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Dungeons And Dragons 2: Shadow Over Mystara

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Note: This code works on all jobs and varies on the effects on each job. While naming your character at the beginning of the game, input a space on the name then press A forty times, C forty times, then press Start to finish. When doing this code, your name should be full of letter A's in the process. When done correctly, you will have infinite HP and items (arrows, rings, dagger).



Created by cubex55.


Critical lightning bolt

Note: This trick only works on the Red Dragon. First, select any character with a lightning bolt ability. This may also work on other characters who have lightning bolt rings. Keep hitting the Red Dragon until he closes his eyes. Then, use the lightning bolt as soon as the Red Dragon has its eyes completely closed. If done correctly, you may kill the Red Dragon with one lightning bolt. For best effect, use the magic user character. This trick also works on the last Boss. Note: This may take awhile to master, but when done correctly the Red Dragon will die before his life gauge drops out.
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Defeating the Chimera

When you defeat the Displacer Beast and chose to "help the little dwarf in the Gnome village", buy nine LB-Oil. Make sure that you have enough money. Wwhen you are at the place with a box in the upper right part of the screen, go to the right part in the middle of aisle. The Chimera will come down from the air. The Chimera has three heads (manticore, black dragon and white goat). Hit it until it falls down. Then, use all of the LB-Oil on the fallen Chimera. You will see that it is dead but its life meter still flows into the end.


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