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Duke Nukem 3D (Macintosh)

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Cheat Codes

Hidden messages

Hold [Shift] and press [F3], [F4], [F5], [F6], [F7], or [F8].

Enable God mode on "Damn I'm Good" difficulty level

Begin a new game under the "Come Get Some" difficulty level. Enable the "God mode" code, then start a new game under the "Damn I'm Good" difficulty level.

Cheat mode

Quickly type one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The cheat code keys should not be mapped to other game functions.

Effect Code
"Buy Major Striker" message dnallen
"Pirates Suck" message dnbeta
"Register Cosmo Today" message dncosmo
Press [Space] for money dncashman
No clipping dnclip
Night vision dnni
View coordinates dncoords
Invincibility dncornholio, dncross, or dnkroz
View debug information dndebug
Steroids dnhyper
Full inventory dninventory
All items dnitems
All keys dnkeys
No monsters dnmonsters
View frame rate, sound number dnrate
Level select dnscotty<episode, level number>
Full map dnshowmap
Change difficulty level1 dnskill<0-4>
All weapons, power ups, access cards, ammo dnstuff
Unlock all doors dnunlock
Chase view dnview
All weapons. dnweapons
Macintosh 1984 commercial2 dn1984
Last episode dnending
Full health dneat
Full ammo dnnuk
Display unknown message dntime or dntodd

1. Enter dnskill0 for no monsters.
2. Locate the projection room in level 1, activate the switch near the window to open the curtains, then enable this code.

Please submit more details about the unknown information.


Walkthrough (PC)


Getting shotguns or armor

If you have the Freezethrower, use it on pig cops repeatedly. Every time you do this they will drop a shotgun or armor.

Hollywood Holocaust: Defeating Battlelord

Use the following trick to defeat the Episode 1 Boss. There are two tripwires inside the room with the Boss. One closes the door and the other brings the Boss. When you walk in, turn around so that you are facing the door. When the door starts to close, use steroids to run past it. You can now open the door and it will not close. Trigger the Boss and run behind the shelves for cover. Hopefully he will follow you out the door. Duck down and shoot his head. He is too stupid to run away.

Shrapnel City: Tier Drops

There is a tenth level on Shrapnel City called Tier Drops. To get there, go to the movie level and go to the stage with the NASA sign and the body parts with a telescope. Kill the alien with the chain gun and press [Use] on the sign. A door should appear with the caution sign that ends the level. Do not go to the stage with the ship, or this will not work.
erew peai, v lnwmytn

Shrapnel City: Hidden items

  • When in the last Boss level, do not move anywhere at the start. Instead, activate your jetpack and fly straightly up as high as possible. You will see a blimp that has "Duf beer" written on its side. Shoot the blimp with your RPG or Devastator and a large amount of items that include medipacks and ammunition will fall out.
  • If you have a jet pack, fly up and destroy the beer blimp. Guns and health will scatter on the ground, allowing the final Boss to be killed easier. Note: One of the best weapons to use against it is the Devastater.

Shrapnel City: Secret level

Go to the Hotel Hell level and go to the fountain by the pool. Step through the waterfall, then go behind a bush. You will see a radioactive waste sign like the ones that mark the end of a level, except it is gray. It will take you to the secret Freeway level.

Defeating the Episode 1 Boss

There are two tripwires in the room with the Boss. One will close the door and the other summons the Boss. When you walk in the room, turn around to face the door. When the door begins to close, use steroids to run past it. You can now open the door without it closing again. Trigger the Boss and run for cover behind the shelves. With luck, the Boss will follow you out the door. Duck down and shoot his head until he has been defeated.

Defeating the third Boss

Before the encounter starts, you will ride up an elevator. Use your jetpack to fly up instead. The Boss and enemies will not move until the elevator appears, giving you a chance to get some early attacks.

Multiple pipe bombs

Throw a pipe bomb, then press 6 and throw another one. Repeat this to play as many pipe bombs as desired.

Revive from death

At any point in the game upon dying, do not press [Action] to restart the level as instructed. Instead, enable the dnkroz code. You will be revived right there on the spot. The code will remain active until you type it again to shut it off.


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