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Dino D-Day

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Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Dino D-Day". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

...the harder they fall.: Land the killing blow on a Styracosaur.
Achilles Meal: As the Raptor, finish eating a jackrabbit.
Adding Insult to Injury: As Microraptor, kill an enemy with your claws after spitting in their face.
Avenge me!: Score a pterosaur kill after you've died.
Bad Hare Day: Kill two raptors with the same rabbit.
Bad Medicine: Score 7 kills in a single life using the MP-44.
Bandage a Trois: As Camille, heal yourself and three others with a thrown healthkit.
Bite the Hand that Feeds You: Kill a developer in online play.
Cap'd: Headshot an enemy that is capturing a point.
Clever Girl: As a Raptor, kill Ilona after she's deployed a rabbit.
Cloudy with a chance of Death!: As Joe, get 3 kills with a single artillery strike.
Combat Vet(erinarian): As von Graff, heal a dinosaur teammate.
Combo Meal: As T-Rex, eat 3 enemy players in one life.
Divine Wind: Use a pterosaur to kill an enemy capturing a point.
Exercise your options: Kill an enemy with an alternate weapon.
Frankenhurter: As Jakob, use your fists to kill two enemies in a single life.
French Persistence: Score 7 kills in a single life with the Sten gun.
German Efficiency: As Hissman kill two enemies with two consecutive bullets.
Give 'Em the Bird: Make your first kill as the Microraptor.
Griefosaurus: Pounce the same player twice in one life.
Griefosaurus Rex: Pounce 5 different enemy players in the same life.
He who controls the points...: Be on the winning team in a Capture Point game.
Helmet Trick: Kill 3 Hardgraves in one life.
Hock a Luger: As Microraptor, hit an enemy in the head with your poison spit.
Horned Devil: As the Stygimoloch, kill 7 enemies with your MG34.
I choose you!: Equip an alternate weapon.
I regret nothing!: As the Compy, kill an enemy with a suicide detonation.
Is this a bad time?: As the Compy, kill an enemy that is capturing a point.
It ain't easy being greasy...: As Joe, get 7 kills in one life with the grease gun.
It DOES burn when you pee!: As Nigel, burn a dinosaur that is peeing.
It's the Rapture!: Capture a point with only raptors.
Keep Calm and Carry One: Score a kill with every PIAT round in a single life.
Kiss the Cook: As Microraptor, spit in Nigel's face while you are on fire.
More like "Stompson": Score 7 kills in a single life with the thompson smg.
Mourning Breath: As T-Rex, knock 3 enemies down with one roar.
Nazis...I hate these guys.: Kill one of each Nazi class in the same life.
Open BAR, dude: Score 7 kills in a single life with the BAR.
Operation Torch: As Nigel, kill 7 enemies with the Flamethrower in a single life.
Out, but not down: Kill an enemy with a melee attack while out of bullets.
Paint the town red: Kill an enemy player by throwing him into a wall.
Paint the Town Yellow: Pee on a downed enemy, then kill them.
Party Fowl: Capture a two-man control point with Microraptors.
Primal Purge: As T-Rex, get 7 MG kills in one life.
Pull!: Shoot and kill a leaping raptor.
Reich Rolled: As Axis, get the Styracosaur to his goal without taking any damage.
Rest for the Unwary: Use a pterosaur to kill 3 or more enemies simultaneously.
Santa's Little Helper: Collect all of Santa's lost presents in a single round.
Snack Attack: As T-Rex, eat an enemy player.
Sneaky Snacker: Finish eating 3 jackrabbits in the same life.
Spit Us Out The Bomb: As T-Rex, kill an enemy player with a 500lb bomb.
Star Spangled Hammer: Get five fist-kills in Berserk mode.
Stricken by the Streicher: Score 7 kills in a single life using the MP-40.
Struck by the Streicher: Score 7 kills in a single life using the k98.
Thankskilling: As the Microraptor, kill 7 enemies in a single life.
THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!: In Hardgrave's berserk mode, punch a T-Rex to death.
That's just Garand: Score 7 kills in a single life with the M1 Garand.
The bigger they are...: Land the killing blow on a T-Rex.
There's no 'I' in plane: Help capture the Ju-52 in Troina.
This is my BOOM stick(y)!: As Joe, kill an enemy with your sticky bomb.
Threepeat: As the Compy, kill three enemies with one suicide detonation.
ThrOWNAGE: Score a double-kill with a bite victim.
Tonight, you dine in Hell!: Kill a raptor while she's feeding.
Trigger Time: As Trigger, kill 7 enemies with your .30 cal.
Turkey Dinner: As Nigel, kill a Microraptor with your flamethrower.
Two for One Special: As the Compy, kill two enemies with one suicide detonation.
Uz Prieksu!: Score 7 kills in a single life with the Mosin-Nagant.
Wall Art: As the Microraptor, kill an enemy while clinging to the wall.
What's gonna happen to the goat?: Use a goat to kill an enemy player.


Easy "Let's Ragnaroooooook!" and "Star Spangled Hammer" achievements

To enter Berserk mode, get three kills. The Berserk meter at bottom right, marked with a flag and a fist. Press E to become Berserk. In this mode, you can only use melee attacks but get high defenses and attack damage. If possible, lower the respawn time with the mp_respawntime 0 and mp_respawnwavetime 0 command. If starting Berserk mode around an enemy base, you should be able to get two kills per Berserk.

Easy "Bandage a Trois" achievement

Using bots will not work. Join a normal server as a medic and repeatedly use medkits.

Easy "Bite the Hand that Feeds You" achievement

Kill any player who already has earned "Bite the Hand that Feeds You".

Easy "Combat Vet(erinarian)" achievement

Hold the Right Mouse Button (or equivalent bound key) on a dinosaur teammate to heal them.

Easy "Paint the Town Yellow" achieveemnt

Play as a Dilophosaur, Stygimoloch, or Trigger. Sprint at an enemy and press the Right Mouse Button to execute a type of headbutt. When the enemy is knocked down, press F to urinate on it. Then, melee or shoot to kill it.
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Easy "Reich Rolled" achievement

Start a game with bots with the following settings: Map "Fortress"; game mode "Objective"; number of bots 5 to 10; and bot difficulty "Dinomon". Wait until the enemy captures both points (do not shoot). After a few seconds you will be respawn as Styracosaur. Move to the goal that appears on the map and try not to hurt any enemies.

Easy "The Silence of the Lambs" achievement

Shoot a goat that has been thrown at yourself or a teammate.

Easy "Wall Art" achievement

To cling to the wall as the Microraptor, jump towards it and hold [Crouch]. You will remain there as long as [Crouch] is held, without expending stamina. However, you can only use melee attacks. Enemies will have to get close in order to be killed. Do this at a blind corner to get victims easier.