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Dragon's Lair (Xbox 360)

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Walkthrough (Amiga)

Walkthrough (PC)


Easy "Giddy Gone" achievement

This occurs in the scene with a stairway to the right, where you get attacked by a crazy purple creature. Start by using your sword to kill the creature coming from the left, then move to the right to the stairway. While on the stairs, press [Up]. If you did not press it fast enough, more creatures will appear directly in front of you, and you will have missed the shortcut.

Easy "Going Down" achievement

The elevator scene has two versions, either 3 floors or 9 floors. "Going Down" can only be earned with the 9-floor version. Count the number of platforms as you fall down. There will be three on one side, an animation, three on another side, another animation, and then the final three platforms. Press [Left] or [Right] at the ninth platform (the third platform in the third set). The 9-floor version of the scene happens every thirteenth scene. If the scene shows up but it is not multiple of 13, then it will be the 3-floor version.

Easy "One More Quarter" achievement

Turn on the "Arcade Monitor/Bezel" option at the "Options" menu.

Easy "Quest Complete" achievement

Hard mode requires more precise timing. If you press [Sword] too early, you will die. Other movements are also less forgiving. Some scenes will also require additional actions.

  • The magnetic ball room (with the throne room) has an additional [Up] before pressing [Right] to sit on the throne.
  • The room with stairs and bats has an additional [Left] after killing the bat.
  • The dark knight on a horse scene has an additional [Right] or [Up] at the very start, when Dirk's sword is struck by the lightning spell.
  • The room with geysers and red creatures has an additional [Up] at the very end, requiring that direction to be executed twice at the final animation.
  • The final scene at the dragon's lair has an additional [Up] after pressing [Left] from each pillar. Press [Left] at the first pillar. When Daphne appears, press [Up] when Dirk is running. At the second pillar you press [Left], when Daphne shows up again, immediately press [Up], then [Right] (when the pillar on the right flashes purple, before the fire breath).
  • The final scene at the dragon's lair requires pressing [Sword] at each time. You will have to press [Up] to take the sword, then press [Sword] twice then [Up] to jump over the tail attack. Then press [Sword] twice.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Eat Me (20 points): Lost your last life in the Drink Me scene... and watched carefully.
Choked Out (20 points): Died via asphyxiation in the bedroom scene.
Giddy Gone (10 points): Used the shortcut move in the Giddy Goons Room.
Going Down (10 points): Got off on the 9th floor of the falling platform.
Lair King (20 points): Got a high score of 427,469. (Controller Mode).
Flawless (10 points): Completed the game with five lives.
Quest Complete (30 points): Completed the game in Hard mode.
Date with Daphne (30 points): Played Dragon’s Lair on its anniversary: June 19
1983 Mode (20 points): Completed the game with the move guide turned off.
Save Me! (10 points): Completed the game with a controller

Additionally there are two secret achievements.

One More Quarter (10 points): Played with the Arcade monitor on.
Bumbling Knight (10 points): Never made a correct move in a new game. (Controller Mode)

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Dirk the Daring's helmet: Complete the game.
Dragon's Lair Castle T-shirt: Unlock the secret achievement.
Dragon's Lair Logo T-shirt: Free with your purchase of Dragon's Lair.