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Dungeon Defenders (PlayStation3)

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Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Tavern secret room

Defeat the final Boss. A neon "Open" sign will now be lit on the second floor of the tavern. Walk into the door below the sign to enter a secret room to find 10,000 mana, a unique weapon for each class, and a Secret Stash that acts as a normal forge.

Easy "A Challenger Approaches" achievement

Win on the following maps under the Insane difficulty setting: "No Towers Allowed", "Unlikely Allies", "Warping Core", "Raining Goblins", "Wizardry", "Ogre Crush", "Zippy Terror", "Chicken", "Moving Core", "Assault", "Treasure Hunt", "Death From Above", and "Monster Fest".

Easy "Daredevil" achievement

To earn the "Skin of Your Teeth" award, you must end a wave with less than 100 Eternia Crystal Health Points, and also complete the entire level to save that status. You will not get the award if done on the first wave or the Easy difficulty setting. In levels with more than one crystal, only one of the crystals must go under the 100 Eternia Crystal Health Points. Under the Insane difficulty setting, the core does not heal. Each wave completed with the core damaged to 100 (after the first wave), will award "Skin of Your Teeth", even if the core took no damage in that same wave. It is possible to get both the Flawless Victory and Skin of Your Teeth awards because both of them begin on the second wave by having the core taken down to 100 on the first wave, with no further hits.

Easy "Mastermind" achievement

Earn the "Master Strategist" bonus for the first thirteen levels under the medium or higher difficulty setting. Additionally, you must only use tower damage for all waves. Pet damage is not allowed. Note: You can view all bonuses earned in your previous runs by checking the records in the crystal of your tavern.

Easy "Mythical Real Time Strategist" achievement

You do not have to be the Summoner. Someone can carry you with their Summoner. Note: This does not include the fourth Eternia Shards map.

Easy "Nightmare Portal Protector" achievement

Cover the map with large proximity traps. Your tower damage needs to be high enough to kill the spiders with one hit and their stats should be at least in the mid 1000s.

Easy "Transcendent Challenge Champion" achievement

Win on the following maps under the Nightmare difficulty with the Hardcore mod enabled: No Towers Allowed, Unlikely Allies, Warping Core, Raining Goblins, Wizardry, Ogre Crush, Zippy Terror, Chicken, Moving Core, Assault, Treasure Hunt, Death From Above, and Monster Fest.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Legendary Defender (Platinum): You have earned every Dungeon Defenders Accomplishment! Trendy salutes you!
Smithy (Bronze): You upgraded your first equipment. Keep it up!
This Is My Weapon (Bronze): You upgraded an Equipment to its maximum potential!
Obedience Training (Bronze): You raised a Pet to its maximum potential!
Pupil (Bronze): Reached Hero Level 10.
Veteran (Bronze): Reached Hero Level 30 .
Defender of Etheria (Bronze): Reached Hero Level 70.
To The Limit (Bronze): Wore a complete set of maximum level Equipments.
From The Depths (Bronze): Completed all Area 1 levels on any difficulty setting.
To The Rooftops (Bronze): Completed all Area 2 levels on any difficulty setting.
A Taste of Victory (Bronze): Completed all Area 3 levels on any difficulty setting.
Dungeon Crawler (Bronze): Completed all levels on any difficulty setting.
The Belly of the Beast (Bronze): Completed all Area 1 levels on Hard.
The Body of the Beast (Bronze): Completed all Area 2 levels on Hard.
The Crown of the Beast (Bronze): Completed all Area 3 levels on Hard.
Dungeon Raider (Silver): Completed all levels on Hard.
From Fire with Brimstone (Bronze): Completed all Area 1 levels on Insane.
Through The Crowded Keep (Bronze): Completed all Area 2 levels on Insane.
To The Lofty Summit (Bronze): Completed all Area 3 levels on Insane.
Dungeon Defender (Gold): Completed all levels on Insane! Congratulations Brave Dungeon Defender!
Where's the Blueprints? (Bronze): Completed No Towers Allowed on >= Medium Difficulty.
Friends Forever (Bronze): Completed Unlikely Allies on >= Medium Difficulty.
88 Core (Bronze): Completed Warping Core on >= Medium Difficulty.
Ella, Ella (Bronze): Completed Raining Goblins on >= Medium Difficulty.
Wizard Hunter (Bronze): Completed Wizardry on >= Medium Difficulty.
You No Take Mushroom (Bronze): Completed Ogre Crush on >= Medium Difficulty.
Speed Freak (Bronze): Completed Zippy Terror on >= Medium Difficulty.
In A Fowl Mood (Bronze): Completed Chicken on >= Medium Difficulty.
Core Cardio (Bronze): Completed Moving Core on >= Medium Difficulty.
Monster Mania (Bronze): Completed Death From Above on >= Medium Difficulty.
Core Destroyer (Bronze): Completed Assault on >= Medium Difficulty.
Gold Rush (Bronze): Completed Treasure Hunt on >= Medium Difficulty.
A Challenger Approaches (Silver): Completed All Challenges on INSANE Difficulty!
Weapon Master (Silver): Completed No Towers Allowed on Insane Difficulty.
Kobold Exterminator (Silver): Completed Zippy Terror on Insane Difficulty.
Monster Madness (Silver): Completed Death From Above on Insane Difficulty.
Dancing in the Rain (Silver): Completed Raining Goblins on Insane Difficulty.
Gold Blitz (Silver): Completed Treasure Hunt on Insane Difficulty.
Ogre Block Party (Silver): Completed Ogre Crush on Insane Difficulty.
Survivalist (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 15 on Medium Difficulty.
Thick Skin (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 20 on Medium Difficulty.
Tough Guy (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 15 on Hard Difficulty.
Iron Man (Bronze): Reached Survival Wave 10 on Insane Difficulty.
Defense Is the Best Offense (Bronze): Reached Wave 10 on all levels in Pure Strategy on >= Medium Difficulty.
True Nobility (Bronze): Earned the Lord Award on >= Medium Difficulty.
O Mighty Smiter! (Bronze): Wore a full set of Godly Items.
Divine Intention (Bronze): Picked up a Godly Weapon.
Perfectionist (Bronze): Earned the Flawless Victory Award on at least 6 Missions on >= Normal Difficulty.
Daredevil (Bronze): Earned Skin of Your Teeth Award on 6 Missions.
Mastermind (Bronze): Earned the Master Strategist Award on all Missions.
Brute Force (Bronze): Earned the Gunslinger Award on all Missions.
Team Effort (Bronze): Completed all levels with 4 active players on >= Medium Difficulty.
A Matter of Perspective (Bronze): Saw all four Hero endings.
Group Hug (Silver): Raised a Hero of each type to Level 70.
Catch 'em All (Bronze): Stored all Familiar types in your Item Box or on your Heroes.
Master Banker (Bronze): Stored 15,000,000 Mana in your Mana Bank.
Good Student (Bronze): Completed the Tutorial. You deserve a cookie!


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