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Doom (1993 PC)

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This is the 1993 game by iD Software, not to be confused with the 2016 game Doom by iD Software.

Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Also, some codes are abbreviations of a phrase.

Effect Code Abbreviation of
Invincibility iddqd Delta Q Delta
All weapons, keys, ammo, and 200% armor idkfa Keys and Full Ammo
Berserker strength idbeholds All related codes form the phrase "Behold" followed by "RIVALS".
Temporary invincibility idbeholdv All related codes form the phrase "Behold" followed by "RIVALS".
Temporary invisibility idbeholdi All related codes form the phrase "Behold" followed by "RIVALS".
Full automap idbeholda All related codes form the phrase "Behold" followed by "RIVALS".
Anti-radiation suit idbeholdr All related codes form the phrase "Behold" followed by "RIVALS".
Light amplification visor idbeholdl All related codes form the phrase "Behold" followed by "RIVALS".
Walk through walls idspispopd, idclip, or iclip Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris
Chainsaw idchoppers Choppers is a State Programming Contest game that Guy Maor helped write
Level select idclev<episode number><map number>
Toggle full map; full map and objects; normal map iddt Dave Taylor
Display coordinates and heading idmypos
Change music to indicated level idmus<level number>

, , , , , , , and

Cheat mode (command line)

Start the game with the doom -devparm <command line parameter> command line to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The parameters marked with an asterisk (*) do not require -devparm in the command line. Most of these parameters can be mixed and matched to create different effects. For example, start the game with the doom -devparm -wart 1 8 -record demo01 -respawn command line would record a demo on episode one, level eight, with monster respawn. Finally, press [F1] during development mode for a 256 color screenshot in .PCX format.

Effect Command line parameter
Read in a command line parameter file @<filename>
Activates DeathMatch v2.0 (v1.4 and above) -altdeath
End the game after twenty minutes -avg
Uses C:\DOOMDATA directory for data -cdrom
Internal development, texture mapping -comdev
Read an alternate configuration file* -config <file name>
Start NetDoom in Deathmatch mode* -deathmatch
Dump debug info to debug<name>.txt -debugfile <name>
Developers mode -devparm
Start at indicated episode* -episode <1-3>
Uses original GUS instrument mapping -GUS
Uses new GUS instrument mapping (default) -GUS1
Nightmare mode without respawn* -fast
Use external PWAD file* -file <.wad filename>
Set up a network terminal for the "left view"* -left
Starts from indicated saved game* -loadgame <0-5>
Set maximum size of LMP recording* -maxdemo
Starts NetDoom with indicated player amount* -nodes <1-4>
Internal bugging switch -noblit
Internal bugging switch -nodraw
Disable the joystick -nojoy
No monsters* -nomonsters
Disable the mouse -nomouse
Disable background music -nomusic
Disable sound effects -nosfx
Disable sound -nosound
Enable stereo music through OPL-3 on PAS16 -opl3
Enable phase shifting on PAS16 -phase
Play back recorded demo* -playdemo <filename without .LMP>
Record demo until you finish or die* -record <filename without .LMP>
Record a demo from saved game* -recordfrom <0-5> <filename>
Internal development, texture mapping -regdev
Enemies respawn in non-Nightmare* -respawn
Set up a network terminal for "right view"* -right
Internal development, texture mapping -shdev
Start at indicated skill level* -skill <1-5>
Calculates number of times screen is redrawn during a demo -timedemo <filename without .LMP>
Increases the speed of the marine -turbo <1-255>
Warp to episode (1-3) level (1-9) -warp <1-3> <1-9>
Load PWAD named ExMy.wad -wart <1-3> <1-9>
Unknown -statcopy
Unknown -control

Please submit more details about the unknown information.




Using sounds to find monsters

  • Listen for weird sounds, like somebody breathing very hard during the game. Those sounds are the brown monsters that throw fireballs. When the sounds stop, that means you have killed them all. However, there still may be normal enemies with guns and shotguns or pig monsters.
  • The snorting sounds in the game are coming from the pigs. Once the sounds stop, that means you have killed all the pigs.

Nightmare mode

Cheat codes cannot be used in nightmare mode. It is just like the regular game, except the monsters are stronger and harder to kill. Enemies will keep appearing non-stop on each level -- you have to try and get to the end before more appear.


The descriptions of the various enemies in the game are as follows.

  • Former Soldiers: They resemble your old friends, but now they just fire pistols at you. They drop clips for the chaingun and pistol when killed.
  • Former Sergeants: Meaner and tougher. They carry shotguns and do more damage then soldiers. They drop shotguns when killed.
  • Imp: This creature throws fireballs and takes more bullets to kill.
  • Demon: Appear in most areas and can rip your head off if you are not careful. If you see more of them, use the chaingun.
  • Cacodemon: These creatures are ugly and have one big mouth. If they see you, they will fire lightning balls from their mouth. Use your rockets.
  • Mancubus: You have to use more then a chaingun to kill them. Use ammo with caution.
  • Arachnotron: Fires plasma energy at you. Use your rifle.
  • Spider Demon: The ultimate enemy. Has a super chaingun mounted on her body. Use your plasma rifle or rocket launcher.

Enemies attack each other

Enemies of different types do not have much respect for each other. If they accidentally shoot each other, they will turn on each other. If you have very little ammunition or health, this can be used to your advantage. Enemies of the same type (with the exception of any Former Human and Lost Souls) will not attack each other.

Level 2: Secret room

Go to the dark section inside the red door area. Punch the wall behind the green armor at the back of the dark area. This will lead into a secret section.

Run faster

While running keep touching a wall to move faster.


Malfunctioning code

Enter idbehold as a code. A list of words will appear at the top of the screen. It makes you invisible, can see in dark places, but does not make you invulnerable to enemy attacks or have other effects as it states.

Death on stairs

Kill an enemy while he is on the side of the stairs. The enemy will die, but will be floating on the side of the stairs. If you kill an enemy at the top of the steps, the enemy should dead but fall down the steps.

Living death

Allow an enemy to kill you. Once you have a bloody face and you are on the ground, enable the "God mode" code. Your character will come alive again, but will not be able to change guns, move, or shoot.


Strategy: by Aardvark

Strategy: by Hank Leukart

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