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Death Rally (iPod/iPhone)

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Allergic to Lead (5 points): Destroy Barry Wheeler.
Almost There (9 points): Complete the majority of the game.
Amateur (5 points): Gain the fame level Amateur.
Barrel Roller (10 points): Hit 50 barrels with your car.
Beginner Driver (10 points): Finish first in a beginner difficulty race.
Big Fish (5 points): Gain the fame level Big Fish.
Celebrity (10 points): Gain the fame level Celebrity.
Champion (10 points): Gain the fame level Champion.
Deliverator Destroyer (15 points): Destroy 25 Deliverators.
Demigod (20 points): Gain the fame level Demigod.
Dervish Demolisher (10 points): Destroy 15 Dervishes.
Destroy Algerian (5 points): Destroy Faridah Ambrine.
Destroy American (5 points): Destroy Marley Harris.
Destroy Australian (5 points): Destroy Randy Wreck.
Destroy Belgian (5 points): Destroy Lea Maes.
Destroy Brazilian (5 points): Destroy Vicente Del Rua.
Destroy Canadian (5 points): Destroy Basil Ouellet.
Destroy Cuban (5 points): Destroy Fortunato Valdes.
Destroy Dane (5 points): Destroy Gustav Madsen.
Destroy Japanese (5 points): Destroy Takeshi Kobe.
Destroy Malaysian (5 points): Destroy Ju Qiu Dai.
Destroy Norwegian (10 points): Destroy Thor Haugen.
Easy Driver (10 points): Finish first in an easy difficulty race.
Extreme Driver (10 points): Finish first in an extreme difficulty race.
Fifty Kills (10 points): Acquire 50 kills.
God (25 points): Gain the fame level God.
God of all Gods (30 points): Gain the fame level God of all Gods.
Grim Reaper (15 points): Destroy all your opponents in a race.
Hail to the King Baby! (40 points): Destroy Duke Nukem.
Halfway There (5 points): Complete the first half of the game.
Hard Driver (10 points): Finish first in a hard difficulty race.
Hundred Kills (20 points): Acquire 100 kills.
King of Death Rally (50 points): Win the Adversary challenge.
Legend (15 points): Gain the fame level Legend.
Medium Driver (10 points): Finish first in a medium difficulty race.
Mr. Nurmi Award (20 points): Drive a Marathon challenge.
My First Victory (10 points): Win a race for the first time.
Not a Mullet but a Bullet (5 points): Destroy Mr. Emerson.
Not a Scratch (10 points): Finish a race with 100% health.
Rocket (5 points): Raise fame in 5 consecutive races.
Sad Day for Donuts (10 points): Destroy Tex Harris.
Scrap Metal (15 points): Destroy Irvin Ford.
Sentinel Stomper (5 points): Destroy 5 Sentinels.
Shooting Star (10 points): Raise fame in 10 consecutive races.
Shortest Fuse (1 points): Get destroyed during the first lap of a race.
Shrieker Scrapper (10 points): Destroy 15 Shriekers.
Silence the Journalist (5 points): Destroy Geoff K.
Slow News Day (5 points): Destroy Mike Schramm.
Small Timer (5 points): Gain the fame level Small Timer.
Spectrum of Pain (20 points): Destroy an enemy using every weapon type.
Steady Racer (5 points): Gain the fame level Steady Racer.
Stop The Press (5 points): Destroy Brian C..
Superstar (10 points): Gain the fame level Superstar.
Survive the Survivalist (15 points): Destroy John Gore.
Ten Kills (5 points): Acquire 10 kills.
The 42 (100 points): Gain the fame level "The 42".
Unknown Adversary (50 points): Destroy Adversary.
Vagabond Wrecker (5 points): Destroy 5 Vagabonds.

Additionally, the following achievements require v1.1.

Golden Deliverator (5 points): Fully upgrade your Deliverator.
Golden Dervish (5 points): Fully upgrade your Dervish.
Golden Gatling Gun: Fully upgrade your Gatling Gun.
Golden Mines (2 points): Fully upgrade your Mines.
Golden Missile (2 points): Fully upgrade your Missile.
Golden Sentinel (2 points): Fully upgraded Sentinel.
Golden Shotgun (2 points): Fully upgrade your Shotgun.
Golden Shrieker (5 points): Fully upgraded Shrieker.
Golden Sniper (2 points): Fully upgrade your Sniper.
Golden Striker (2 points): Fully upgrade your Striker.
Golden Vagabond (2 points): Fully upgrade your Vagabond.
Golden Wraith (5 points): Fully upgrade your Wraith.