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Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs. Pirate Monkey Zombies

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Blood Berserk! (10 points): Perform 20 Bloody Berserk!! Combos.
Bloodbath! (5 points): Perform 60 Bloodbath!! Combos.
Boatswain Killer (25 points): Kill 500 Boatswains.
Brute Killer (25 points): Kill 500 Brutes.
Can’t Stop Slashing (25 points): Kill 5000 Pirate Monkey Zombies.
Captain Killer (25 points): Kill 500 Captains.
Combo Fanatic (10 points): Perform 100 Combos.
Combo Is My Life (25 points): Perform 3000 Combos.
Combo Lover (5 points): Perform 200 Combos.
Defeater Of Death (50 points): Complete Survival 45 Mode.
Defender (25 points): Reach 25th Wave.
Grand Defender (50 points): Reach 50th Wave.
Hard Boiled (10 points): Last for 5 minutes in Hardcore Mode.
Hyper Mega Ultimate Ninja Slasher! (50 points): Perform Hyper Mega Ultimate Ninja Slasher!! Combo.
I Am Hardcore! (25 points): Last for 10 minutes in Hardcore Mode.
Is It Even Possible? (100 points): Last for 15 minutes in Hardcore Mode.
It’s A Flesh wound (25 points): Complete one of the Survival Modes with 75% of life.
It’s Just The Beginning (10 points): Kill 500 Pirate Monkey Zombies.
Lubber Killer (25 points): Kill 500 Lubbers.
Mass Slasher! (10 points): Perform 10 Mass Slasher!! Combos.
Mastah! (100 points): Perform No One Did Before!! Combo.
Master Of Survival (25 points): Complete Survival 30 Mode.
Mega Ultimate Slasher! (25 points): Perform Mega Ultimate Slash!! Combo.
Multikill! (5 points): Perform 75 Multikill!! Combos.
Not Even A Scratch (100 points): Complete one of the Survival Modes with 90% of life.
Slaughter! (10 points): Perform 30 Slaughter!! Combos.
Survivalist (10 points): Complete Survival 15 Mode.
Swift Dodger (25 points): Complete 8 waves without being wounded.
The First One Is The Most Difficult (5 points): Kill one Pirate Monkey Zombie.
Trail Of Blood (50 points): Kill 10000 Pirate Monkey Zombies.
True Ninja Slash! (5 points): Perform 100 True Ninja Slash!! Combos.
Untouchable (100 points): Complete 16 waves without being wounded.