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Dungeons Of Dredmor (Macintosh)

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Easy "Doctor Strangelove" achievement

Craft The Bomb by gathering a Aetheric Power Cylinder, Bolt of Mass Destruction, Vodka, Orb of Nothing, and n-Dimensional Lathe. You also must have Wand Crafting at level 7. All the components except the Orb of Nothing are craftable or can be purchased from vending machines. The Orb of Nothing is a nine-star item and can be obtained in very deep levels of the dungeon. Having the Realm of the Diggle Gods DLC is recommended to extend the dungeon from 10 to 15 floors to increase the odds of one dropping there or appearing in one of Brax's shops. After The Bomb is crafted, save it until you find a Monster Zoo. Save the game, then throw it in the zoo. If the achievement is not earned the first time, reload the saved game and repeat the process.
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