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Doom 3: BFG Edition (Xbox 360)

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Cabinet and storage room combinations

Use the indicated combination to open the corresponding cabinet or storage room.

Cabinet 001: 396
Cabinet 003: 483
Cabinet 009: 752
Cabinet 013: 586
Cabinet 017: 347
Cabinet 023: 531
Cabinet 038: 409
Cabinet 039: 102
Cabinet 047: 123
Cabinet 048: 123
Cabinet 049: 123
Cabinet 054: 246
Cabinet 054 (second): 142
Cabinet 054 (third): 631
Cabinet 063: 972
Cabinet 064: 651
Cabinet 071: 532
Cabinet 078: 364
Cabinet 079: 364
Cabinet 103: 259
Cabinet 104: 579
Cabinet 108: 847
Cabinet 112: 538
Cabinet 114: 715
Cabinet 116: 972
Cabinet 116 (second): 624
Cabinet 117: 624
Cabinet 213: 371
Cabinet 215: 298
Cabinet 317: 841
Cabinet 386: 836
Cabinet 387: 836
Cabinet 452: 571
Cabinet 666: 372
Cabinet 669: 468
Cabinet 965: 428
Cabinet 21D: 298
Martian Buddies 1 and 2: 0508
Weapons Storage 1 and 2: 584
Plasma Storage Room: 734
Double-Barrel Case: 731


Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (PlayStation3)


Easy "All of Us" achievement or trophy

In the final level, after opening the wall, you will have to follow hallways until reaching the Cyberdemon. Remain on your left at all times during this time to find the secret room. The room is located just before meeting the Boss. That room contains the last PDA, with words from the iD developers.

Easy "Big Boy" achievement or trophy

When your Soul Cube is activated, use it on the Cyberdemon. Imps and Maggots will also spawn from the center of the room, allowing the weapon to be refilled. Avoid the rockets from the Boss. Consider running around the center.

Easy "Bot Buddy" achievement or trophy

To keep a sentry bot alive, play under the Recruit difficulty setting. Kill enemies before they attack your sentry bot. Sentry bots can be found during the following levels.

  • Doom 3 "EnPro Plant, Communications", where you can take a new one if your buddy is destroyed.
  • RoE "Erebus - Level 6, Phobos Labs - Sector 3"
  • The Lost Mission "Underground - Sector 2"

Easy "Cookie Stealer" achievement or trophy

The Guardian is located at the end of the "Hell" level. Start by taking down the light seekers that are flying around. The Guardian is blind and uses them to locate you. Afterwards, his back will open and an orb will leave it. Shoot it with everything you have. Do this at least three times to defeat The Guardian.
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Easy "Gimme Power!" achievement or trophy

The Berserk Hunter is found at the end of "Erebus - Level 6". He can only be damaged when his chest opens to expose his heart. Use the artifact to slow time and shoot it. You can reload your hellish weapon with the bodies in the area, if the Hunter did not make them disappear. When you cannot do anything else, run and wait until an opening occurs. This must be done at least three times to defeat him.

Easy "Gimme Time!" achievement or trophy

The Helltime Hunter is found in "Erebus - Level 2". To defeat him, use the IPL to grab the orbs fired by the Martian turrets then send them on the Hunter while he is in front of the portal. He will also moving around until he is close enough to attack you. Make sure to escape those attempts. You will also have to avoid the plasma balls he throws at you. Do not shoot him with your weapons, as they will have no effect.

Easy "Ninja Killer" achievement or trophy

Invisibility spawn on the "Frag Chamber" map immediately after using the Reactor trap. Note: You only need five kills with one use.

Easy "Not a Scratch" achievement

Consider trying this on "Delta Labs 4" because it is a short level with no hitscan enemies, only two chainsaw zombies and two Barons of Hell. You can kill the barons with one hit from a fully-charged BFG.

Easy "Ready for Action!" achievement or trophy

Save the scientist stuck in the reactor room in "Alpha Labs - Level 4". He will open a room full of items and Abrams's PDA (the Security Chief in Delta). You will find the code for his office on the PDA. Once in Delta 2a, move the crates to reach a ledge to arrive in a hallway with the famous office. Enter the code then go to the wall and activate the panel to open the display case with the BFG-9000. Note: Abrams says that his code is "901" but security answers that include "0" are prohibited, so they replaced it with a "3".

Easy "Shocking!" achievement or trophy

The Invulnerability Hunter can be found in Phobos Labs - Sector 2. To defeat him, grab the orbs he throws at you with the Grabber. Send them back at him to hurt him. If you are upstairs, you cannot be injured by his shockwave attack, however, you will have less room to move. He will eventually recharge himself with all the lighting arcs. During this time, open the remaining tubes. Run for the one with a green panel, then open it by activating it. Use powerful weapons to destroy its interior. Do this three times on the number of remaining tubes. Afterwards, the Hunter will be defeated and transfer the Invulnerability into the artifact.

Easy "You Laugh, It Works" achievement or trophy

Before entering the main portal chamber, notice the skeleton in the corner. Approach it and use your flashlight to see the message "You Laugh, It works" written in blood next to him.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

DOOMed Recruit (5 points): Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Recruit.
DOOMed Marine (10 points): Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Marine.
DOOMed Veteran (15 points): Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Veteran.
DOOMed Nightmare (20 points): Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Nightmare.
DOOMed Collector (15 points): Collect every PDA in DOOM 3.
I Like to Watch (15 points): Find all video logs in DOOM 3.
That was Close! (15 points): Kill an enemy with 1 health remaining in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission.
Goody Finder (15 points): Open all storage lockers in DOOM 3.
Unarmed Badass (10 points): Kill 20 enemies with the fists/melee hands in DOOM 3.
To Be or Not to Be (5 points): Kill the scientist trapped next to the Reactor Control Room in DOOM 3.
Double the Fun! (10 points): Kill 2 Imps with one shotgun blast in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission.
Killing time (5 points): Score 25000 on Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 in DOOM 3 or RoE.
Boomtastic (10 points): Blow up 50 barrels in the DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission campaigns.
Ready for Action! (10 points): Get the BFG-9000 from Security Chief's office in DOOM 3.
Not a Scratch (20 points): Complete a level without taking any damage in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission (except Mars City).
RAGE (10 points): Find the RAGE logo in the Lost Mission.
Speed Run (20 points): Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign in 10 hours or less.
Sticky Situation (15 points): Defeat the Vagary boss in DOOM 3.
Cookie Stealer (15 points): Defeat Guardian boss in DOOM 3.
You're Not My Boss! (15 points): Defeat Sabaoth boss in DOOM 3.
Big Boy (15 points): Defeat Cyberdemon boss in DOOM 3.
Bot Buddy (10 points): Keep a Sentry Bot alive to its destination in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission (except Mars City).
Ripped! (10 points): Use the chainsaw to kill 20 enemies in DOOM 3.
All of Us (10 points): Find the id logo secret room in DOOM 3.
You Laugh, It Works (5 points): Find the bloody handiwork of Betruger (in Delta 4 Hallway) in DOOM 3.
Turncoat (10 points): Get 2 demons to fight each other in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission.
Soulfood (10 points): Use the Soul Cube to defeat 20 enemies in DOOM 3.
Evil Recruit (5 points): Complete the RoE campaign on Recruit.
Evil Marine (10 points): Complete the RoE campaign on Marine.
Evil Veteran (15 points): Complete the RoE campaign on Veteran.
Evil Nightmare (20 points): Complete the RoE campaign on Nightmare.
Evil Collector (10 points): Collect every PDA in the RoE campaign. (Video)
Too Slow, Fool! (10 points): Kill 5 enemies at once while in Hell Time in RoE.
Gimme Time! (15 points): Defeat the Helltime Hunter in RoE.
Gimme Power! (15 points): Defeat the Berserk Hunter in RoE.
Shocking! (15 points): Defeat the Invulnerability Hunter in RoE.
Eat This! (15 points): Defeat the Maledict boss in RoE.
Play Catch (10 points): Kill 20 enemies with projectiles launched from the Grabber in RoE.
Fists of Fury (10 points): Use the Artifact with Berserk ability to punch out 20 enemies in RoE.
Lost Recruit (5 points): Complete the Lost Mission campaign on Recruit.
Lost Marine (10 points): Complete the Lost Mission campaign on Marine.
Lost Veteran (15 points): Complete the Lost Mission campaign on Veteran.
Lost Nightmare (20 points): Complete the Lost Mission campaign on Nightmare.
Lost Collector (10 points): Collect every PDA in the Lost Mission campaign. (Video)
Telefragged! (10 points): Kill an enemy player by jumping into a teleporter after them in DOOM 3 Multiplayer.
Crushed! (10 points): Catch an enemy player in the Reactor of Frag Chamber in DOOM 3 Multiplayer.
Ninja Killer (10 points): Kill 5 enemy players while using Invisibility in DOOM 3 Multiplayer.
Clean Sheet (15 points): Complete a DOOM 3 Multiplayer match without dying.
Berserked! (10 points): Use Berserk to kill a player in DOOM 3 Multiplayer.
2 Deaths - 1 Gun (10 points): Kill two enemies in the same room with a rocket in DOOM 3 Multiplayer.