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Dragon's Dogma (PlayStation3)

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Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Custom color shop

Sometime after you deliver the Hydra Head to Gran Soren, a pawn dressed like a monk will show up in the tent were you obtained your first pawn at the encampment next to Cassardis. He sells custom hair, brows, eyes and skin colors, as well as other items for Rift Crystals.

Killing the dragon in the southwest map area

The location of the dragon is just west of the exit from the quarry mine. You will be given a quest to get to a stronghold in that area and a quest to get through the mine on your way there. Do not attempt this if you are not close to level 30 because the lizards (Saurians) are all over. There are also hordes of Hobbe Goblins surrounding the area. When you exit the mine, stay moving to the left to reach a small camp that allows you to store items and rest. Save the game at this point. The easiest way to kill the dragon is to purchase the one hit kill arrow from the black market/artist/dealer in the capital lower residence area. Because you are going to use it on the dragon, it will kill it if you hit it. However, you must be an assassin or have a vocation that allows you to use a bow. To start, from the camp, remain on the camp side of the lake area and work your way west. You will see the dragon of to the southwest flying around or stomping through the tree line. There is a clump of rocks with a single tree directly up against the back side of it as you look toward the dragon. Stand close to the rock and tree and use a regular arrow to get its attention. He will look for you, then begin moving towards you. He may start breathing fire. If so, get the tree between you and his mouth and back off slightly until he is done. The tree will usually block the fire from getting you. You must act quickly because he will prepare to take off into the air, fly back to the location he started at, and do the same thing again. Get his attention one more time. He will be angry and will move faster. Go to "Tools" and use the one hit kill arrow. Take careful aim so you will not miss, then shoot him in the head on his approach, or as he revs up to breath fire. The kill will give you 20,000 experience points, endows your bow and a few clothing items with dragon's blood, and drops a few rare materials for weapons later. You can also run and start hacking at him with the sword just after shooting him with the arrow to endow your sword. Once you lose the arrow, you must buy it again from the dealer for the next dragon. It costs a lot of money and would be a waste to be used on anything else but dragons. If you are an assassin and kill it at night, you will get a slightly more experience. The dragon is difficult to kill by regular means. Even blast arrows must be timed correctly, and about 150 are required. Trying to slash it to death requires a lot of potions to heal the entire party, and you will end up dying if you grab it and do not release before he flies away.


Your pawn and yourself will level up/learn with every kill you make on each type of enemy. For example, it requires 500 goblins to reach the high tier of the knowledge required, and the others are just as bad. For example, fight 120 Cyclops to get to the high tier of that one, and read a help scroll to gain the second one. Keep trying; go out and kill, revisit, and kill some more. You will gain levels, as well as items and money. This can get very repetitive.

Easy rare items

Level your main character as a Strider until you get the ability "Master Thief". Then, walk the road north of Gran Soren just past the bridge until you find a random pawn. Use your "Master Thief" ability on him or her. You will steal two items from them. Occasionally these will be rare items, such as the Veterans Peridot. Run away from that pawn just enough so that they vanish from sight. Run back to them. You will be able to steal from them again. Repeat the process as many times as desired. Note: This is also a good way to steal quest items, such as the Sour Ambrosial Meat.

Easy money

Created by Devious0682.

Easy "Eye Contact" achievement or trophy

Created by FrankNStein.

Easy "Headshunter" achievement or trophy

Created by FrankNStein.

Easy "Peace" achievement or trophy

Created by FrankNStein.

Easy "Servitude" achievement or trophy

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

The True Arisen (Platinum): Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies.
The Laborer (Bronze): Completed 50 notice board quests.
The Hero (Silver): Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.
Human Resources (Bronze): Changed your vocation.
The Specialist (Silver): Learned all the skills of a single vocation.
The Veteran (Bronze): Defeated 3,000 enemies.
Local Recruit (Bronze): Directly enlisted a pawn to your party.
Foreign Recruit (Bronze): Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.
The Captain (Bronze): Enlisted a large number of pawns.
Inhuman Resources (Bronze): Changed your main pawn's vocation.
The Savior (Bronze): Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.
The Knave (Bronze): Obtained a forgery.
The Artisan (Bronze): Combined two materials to make an item.
Well Equipped (Bronze): Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.
A Queen's Regalia (Bronze): Dressed a male party member in women's clothing.
The Philanthropist (Bronze): Gave 50 presents.
The Escort (Bronze): Acted as a reliable travel companion.
Affinity and Beyond (Bronze): Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.
Into Dripstone Cave (Bronze): Entered the azure caverns.
Into the Ancient Quarry (Bronze): Entered the ancient quarry.
Into Soulflayer Canyon (Bronze): Entered the Soulflayer Canyon.
Into the Manse (Bronze): Entered the duke's manse.
Into the Frontier Caverns (Bronze): Entered the southwestern caves.
The Tourist (Bronze): Visited 50 locations.
The Vagabond (Bronze): Visited 100 locations.
The Explorer (Silver): Visited 150 locations.
The Ever-Turning Wheel (Gold): Completed the adventure a second time.
The Coin Collector (Silver): Earned a total of 10,000,000G.
The Patron (Bronze): Helped Madeleine open her shop.

Additionally there are twenty two secret trophies.

It Begins (Bronze): Completed the prologue.
Onward (Bronze): Departed from Cassardis.
A New Ally (Bronze): Summoned your own pawn.
Getting a Head (Bronze): Earned the approval of the Enlistment Corps.
The Courier (Bronze): Entered Gran Soren.
Writ Large (Bronze): Received a writ from the castle.
Come Courting (Bronze): Attended an audience with the duke.
The Message (Bronze): Received the duke's commendation.
Rough Landing (Bronze): Completed the urgent mission.
Destiny (Bronze): Accepted the Godsbane blade.
Treacherous (Bronze): Peered into the very depths of the world.
Freedom (Bronze): Escaped the yoke of eternity.
Mercy (Bronze): Dealt the blow of deliverance.
Solitude (Bronze): Obtained the almighty power of sovereignty.
Servitude (Bronze): Soar unto a new world.
Peace (Bronze): Took refuge in an illusion.
Closure (Gold): Put an end to all things.
Headshunter (Bronze): Defeated a hydra or archydra.
Eye Contact (Bronze): Defeated an evil eye.
Serpents' Bane (Bronze): Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.
The Messiah (Gold): Defeated the Ur-Dragon.
Dragon Forged (Silver): Strengthened equipment in wyrmfire.


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