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Digimon World: Dusk

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This game is titled Digimon World: Dusk in North America and Digimon Story: Moonlight in Japan.

Cheat Codes


Enter one of the following passwords at Valkyriemon inside the DigiColiseum.

100% Scan Data for DotFalcomon

Enter 20060402 as a password.

100% Scan Data for DotMirageGaomon (DSGreymon)

Enter 70307991 as a password.
fwgiinley, tidhig,

100% Scan Data for Sukamon

Enter 20406002 as a password.

Legend Sword, Legend Robe, and Legend Ring

Enter 02619020 as a password.


Easy experience

  • Make sure your first three Digimon are higher than level 60. Also make sure that you have three weak ones because your Digimon will grow a lot. In the "Final Battle " mission, once you have reached Sunshine City and have gotten the Master ID, go through the portal. You will battle an OphanimonC. Defeat her to get receive 9,600 experience points. Save the game after the intermission sequence. The Chaos Brain is very confusing and has some powerful Digimon. Make sure to have revivers. Go through Chaos Brain and you will see someone familiar -- Grimmon with Chrono Core. Soon Grimmon will digivolve into ChaosGrimmon. He will be at level 88. Your first three Digimon should all be Megas. Defeat him and another intermission sequence will start. ChaosGrimmon will digivolve into ExoGrimmon. He will be at level 99. No not defeat ExoGrimmon if you want your Digimon to keep growing. If you decide to do this, your Digimon will lose friendship but will gain 15,000 experience points each time you do this. When you lose to ExoGrimmon you will be at your house. From there, just repeat the trick and your Digimon should get strong.
  • A Farmer's Island is required for this trick. You can get the coupon for a free Farmer's Island after you win the tournament. Deposit the Digimon you want to train after you buy the Terrain Chart, which changes it to be able to give your Digimon more experience. The following are items that raise certain Digimon stats and what they are most useful for:
Fire Road: Dragon types
Ball: Beast types
Mini Shower: Aqua types
Flowers: InsectGrass types
Computer: Machine types
Birdhouse: Bird types
Phonograph: Holy types (like Coronamon)
Odd Pot: Dark types (like Lunamon)
You will also need a Tiny Field so that your Digimon does not become hungry. You can get these where you obtained your Farmer's Island, only select Wormmon instead of Kumamon. Put your Digimon(s) in the Farmer's Island and train it. When it is done training, let it rest. When you talk to it again it should have leveled up. Repeat this until it reaches the desired level.
  • Take a species quest with a Boss at the end. When you K.O. the Boss, instead of reporting to the client Digimon, go to Dark Center and cancel the quest. Accept it again and repeat.


Once you become a Tamerf Legend you get Chiccimon, who is required to get ChronomonHM. ChronomonHM = Valdurmon + Susanoomon (Level 83+, Friendship 100%, must have befriended Chiccimon)

Ghoulmon and Ghoulmon Black

In the Chaos Brain, in the room before the Grimmon room, there are Ghoulmon but also Ghoulmon Black. This is not very noticeable unless you pay close attention.


Puttimon is the key to getting Gatomon. You are told you must obtain a Puttimon, but this is a glitch. If you want Ophanimon, Angewomon, Gatomon, or Salamon, all you have to do is degenerate a Pawn Chessmon White.


Perform the indicated tasks to evolve.

Courage DE + Hawkmon to Allomon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 21+ with 110+ Attack Stat
Love DE + Wormmon to Aurumon
Condition: Wormmon at level 21+ with 110+ Spirit Stat
Courage DE + Veemon to Flamedramon
Condition: Veemon at level 22+ with 2500+ Dragon EXP
Sincerity DE + Gatomon to Kabukimon
Condition: Tailmon at level 31+ with 2000+ Insect/Plant EXP
Friendship DE + Armadillomon to Kenkimon
Condition: Armadillomon at level 24+ with 2300+ Machine EXP
Miracles DE + Wormmon to Kongoumon
Wormmon at level 32+ with 190+ Attack Stat
Courage DE + Gatomon to Lynxmon
Condition: Tailmon at level 29+ with 130+ Speed Stat
Miracles DE + Veemon to Magnamon
Condition: Veemon at level 40+ with 10000+ Holy EXP
Love DE + Patamon to Pipismon
Condition: Patamon at level 21+ with 100+ Speed Stat
Sincerity DE + Patamon to Ponchomon
Condition: Patamon at level 23+ with 2000+ Dark EXP
Kindness DE + Patamon to Prairiemon
Condition: Patamon at level 27+ with 135+ Attack Stat
Light DE + Armadillomon to Seahomon
Condition: Armadillomon at level 27+ with 2700+ Dragon EXP
Courage DE + Wormmon to Shadramon
Condition: Wormmon at level 30+ with 6000+ Dark EXP
Sincerity DE + Hawkmon to Shurimon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 22+ with 800+ Insect/Plant EXP
Kindness DE + Hawkmon to Toucanmon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 20+ with 105+ Defense Stat
Reliability DE + Gatomon to Tylomon
Condition: Tailmon at level 27+ with 2200+ Aquan EXP


If your Digimon cannot get to a certain level, also called "aptitude", then Degenerate your Digimon. For example; if you have a Renamon its main aptitude would be 24. However if you degenerated it to a Gummymon, its aptitude would be raised to 25. That is also the key to getting a Kyubimon. Most Digimon need their aptitude raised so they can digivolve.

Digi Egg locations

Digi Eggs can be found at the following locations.

Digi Egg of Love: From the Union as a reward after doing the second union quest.
Digi Egg of Courage: Palette Amazon.
Digi Egg of Honesty: Loop Swamp worm hole on the Find the Katana Quest.
Digi Egg of Friendship: Access Glacier, on your very first trip there for the Union.
Digi Egg of Kindness: During the Flower Bulb quest in the Resistor Jungle worm hole.
Digi Egg of Purity: During the Flower Bulb quest in the Resistor Jungle/Limit Valley worm hole.

Old Thriller Ruins

After completing the Union Quest "Go To Thriller Ruins" assigned by Raigo, you can go back to the old version of Thriller Ruins. There will be a Portal where Raigo blocked in your very first trip there, so you can go to the new Thriller Ruins.

After quest Digimon

Sometimes after you complete a Species Quest, the Boss you defeat at the end appears as a wild Digimon. For example; after completing the "Flower Bulb" Quest, you can Find Cherrymon and RedVeggiemon in the Resistor Jungle. The following is a list of Digimon obtainable after quests.

Resistor Jungle: Cherrymon, RedVeggiemon
Loop Swamp: Musyamon, Blossomon (after the Tasty Water quest)
Thriller Ruins (New): Boltmon, Myotismon
Limit Valley: Apemon
Sunken Tunnel: Hookmon
Process Factory: RookChessmon
Access Glacier: Zudomon

Good Mega levels

These Digimon are recommended for the final Bosses: Ophanimon Core, Grimmon Core, and ExoGrimmon Core.

Alphamon: If you chose the Balance pack at the beginning of the game, then you will obtain a Clockmon. Clockmon then digivolves into Knightmon (also found in Sunshine City), which can digivolve into Alphamon. Note: This might contain a lot of degenerating.
MirageGaogamon: If you chose the Balance Pack at the beginning of the game, then you will obtain a MachGaogamon. MachGaogamon digivolves into MirageGaogamon or DotMirageGaogamon. Both of them are very strong Mega levels. Note: This might contain a lot of degenerating.
Pharaohmon: If you have Digiconverted a Mummymon, then raise it to level 50. Make it have 9,000 Dark and Holy Experience. Mummymon can be found in the New Thriller Ruins.
Lilithmon: If you have Digiconverted either a Pagumon or a Vilemon, get them to be a LadyDevimon and raise it to level 64. Its Spirit must be at least 300, and it must have 32,000 Dark experience.
VenomMyotismon: Note: This is the big Digimon you must fight in the Species Quest: Haunted House. You must do this with DemiDevimon. Once you have Digivolved it all the way to Myotismon, raise it to level 66 and have its Beast experience to 6,666.



When you talk to ChaosGallantmon about the Center Bridge in one of the cinematics, he says "Center Bridg" instead of "Bridge".


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