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Dungeon Siege: Throne Of Agony

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Cheat Codes

Crossover content

First, enter the KOEJEMJOKBPNMOFJ "Master Code" from Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World to unlock the ability to enter "Content Codes" from Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World. To get "Content Codes" for use in Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World, purchase items with crossover tablets from Klars in Seahaven in the PSP version. You can then choose the "I need a code for use in Broken World" option. "Content Codes" for Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World will now appear under the "Master Code". Enter them in Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World. to unlock items.

Item Password
Bloodstained Warboots MHFMCJIFNDHOKLPM
Bolt Flingers gloves OBMIDNBJNPFKADCL
Malignant Force bow JDGJHKPOLNMCGHNC
Teasha's Ire katana GDIMBNLEIGNNLOEG
Traveler's Handbook trinket PIJNPEGFJJPFALNO


Elite mode

Successfully complete the game. Elite mode has enemies that are 50 levels higher than your first game session.


Entrance shortcut

If you have cleared an area and cannot be bothered to walk all the way, save the game and return to the menu. Reload your saved game. You will automatically arrive at the entrance.

Easy experience

At the beginning of the game do the raptors nest quest. When you get there, save the game then start making your way through. If it appears that you are going to die, quickly save the game. If you die, just reload the game. You will start at the entrance with the experience you saved at and all the weapons. You can continue going through. All the enemies will be alive so you can keep gaining experience. If you are running out of space in your inventory, go to Seahaven and sell your unwanted goods. Then, go back to kill the rest of the creatures. When you finish the area do not go back to talk to the person in Seahaven. Just save the game and reload to start killing again.

Easy money

At the start of the game, after you get out of the Savage Woods, go to Sea Haven (south of the woods). Go north, then to the west. You should now see the Raptor's Nest. When you pass the Raptor's Nest, go north. You should see men lying dead on a rock. Then, go directly west to find a chest with a Crossover Tablet. Go to Seahaven Village and speak to Klars. He is the topmost man in the northern part of Seahaven Village. Choose the "I have an ancient tablet" option, then select an item. Save the game then create a new game with the character you just made. Repeat the process. After you have all of the items, sell them to make over 500,000 gold.

Use the following trick to get easy money and epic items at the end of the dark tree (near the end of the first act). After you have slain the druid and collected the epic item that he dropped, leave the black tree as usual. The levels respawn after you enter them again. Instead of talking to Gaul for the new set of quests, enter the black tree again from the backdoor you used to exit. Because it is the backdoor, the only mop to fight is the druid. With Mogrim it is easy to kill this single mop, who once again will drop an epic item. It takes two minutes to leave and re-entering the dungeon, You can collect a number of epic items (up to level 34). After repeating this for some time, use the teleport to go to Seahaven. Sell the unwanted items for about 50,000 gold per item.


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