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Dungeon Siege 3 (Xbox 360)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding deed.
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Academic Ally: Earn Trust of Reinhart (+2 Will).
Anjali Influence: Anjali Influence +++ (+5 Attack).
Avatar of Ultimate Virtue: You refused every reward offered to you by the humble villagers of Raven's Rill (+5 Will).
Bewitching Ally: You have gained the trust of the capricious Katarina (+2 agility).
Celestial Ally: You have earned the trust of the archon, Anjali (+2 attack).
Comrade in Arms: Lucas regards you as a true example of Legion principles. His loyalty to you is absolute (+5 Stamina).
Doctorate of Friendship: Become the closest friend of Reinhart (+5 Will).
Enduring Champion: You have sustained 100,000 points of damage during your adventure (+2 stamina).
Fiery Loyalty: Anjali's faith in you has become unshakable (+3 attack).
Fulltime Hero: You have completed 10 side quests (+2 stamina).
Gracious in Victory: You spared the life of the archon, Rajani, and proved that the Legion can be merciful, even to its enemies (+2 will).
Ironhand: You defied the wrath of Jeyne Kassynder and slew her archon handmaid, Rajani (+2 attack).
Katarina Influence: Katarina Influence +++ (+5 Agility).
Legion Caretaker: You decided that the Legion should retain control of Gunderic Manor (+3 stamina).
Legion Redeemer: You spared the Dapper Old Gent from the wrath of the city authorities and offered him sanctuary with the Legion (+3 will).
Lescanzi Ally: You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to the Lescanzi witch, Leona (+3 will).
Liberator: You freed all the prisoners in the Spire dungeon (+5 agility).
Lord Protector of Stonebridge: You handed over the Dapper Old Gent to the authorities of Stonebridge, so that he might stand trial for his crimes (+3 stamina).
Lorekeeper: You have compiled 30 entries in your collection of Ehb Lore (+3 will).
Loremaster: You have compiled 60 entries in your collection of Ehb Lore (+4 will).
Loyal Guardian: Lucas is impressed by the choices you have made, and you have earned his steadfast loyalty (+3 Stamina).
Merchant of Ehb: You sold at least 100.000 coins worth of items (+2 agility).
Montbarron Ally: You have earned the trust of Lucas Montbarron (+2 Stamina).
Of One Mind: Your party has agrreed about what to say in conversation at least 20 times (+1 Will).
Proletarian Hero: Thanks to you, the cyclops workers in the Foundry will enjoy the same rights as humans and goblins (+3 attack).
Rivalry: Your party disagreed about what to say in conversation at least 20 times (+1 attack).
Royalist Ally: You have shown unwavering support to the crown (+5 stamina).
Savior of Ehb: You have completed 20 side quests (+3 stamina).
Sharpshooting Sidekick: Katarina enjoys your company, and she considers you a friend (+3 agility).
Solver of Ciphers: You discovered the password to the magically sealed door in Gunderic Manor (+2 agility).
Strike Breaker: You broke the strike at the Great Foundry and granted no concessions to the cyclops workers (+3 will).
Tenured Loyalty: Earn respect of Reinhart (+3 Will).
Trial and Error: Your unwavering determination finally won over the magical guardian in Gunderic Manor (+2 Stamina).
Veteran Trader: You have spent 250.000 coins in your career (+1 will).
We are Legion: You have gathered all the known descendents of the Legion (+4 Stamina).




Easy "Maximum Charisma" achievement

Gain influence with your companions by completing quests with them as your active party member. You can also choose certain dialogue options during quest lines to increase influence. However, when multiple companions are used you can only have one of them active which makes it difficult to achieve maximum influence. Use the following trick to bypass this limitation. After defeating Jayne Kessender at the Spire tower, take the causeway back to the Chapterhouse. After the cinematic, escort Lazzari to the portal. You will be asked to exit the Chapterhouse. Go down the stairs to find a save point and the exit door directly in front of you. When you go through that door with a particular companion, they will have a short dialogue and their influence will increase. After this happens, go back and save the game. Reload the saved game, approach the door again. Even though the door is already open, and use the button to open it. The door will shut and reopen. Go through the door again you will get the same dialogue and influence increase. Repeat the process as many times as needed.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Archambaud's Anathema (20 points): During your fight against the Dapper Old Gent, you destroyed 50 of his Automatons.
Archon Adept (15 points): You reached level 20 as Anjali.
Aspire to Victory (25 points): You stormed the Spire and defeated Jeyne Kassynder.
Circle of Friends (15 points): You achieved at least one level of influence with all three of your companions.
Enduring Champion (10 points): Over your career, you have sustained at least 100,000 points of damage.
Epic Scholarship (15 points): You reached level 20 as Reinhart.
Fellowship of the Ding (10 points): You took part in a level-up while in a four-player game.
Fiery Judgment (15 points): You have completed the main quest as Anjali.
Flawless Victory (25 points): You defeated the reborn god without needing to be revived by a companion.
Guardian Legend (15 points): You reached level 20 as Lucas.
Guardian of Ehb (15 points): You have completed the main quest as Lucas.
Helping Hand (10 points): While joined to another player's game, you used an empowered Defensive Ability to assist the party.
I Could Do This Blindfolded (25 points): You defeated a major opponent using only your default equipment.
Jinx (5 points): You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in agreement as to what to say.
Legion Caretaker (5 points): You decided that Gunderic Manor should remain in Legion hands.
Lescanzi Ally (5 points): You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona.
Liberator (5 points): You freed all the prisoners in the Spire.
Lock, Stock, and Invocation (15 points): You have completed the main quest as Katarina.
Long Live the Queen (25 points): You broke the siege of Glitterdelve and saved Queen Roslyn.
Loremaster (50 points): You have discovered 60 lore entries in one adventure.
Maximum Bro Fist (20 points): Playing co-op as Lucas and Reinhart, you defeated a boss.
Maximum Charisma (15 points): You achieved the highest possible influence with one of your companions.
Merchant of Ehb (5 points): You sold over 100,000 coins worth of items.
Military Intelligence (5 points): You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in disagreement over what to say.
Moment of Solace (20 points): Force Jeyne to flee before defeating her handmaids.
Nerds Hate Sunlight (15 points): You and a friend have played for three hours in one session.
Of One Mind (5 points): You have agreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session.
Party of Four (25 points): You were part of a four-player party that completed the game together.
Perfectionist (100 points): You completed your quest, plus all other secondary quests in the game.
Rajani's Rival (20 points): You bested Rajani without needing to heal yourself.
Rivalry (5 points): You have disagreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session.
Royalist Ally (5 points): You have shown unwavering support to the Crown.
Sacred Meeting (25 points): You spoke to the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald.
Show Off (25 points): You've paraded about in nothing but rare items.
Stonebridge Alliance (25 points): You forged an alliance between Stonebridge and the 10th Legion.
The Calculus of Victory (15 points): You have completed the main quest as Reinhart.
Through the Murky Mire (25 points): You survived a journey through the Eastern Swamp.
Trial by Fire (25 points): You defeated the archon, Rajani.
Two Girls, One Boss (20 points): Playing co-op as Anjali and Katarina, you defeated a boss.
Two Perfect Tens (15 points): You reached level 20 as Katarina.
View From The Top (50 points): You have achieved the maximum level.
We Are Legion (10 points): You have gathered a full party of Legion descendants.
Welcome to the Winner's Circle (100 points): You have restored the Legion and saved the land of Ehb.
Worthy of Legend (100 points): You completed Dungeon Siege III at the highest difficulty level.

Treasures Of The Sun


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