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Cheat Codes




Unlimited skill points

  • Get to the submarine base. Once Gary Savage tells you to meet him at the roof of the base, go there but make sure your inventory is full. He will try to give you an augmentation canister. Keep clicking on him and you will receive 500 skill points each time.
  • When you flip the switches on the two generators to give power back to the scientists at the Vandenberg Base, continually flip the power switch to get 100 skill points every time.

Unlimited aug canisters

Immediately before leaving Hong Kong, Jaime (the doctor) will give you an aug canister. If your inventory is full, and you have to drop something, you will also drop an aug canister. Repeat the process to completely fill your inventory with augs.

Multi-player sniper hideout

If you are playing the Command Center level and playing in team mode, go to the rooftop. Once there, use the Speed aug and the Ballistic Defense aug (so you will not get shot with a Gep Gun). Go on top of the elevator. Go on that corner in the far right side. Once there, set one gas grenade in front of you on the wall. After that, use the Speed aug to jump on the gas grenade. Then, lay another and jump on that one. Once on the second gas grenade, jump on the very top of the roof. You can snipe anyone desired. This requires a lot of practice. Note: This trick works on any wall to get on a roof.

Use one multitool or lock pick to open doors regardless of skill level

Start by picking the lock, then after a couple of percent points start to go down, go to the inventory screen. Wait for about two second per 10% left in the lock. After you count down, leave the inventory screen and the lock should be opened.

Unlimited multitools or lock picks

When you go to level 3, after you talk to the Boss, he will tell you to get a physical and go to the armory. When you get to the armory, if you have a full inventory and you ask for a multitool or a smart pick, JC will say "Hold on, can't hold anything else". The multitool or lock pick will fall to the ground. Repeat this to get an unlimited number of multitools or lock picks.

Saving multitools or lock picks

There is a way to save multitools or lock picks when using them. Take out the lock pick or multitool and select [Use] on whatever you want to open or hack. Then, go to your skill screen. Wait until a few moments after that single lockpick or multitool does its task. Then, return to normal game play. The door or other target will be open or hacked, with only one lock pick or multitool being used up. This also allows you to save skillpoints by not having to use them in your lock picking slot.

Easy money

When you are at the Lucky Money in Hong Kong, get inside the club and go where the door girl is located. Kill her, then right click on her to get some credits.

Extra starting skill points

When starting a new game, at the "Select Skills" screen, downgrade your pistol skill so that you have 6575 skill points. Start the game, then go to your skills menu. You should have the pistol skill on trained and still have the 6575 skill points.

Annoyed people

In every level are small items that you can pick up. Find such an item and look for a friendly person (green target cursor). Throw and hit the person with the item to get random reactions. Do not try this on an enemy unless you want to get shot.

Slow reaction time

Standard (non-Boss) enemies you encounter have a slow reaction time when spotting you. The farther away you are from the enemy, the longer it will take for him to spot you. All enemies except for Bosses will say something such as "What was that noise?" or "Who's there?". If this happens, it does not mean that they know you are there -- they only think that you are there. If you hear en enemy say something similar to that, look for cover, because they will investigate. This trick will not help you if you are out in the open.

Killing Grays

  • There is trick to killing a Gray with a pistol or a low-tech weapon. Since the Grays are quick, you have to do this fast. Aim for the legs when using a pistol. Then, shoot them slightly above the torso, at about the neck area. They will die with one shot. Note: You need to do this with pistol advanced or trained. If you do this with it untrained, you will get killed easily.
  • With a combat knife or crowbar, find a medkit. Stand near the Gray and slice it only on the neck. When it needs just one more slice, slice it near the crotch. It will die very easily, and will be prevented from firing the Radiation Cannon. Use the medkit since you have been damaged by the radiation. It will heal about 25, depending on how long it took you to kill it, and how much damage you took. If it is over 45 or 50, find the nearest Medbot. Note: It is much easier to kill it with throwing knives by doing the same process. If you have lower than advanced, you will automatically die.

Killing robots

You can kill robots with just about any weapon, but it will take awhile when using a shotgun. With a normal unmodified clip, it will take over ten clips, and you will need God mode.

Easy kills

Stay hidden in the shadows and use a lot of silent weapons (for example, knives, batons, silenced pistols, and silenced rifles). If you have to take someone down, do it fast and quietly.

Blind enemies

Shoot the fire extinguishers that you see occasionally throughout the game to blind your enemies.

Extra items

  • When you are low on items, go up behind a security guard and make sure there are no robots, other guards, or cameras around. Hit him with the crowbar. He should die instantly and have bullets, knockout ammo, explosives, and a few other items that are very useful.
  • Hack into everything possible. You can get a lot of hints and extra items.

Keep weapons

  • After being captured by Gunther, you will start in a jail cell in the next level. When the level starts you will still have your weapons for just a moment, then they are taken from you. When the level starts, open your inventory before your weapons are gone and drop them. Return to the game, then pick up your weapons and continue playing with them.
  • There is a way to keep all your equipment throughout Training mode. Just before the man at the counter takes everything off of you, throw all your objects past him then walk by. Once you are away from him, you can pick up all your belongings again. Stay away because he will try it again if you get too close.

Enter UAC HQ quickly

In the first level, find a gas grenade. Go to the UAC building. Stop on the top of the stairs. Throw the gas grenade next to the closed door. When grenade explodes a UAC guard will open the doors and you can enter.

Funny message

When you first enter Hells Kitchen early in the game, exit the subway station and go to your right, towards a back alley. You will find a basketball hoop and a ball. It is very difficult to shoot the ball into the hoop -- enable the fly code to make the shot. A "Sign him up for the Nicks!" message will appear.

Dance mix blowout

Enable cheat mode, then use the open 99_endgame4 code. Once the level is finished loading, enable cheat mode, and use one of the following codes for hilarious blowouts:

spawnmass empgrenade
spawnmass lam
spawnmass gasgrenade
spawnmass scramblegrenade
spawnmass rocketwp
spawnmass rocket

To make it funnier, enter summon militarybot. While they are dancing, a military security bot will be walking around.

Fun with explosives

  • Enable the spawnmass lam code in flight mode to get a cluster bomber aircraft assault.
  • Enable the spawnmass lam, spawnmass rocketlaw, spawnmass rocketwp, and spawnmass rocket codes. Enable God mode and do this while standing in view of a mirror for a real laugh. Do not stand too close. Get off center so you can see a sort of sideways (from the hip) view of the action. Do this, go into the entrance to Unatco level 4 and look directly at the glass from across the room, then turn slightly sideways and watch your reflection.

Flying knives

Enable the spawnmass weaponshuriken 20 code. 20 knives will fly out of nowhere and strike down anything they hit.

Destroy anything or anyone

Enable cheat mode, then look at the item or person that you want to destroy. Type set deusex.<person/object name> health 0. They will have no weapons, and even UNATCO troops at the start of the game can be killed with any weapon. Note: If any of the main characters are killed, then sequences will not occur. To change this, use the summon or spawnmass code to get them back.

Conserving Lock Picks and Multi-tools

When bypassing something that requires more then one Multi-Tool, start bypassing then press [F1]. Wait for a minute (scroll through the tabs to pass the time) then exit the inventory screen. The object should be bypassed . Look down at your Multi-Tools. You will notice that you only used one Multi-Tool instead of the required amount. Note: This also works with Lock Picks.


Circling rocket

Start a new game and spend all your skill points on heavy armor. Alternately, enable the allskills code. Go in an open area with one person in the middle (for example, UNATCO Island, Area 51 Entrance, etc.) Equip a Gep Gun (use the summon weapongepgun if needed) Aim at the person the quickly tap [Fire] and look into the corner. Then, look down. You will see the rocket surrounding the person, doing circles. Nothing can stop it, unless it hits you or the corner. If this does not work, try it in the first level. Note: You can also do this in multi-player mode, without the codes.

Unlimited skill points

In Vandenberg - Command you can use multitools on the pad that read "Override" above it to bypass it. You will get 100 skill points each time you use it, as many times as desired.

Keep Dragonstooth Sword

When you get the mission to retrieve the Dragonstooth Sword for Tracer Tong in Hong Kong, instaed of bringing it to him go to his lab. Before you get near him, throw the sword or remove it from your inventory. Make a note as to where you dropped it. Talk to Tracer Tong and he should give you the next mission. Pick up the sword and you can keep it for the rest of the game. Note: This was done on the Game Of The Year version.

Unlimited bolts

If your crossbow is down to one bolt remaining, do not reload. Fire the bolt into a wall or a location where you can retrieve it. When you do so, you will get a full clip.


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