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Cabinet and storage room combinations

Use one of the following combinations to unlock the corresponding cabinet or area.
, , and .

Cabinet 001: 396
Cabinet 003: 483
Cabinet 009: 752
Cabinet 013: 586
Cabinet 017: 347
Cabinet 023: 531
Cabinet 038: 409
Cabinet 039: 102
Cabinet 047: 123
Cabinet 048: 123
Cabinet 049: 123
Cabinet 054: 246
Cabinet 054 (second): 142
Cabinet 063: 972
Cabinet 064: 651
Cabinet 078: 364
Cabinet 079: 364
Cabinet 103: 259
Cabinet 104: 579
Cabinet 112: 538
Cabinet 114: 715
Cabinet 116: 972
Cabinet 116 (second): 624
Cabinet 117: 624
Cabinet 213: 371
Cabinet 215: 298
Cabinet 317: 841
Cabinet 386: 836
Cabinet 387: 836
Cabinet 452: 571
Cabinet 666: 372
Cabinet 669: 468
Cabinet 21D: 298
Martian Buddies 1 and 2: 0508
Weapons Storage 1 and 2: 584
Plasma Storage Room: 734

Nightmare difficulty setting

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting.

View credits

Go to the Excavation Site level (final map) and get just before you enter the halls of Cyber-Satan. Walk to the left in the lower dungeons just before you reach the location where the wall breaks open and the intermission sequence of you discovering the final Boss starts. You will reach a dead end. Crouch and face the wall of the dead end. Look directly above the floor under a few protruding bricks to see the iD logo in the stone wall. Place your cross-hair on it. The same sound played when you use a computer will be heard. Click the iD logo. The brick it on will push into the wall with a scratching sound. A new path to your left will appear. Follow it to find a chamber lit by red light that has a huge horned skull on the back wall. Below the skull is a bloody pentagram with a PDA positioned in the center. Download the data from the iD PDA into your own to read. You will find e-mails from the game developers. This PDA also has security clearance to all levels.
aaesdftt eh, n tbr lnmrfhlar

Secret web site and code

When you get Alan Dorweiler's PDA file, highlight his name then check his e-mails. You will notice the last one is a link. Read the e-mail and you will see a link to You can get a secret code (0508) to try on one of their promotional cabinets from the web site.

Multi-player information

During multi-player mode, you can enter the console window to see if anybody tried to join. It will also show you if anybody was rejected due to an invalid password.

Defeating the final Boss

When you each the end Boss, do not bother wasting your ammunition on him. Just stay away from him. Kill the Imps and other demons and use the Soul Cube on him. If you are play in co-op mode, shoot him. Use the Soul Cube on him about five or six times. On the last time you will see an intermission sequence of him dying.

Defeating Archs

In the "Security Monitoring" area, there are several enemies including Archvilles and they bring Cherubs to kill you. Run to the door at the far right and stay on the "blocks". The enemies will not attack you (life and armor are full and the Arch keep walking without attacking). You can now take out your chain saw (to save bullets) and use it to kill the Achs and Cherubs. (Screenshot)

Defeating the Guardian Of The Soul Cube

  • When fighting the Guardian Of The Soul Cube in hell, do not bother shooting his body. This is a waste of precious ammunition. Instead, blast his "searchers" with something with good coverage like the chaingun, and he will have to spawn more. When he does, a blue light will appear over his body. Shoot it with the rocket launcher. Do this a few times and he will die easily. Also, look in the room around the columns for ammunition, health, etc.
  • When you are fighting the Guardian boss at the end of Hell, make sure you save some rocket launcher ammunition and at least four BFG cells. Note: When you kill the Guardian you will lose all of your ammunition and guns -- there is no point of holding back and trying to save ammunition. When you first see the Guardian, use the rocket launcher to destroy all of its Seekers. As soon as you kill the last one, charge up the BFG until four BFG cells are charged into one shot. Fire it at the blue light above the Guardian's head and it should die instantly. If done correctly, you can kill it within twenty seconds without losing any of your health.

Defeating Sabaoth

Note: A charged Soul Cube is required for this trick. As soon as you enter the room with Sabaoth, the door in front of you will open and he will say "Welcome to mess hall". Fire the five rockets and you might detonate the BFG shot that he fires. After firing the five rockets he will be very close to you. Stand still and fire your Soul Cube to defeat him. Note: This was done under the normal difficulty setting.

Defeating Sarge

  • Be prepared to die a few times. Beware of the edge of the room, as you can fall off. Also, do not hide behind the pillars for too long. They will open up and arc electricity periodically. When you walk into the room, a giant bay door at the opposite end of the room will open, revealing the "new and improved" Sarge. As soon as that door opens a crack, start lobbing rockets in there. After you score about six good hits without being splattered by his BFG, break out the Soul Cube (that you should have charged before entering the room) and let him have it. It should kill him and heal you. Pick up the armor and ammunition around the room before continuing.
  • Use the following trick to kill the new and improved Sarge much easier. The key is to use the chaingun. It will blow up his BFG bullets in his face. It will take about thirty seconds to kill him in this way, and you do not have to use the Soul Cube. There is is a video disc that you will get just before you fight him that explains the BFG, and says that small arms fire will blow up the chip in the ball of energy, making it explode instantly.

Defeating Imps

  • If the Imp is jumping at you, blast it while it is in the air with the shotgun to kill it in one shot. This is slightly difficult to time.
  • As soon as an Imp has thrown a fireball at you, strafe around it with your shotgun equipped. Get very close to the front of the Imp and blast it in the chest. About 95% of the time, the Imp will die.
  • When Imps shoot their energy ball at you, crouch underneath it and run at them. Then, pump them in the face with the shotgun.

Defeating demons

The best way to kill demons is to use the plasma gun. The plasma from the weapon can cancel the demon's plasma balls that are often thrown at you. Because the plasma gun is rapid fire, it will just keep firing until you release the trigger.

Defeating teleporting demons

When a demon teleports in (generally signaled by whisperings, a red tint throughout the screen, and always red lightning in the location where they will appear), you will have a split second before they are able to attack. Take a good weapon (for example, a shotgun or chainsaw for imps and wraiths) and stand close by. For powerful creatures, such as Pinkys, use a ranged weapon and stand at a safe distance. Remember to save the game often
Robert Essen.

Skip part of second level

On the second level wheb you are getting ready to go underground, once you get your pistol enable the noclip code. Go into the office and press the button facing the window. You should see a demon creep up the window and get attacked by a zombie. Once you kill him you can skip through the level by continuing on.

Saving ammunition

If you can avoid it, try not to use weapons like the shotgun or others that have difficult to find ammunition on the weaker zombies. The flashlight (if you are fast enough) or just the pistol usually will suffice.
Robert Essen.

Locker codes

The code for locker 216 and 217 is "624".

Airlock combination

During the Monorail level there will be a part where you will need a three digit code to fix the airlock to continue. Try the code "862".

Save scientist

In Delta Labs Level 3 South, almost as soon as you enter a room, you will see a zombie marine shooting a scientist. It is possible to save him using the Soul Cube in nightmare mode. Make sure you have the Soul Cube charged. As soon as you enter the room, use the Soul Cube on the marine. The scientist will be unharmed and run away. You must be very quick when you do, and it may require a few attempts.

Pumped up Soul Cube

After you acquire the Soul Cube, equip it and wait about one to two minutes. It will reveal its blades and spin for a very short time.

Locker 666 warning

When you find locker 666, do not open it. There is a monster in it, and nothing more.


At Chief M. Abram's office, the BFG is in the test chamber when you are there to retrieve the plasma inducer. You will see the BFG in a test chamber in a room that is locked. Enter 931 as the code to get the BFG.

Bathroom scare

After you have found the lost scientist and are returning to the main building, find your way back to the bathrooms. Stand in front of the mirror with your pistol then cycle through until your shotgun then get very close.

Punching bag

After defeating the spider Boss, go to southwest part of the area. There will be a dangling body that you can punch as many times desired.

Hidden message

Go to Delta Labs Sector 4. When you get to the room with the second chainsaw zombie, kill him, then face to the door that leads into the teleporter room. Look to the left. You will see a skeleton sitting in a corner. Hit it out of the corner and you should see a message written in black, reading "YOU LOUSY IT WORKS".

Classic Doom reference

  • When you get to Mars City, go to the kitchen. Look closely at the video game in the back to see a classic Doom screen while you punch the turkey.
  • In the last few levels are stone tablets that feature the original Doom cover.

Hidden text

Enable the noclip code near the start of the game when you receive the PDA from a man that then begins to work on a computer. With that cheat code enabled, you can move around to see what he is typing. Eventually he will type "I would also like to add that this new transfer is exceedingly rude. He has hovered over me reading everything I type. Stop it."


Made up items

Type give <anything>, where the item is anything that is not an item in the game. The window will say that the item is unknown, but it will say it is in your inventory. For example, type give poop and the game will display "Unknown stat "poop" added to player's inventory".

Skip introduction

Use the following trick to start the first actual level with full health, armor, and a shotgun. It will also skips the entire introduction sequence. Start a new game. Make a 180 degree turn and run forward. If done correctly, you should fall to your death. Select "Restart Level" and you will resume you at the beginning of Mars City.

Resurrection Of Evil


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