Complete Chapter 10 on any setting.
Betrayed (Bronze): Complete Chapter 11 on any setting.
Exodus (Bronze): Complete Chapter 12 on any setting.
Epic Tier 3 Engineer (Gold): Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.
Survivor (Silver): Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Mindless Prey (Bronze): Kill the Hive Mind.
Pack Rat (Bronze): Store 25 items in Safe.
Story Teller (Bronze): Collect Half of all Logs.
Legend Teller (Silver): Collect 150 Logs.
Full Arsenal (Silver): Own every Weapon in the game.
Z-Baller (Bronze): Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
Merchant (Bronze): Collect 5 schematics.
Armstrong (Bronze): TK shoot 50 objects.
Marksman (Bronze): Dismember 5 Limbs.
Surgeon (Bronze): Dismember 250 Limbs.
Butcher (Silver): Dismember 1000 Limbs.
Freeze (Bronze): Use Statis on 50 Enemies.
Crackshot (Bronze): Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery.
Air Alert (Bronze): Zero G jump over 100 times.
One Gun (Gold): Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter.
Brawler (Bronze): Kill at least 50 enemies with a melee attack.
Maxed Out (Gold): Upgrade all weapons and equipment.
Ragdoll Check (Bronze): Force an enemy into a gravity panel.
Big Spender (Bronze): Spend 500,000 credits at the store.
Full Contact (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Contact Beam.
A Cut Above (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Ripper.
Tool Time (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Plasma Cutter.
Pusher (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Force Gun.
Live with the Hot Ones (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Flamethrower.
Autofire (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.
Eviscerator (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with the Line Gun.
There's Always Peng (Bronze): Find the Peng Treasure.
Concordance Officer (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies to unlock this trophy.
Additionally there are eight secret trophies.
Brute Force (Bronze): Kill a Brute.
Exterminator (Bronze): Kill the Leviathan.
Get off my ship! (Bronze): Kill the Slug Boss.
Mindless Prey (Bronze): Kill the Hive Mind.
Playing Catch (Bronze): Catch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis.
Kickin it (Bronze): Escape from a Lurker's grab attack 10 times.
Don't get cocky, kid (Bronze): Survive the ADS Canon with over 50% Shield strength remaining.
Slugger (Bronze): Kill the Slug Boss with more than 50% Shield strength remaining


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