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Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Select "Multiplayer" (third option) at the main menu. At the "Multiplayer" menu, select the third option (Friend Card Settings) then the second option to enter the "Friend Card Edit" menu. Clear all the text and enter one of the following codes, using the second English character set by pressing Select three times. Exit the lobby to activate the corresponding cheat function.


Ghost North America Europe Japan
Auron 1298228499 3370559603 AK6ATR7ECD8N
Ahriman 1191170358 265961476 MAPE5REPE4T5
Bash 7140337848 895419387 LAXBU6GRA4U
Behemoth 827669534 951317857 PASS3SU433KA
Cait Sith 5237017057 6043817259 P2KET4DTCW6
Death Machine 651738986 947432766 CH4D9EN3A3TE3
Fusuya 29432971 29712943 SF5AUS5WUJ39Y
Gilgamash 33906088 2209321074 GU3RK3UG4AMP
Laguna 25315075 551219378
Matoya 3939258263 184916360 M8ATK2TCPAYA
Ming-Wu 2015944102 3737946622 MR3ZNNGXU72P
Ninja 2748173856 4649011483 H4NA53NJRE9
Omega 812417748 168219487 6C6M6E6G6A6
Red Wing Ace 228451809 402756270 6A3K2A538TS
Seifer 6764925796 2647632918 SME4SA39SFAH
Shantotto 4797837576 449561760 469J3ELEVENWS
Siegfried 20151231 2549612772 FGR3ET5KKJC
Steiner 473897101 956327204 A3NASX6UXT7
Ultros (Oltoross) 2193355016 284892375 8TA9CQQTAC
Vivi 3784227940 702718560 VTS3RAPLVKE3
Wakka 49326576 352988563 WRKA3KUMKRA
Yuffie 8672142937 480037742 PASS3CH3GC45

Player icons

Icon North America Europe Japan
Chocobo 582052436 6294236172 SCHKJKDB3CH6C
Final Fantasy Agito 13 3881459361 932310371 7TY2AE6KLUL8
Final Fantasy Agito 13 4460725253 3141539392 TCAMABR3ADTQ
Final Fantasy Versus 13 4273120192 298185897 HEEBANRLTGS
Final Fantasy Versus 13 361855216 552041696 NGAA3NMB3URGR
Final Fantasy 13 5632121231 410592653 28C7KMT23M48
Final Fantasy 13 589786789 386177490 HK4A3ST6HA3S4
Moogle 134103103 8462693120 HMM48AC4JH3


Recipe North America Europe Japan
Aquarius 3927540667 389427509 MZCC3H38ZTUK
Aries 6798067239 279568689 33MKERDTA2AK
Cancer 1125877315 5723910337 SSAYECXK4CY6
Capricorn 870322642 619927495 UC5H3J46F3MZA
Gemini 1137250106 433835656 H3CSH3SDA3YUN
Leo 2367933714 275067928 HA3SESGAH3W3A
Libra 901104871 378921967 TGALKCAWTNA
Pisces 531062973 158122748 QTAK5UWATGA
Sagittarius 884911049 916483658 UC6H3M3778CH3
Scorpio 6535897932 375925725 H336DETYA23X
Taurus 897651643 4307934078 KRCYGU7RJ8E3
Virgo 93702898 273617924 ECTLMCCW3NMC

Golden Friend Card

Enter T1A9K7E5S0H6I1A9R0A8K1A2W1A8@SQUARE-ENIX as a password.


Duel Colosseum

 North America  Complete Shade Impulse Chapter 4.
 Japan  Successfully complete Story mode.

Duel Colosseum courses

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding course for purchase in the PP Catalog. The courses have opponents at levels 100 to 150.

Blackjack : Complete Inward Chaos.
Lunar Whale: Complete Shade Impulse Chapter 4.

Story mode bonuses

 North America  Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mode in Story mode.

Distant Glory (Hero mode): Complete Shade Impulse mode and five characters' Destiny Odyssey.
Distant Glory (Villain mode): Complete Shade Impulse mode and all characters' character's Destiny Odyssey.
Inward Chaos: Complete Shade Impulse mode and all characters' Destiny Odyssey.
Shade Impulse: Complete a character's Destiny Odyssey.

 Japan  Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mode in Story mode.

Distant Glory (Hero Mode): Complete Shade Impulse mode.
Distant Glory (Villain mode): Complete Shade Impulse mode.
Inward Chaos: Complete Shade Impulse mode.
Shade Impulse: Successfully complete all the Heroes' stories.

Bonus characters

Created by hc0halide.

Completing each character's destiny to unlock a new card with four more chapters. Defeat Chaos at the end to complete the storyline. Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

"The Emperor" Mateus: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Cloud of Darkness: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Exdeath: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Gabranth: Complete "Distant Glory", then purchase for 1,000 PP at the shop.
Garland: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Golbez: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Jecht: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Kefka: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Kuja: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Sephiroth: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.
Shantotto: Complete "Distant Glory", then purchase for 1,000 PP at the shop.
Ultimecia: Available for purchase for 500 PP at the shop.

Bonus battle music

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding battle music for purchase for 500 PP.

Final Fantasy "Town Theme": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 2 "Rebel Army": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 3 "Crystal Tower": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 4 "Red Wings": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 5 "The Decisive Battle": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 6 "Dancing Mad": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 7 "Bombing Mission": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 8 "Man With The Machine Gun": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 9 "Dark Messenger": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 10 "Fight With Seymour": Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse.
Final Fantasy 11 "Awakening": Complete "Distant Glory Hero".
Final Fantasy 12 "Fight To The Death": Complete "Distant Glory Villain".

Secret Epilogue

  • Unlock all Cosmos Reports and Chaos Reports. Note: To unlock Cosmos Reports complete Shade Impulse Chapter 4 with all Cosmos characters except for Shantotto. To unlock the Chaos Reports, use every Chaos character except for Gabranth in the Duel Colosseum and have them each defeat a Boss car belonging their Cosmos counterpart. You will then unlock Secret Epilogue Scene #222.
  • Alternately, spend 10,000 PP to purchase the "Unlock All Cutscenes" item from the PP Catalog.

Fight against Chaos in Quick Battle mode

Defeat Chaos in Shade Impulse then purchase him in the PP catalog.

Battle replays

Successfully complete two Destiny Odyssey stories. Then, press Square after a battle to replay it.

Museum option

Successfully complete two Destiny Odyssey stories.

Theater option

Successfully complete any Story mode.


Defeating Chaos

  • Use the following trick to defeat Chaos in the final bonus chapter. You must be at least level 100. Before entering the battle, make sure that you have accessories that grant bonuses most of the time (in danger of losing are extremely effective), and at least 30% boost to attacks and 5% to defense. A Phoenix Down is also recommended. Equip the summon "Magic Pot" (auto or manual). In abilities, make sure you have an attack that covers long distance and short distance in the air. Ground does not matter, but you should have at least one close range attack. Also make sure you have "Exp To Health", "Riposte", "Counter Attack", "First Strike" (recommended). Optimize equipment if you have not already done so, but it does not matter all too much. Make sure you can avoid any and all health attacks. Timing is crucial in all of them; most of them being easy to avoid. "Divine Judgement" should be dodged slightly earlier to give you time to launch a health attack. As soon as the battle starts, move to the top of the battlefield via dodging and jumping. Once up there, Chaos should only use Divine Judgment and close range attacks. When he charges you to use the close range attacks, block and pummel him with a brave attack that launches him away from you, but not into a wall. Downward works best as he will repeat his charge. Block the charge, and repeat. Break him once, then block his charge, perform a health attack, then refill Bravery for the first kill. Repeat this for his second form. However, be aware that he now uses summons and annoying teleportation attacks. In spite of this, with a little luck you should be able to copy the earlier technique without using your summon. The third form is very annoying. He will pound you with Bravery attacks. The other technique will not work, as he now teleports to do close range attacks 80% of the time. If he pummels you to 9999 Bravery, you are pretty much done. Health attack to stop your almost guaranteed break, then perform Mimic using your summon. For the last hit, wait until he uses his Oblivion-Beam-Of-Doom or Divine Judgment. If you are skilled with your timing and dodging, blast him and you are done. Note: This was done with Squall with Aerial Circle and Rough Divide in the air and Fate Circle on the ground with all the previous mentioned abilities. Brave attacks do not really matter (using only two of then; one that launches the enemies straight down in one hit and the other with rapid fire straight down - ground bravery attacks were useless). With Rough Divide, you can stop Chaos' Oblivion attack, and Aerial Circle for Divine Judgment. Any other attacks you just have to dodge.
  • Before you fight him, make a Valor Resin (Initial Brave +200%), an Arcane Resin (Initial Ex Force 100%) and two Valor Incense (Initial Brave +100%). These will break if you lose, but will last all three battles. The Valor Resin will multiply your Initial Brave by 5x). Set Alexander as your summon and activate it in the third round. Also go into Ex mode after you activate it. Land your HP attack and EX Burst and he will never get a chance to use Utter Chaos.

Easy AP

If you are using a low level character, equip a Beckoning Cat (AP +100%, PP +20%, Gil +50%), three Diamond pieces of equipment (for example, Diamond Sword+, Diamond Armor+, and Diamond Shield+). This gives you another AP +100%. Purchase a large number of Diamond Rings (AP +300%, Breakability 100%). Equip one of them. Then using all of that equipment, fight a level 100 Exdeath on a day you will get an AP bonus (such as your bonus day). Make getting the AP chance your priority. You should score about 36 AP per fight. If you are confident, use the same equipment/accessory setup as above, only substitute the level 100 Exdeath for a level 50 Chaos. The AP chance will be the same for all three fights (you can get it three times). If successful, you should score about 108 AP.

Easy PP

On a day where you get a PP bonus, equip a Beckoning Cat (PP +20%) on to a high level (80 to 100) character. Go to Duel Coliseum Falcon or Invincible Course. Take one Black Mage (increases secret bonus battles), one Ranger (increases value of awarded medals), and, for insurance, one White Mage (restore HP to full after every battle). Using the x2 medals you get from the bonus battles (the ones marked "?"), you should be able to swiftly build up to 999 medals. Once at that point, use the Exit Card and cash in your PP. In the Falcon Course you will get 2 PP per medal, and in the Invincible Course you will get 3 PP per medal. This in addition to the 48 PP per fight will result in you getting thousands of PP rapidly.

Purchasing Adamantite

Adamantite is a very rare trading item used to make Adamantite Armor and weapons that, when three are equipped, grant a large bonus. There are only three ways of receiving it: through story mode (only two pieces possible), a very rare drop in Duel Colleseum, and by finding a "Pink Tail". Pink Tails can only be found in the "Lunar Whale" Duel Colleseum and is rare. It costs 56 medals to buy. In order to find it, raise card luck as high as possible, have the "Thief" ability card, and just keep battling opponents. Once you find one, Adamantite should be unlocked in the store, costing 2000G and one Pink Tail.

Easy experience

  • Get a Chocobo Wing, Chocobo Feather, and Chocobo Down a day. When you get the experience bonus icon, fight until your Chocobo says you will get 5x experience in the next battle. Take the character you want to level and equip them with the Chocobo Feather, Chocobo Wing and Chocobo Down and set Alexander (the manual control version) as your summon. Go to Quick Battle and fight a level 100 Exdeath. Set you ruleset as Chaos Judgment doing nothing for the battle but landing HP attacks. For most of the battle then when he is within one hit kill range, try to land ranged Brave attacks on him until your Brave is at 9999. While doing all if this, do not forget to get Ex Cores. When you have max Brave and a full gauge, activate Alexander and Ex mode. Land one more Hp attack and your Ex Burst. If successful, you should jump somewhere between 7 and 25 levels in a single battle.
  • Fight against an Exdeath with its stats at maxiumum. Equip your character with Magic Pot and an HP attack that can execute faster than his Almagest attack. Note: Jehct and Ultimecia have HP attacks all require charge time. A level 100 Exdeath will teleport. This can be easily countered, and the only HP attacks it will use are Almagest, Delta Ray, and Grand Cross which can be avoided easilty. Have Exdeath break you until his bravery reaches 9,999 damage points, then use Magic Pot. Note: It only activates when your character is not in Break mode. Once your character has 9,999 break points, defeat Exdeath while he uses Almagest or by blocking his teleporting ability and countering. If done correctly, your character will gain at least 100,000 experience points (over 300,000 on bonus days).

Easy wins

Use Ultimecia and topple opponents with her Great Attractor attack. Once it is formed into an orb, bump into your opponent with it. This will force them to stagger and become stunned. Immediately release the orb for a sure hit. Note: CP opponents will not attack you once the ball is completely formed.

Avoid losing points when repeating battles

Quicksave the game before a battle. After returning to the main menu, resume the game to start the battle. If you lose, select the "Quit" option, then reload the quicksave to try again.

Never-ending Bonus Day

Keep setting the system time to 12:01 a.m. of the date of the Bonus Day.

Never-ending multiplier

Get your Chocobo to where it reads "5x", then get into a fight. At the end of the fight, instead of selecting an option press Home and return to the home menu. Restart your game. Any levels gained and items battlegend/dropped will be kept, but you will not lose your multiplier.


North American version walkthrough

Japanese version walkthrough


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