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Doritos Crash Course

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Easy "Roadrunner" achievement

Created by LegendK7ll3r.

Easy "That's Gotta Hurt" achievement

Created by LegendK7ll3r.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Tarzan (10 points): Swung from rope to rope 10 times in a row.
Frequent Flyer (15 points): Flew from fan to fan 20 times in a row.
Hopscotch (20 points): Bounced from trampoline to trampoline 12 times in a row.
That's Gotta Hurt (10 points): Got smashed by 3 hammers in a row.
Competitive Spirit (10 points): Beat a friend in an Xbox LIVE race.
Roadrunner (10 points): Run at top speed when you're about to wipe out.
Euro Star (20 points): Finished the Europe Levels.
I'm Big in Japan (20 points): Finished the Japan Levels.
Going for Gold (40 points): Earned a gold medal on each level.
Social Climber (15 points): Finished every level in Xbox LIVE.
Sore wa kantan desu (10 points): Finished Japan level 4 with a time of 1:40 or better.
American Hero (20 points): Finished the USA Levels.

City Lights

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

DACC Union Jack Hat: Awarded for finishing the London levels.
DACC Helicopter: Awarded for finishing the Vegas levels.