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Dungeons Of Dredmor (Macintosh)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Right click "Dungeons of Dredmor" in your Steam Library and select the "Properties" option. Select the "Set Launch Options" button on the "General" tab. Enter -debug-flag in the dialog box. Select "OK" to accept the change. Begin the game, then press any of the following case-sensitive keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Additionally if you click anywhere on the mini-map, you will teleport to that room.

Effect Key
Full map L
Level up 15 times l
Go down a dungeon level P
Go up a dungeon level p
Faster animations [Plus]
Slower animations [Minus]
Go to pocket dimension b
Spawn random loot based on dungeon level I


Walkthrough (PC)


Easy "98 Pound Weakling" achievement

Start a new game and progress until you find a Muscle Diggle. Kill all enemies around it, or bring it away from other threats. Stand next to the Muscle Diggle and advance your turn until it kills you.

Easy "Be All You Can Be" achievement

Start a new game and progress until you find a Diggle Commando. Kill all the enemies around the Diggle Commando, or kite it away from them. Stand next to the Diggle Commando and advance turns until it kills you.

Easy "Doctor Strangelove" achievement

Craft The Bomb by gathering a Aetheric Power Cylinder, Bolt of Mass Destruction, Vodka, Orb of Nothing, and n-Dimensional Lathe. You also must have Wand Crafting at level 7. All the components except the Orb of Nothing are craftable or can be purchased from vending machines. The Orb of Nothing is a nine-star item and can be obtained in very deep levels of the dungeon. Having the Realm of the Diggle Gods DLC is recommended to extend the dungeon from 10 to 15 floors to increase the odds of one dropping there or appearing in one of Brax's shops. After The Bomb is crafted, save it until you find a Monster Zoo. Save the game, then throw it in the zoo. If the achievement is not earned the first time, reload the saved game and repeat the process.
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Easy "Double Rainbow" achievement

Contrary to the description, you will need all three primary damage types and thirteen special damage types. This will require careful planning and item collection. Weapons will usually have one or two of the primary damage types, but on rare occasions can possess all three (Crushing, Slashing, Piercing). Dual-wielding two different types may help. Any piece of equipment can possess at least one special damage type. Artifacts from quests and evil chests on average have more. With luck, you can add special damage types through the use of Krong Anvils. Having the Archaeology skill tree This Translation Is All Wrong (randomly changes damage types on items) and Ancient Kronian Ritual (lets you use a Krong Anvil twice) may help. You can also gain specific special damage types temporarily with the use of potions and mushrooms. The special damage types required are as follows.

  • Acidic
  • Aethereal
  • Asphyxiative
  • Blasting
  • Conflagratory; can use a Infernal Potion for +2 Conflagratory Damage for 90 turns.
  • Existential
  • Hyperborean; can use a Hyperborean Potion for +2 Hyperborean Damage for 90 turns.
  • Necromantic; can use a Potion Of Dire Empowerment for +1 Necromantic Damage for 47 turns or a Fell Truffle for +2 Necromantic Damage for 6 attacks.
  • Putrefying; can use a Fell Truffle for +2 Putrefying Damage for 6 attacks.
  • Righteous; can use a Potion Of Radiance for +2 Righteous Damage for 47 turns.
  • Toxic
  • Transmutative
  • Voltaic; can use a Voltaic Potion for +2 Voltaic Damage for 90 seconds.

Easy "Canadian Pride" achievement

  • With luck, you will be able to purchase or find a Toque Of Kanda and Maple Shield. You can also craft a Maple Shield with Level 3 Alchemy and Toque of Canada + Wooden Shield.
  • Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Stand in a shop on Floor 2 or 4 with room in your inventory. Repeatedly press I to spawn items until the Toque Of Kanda and/or Maple Shield are obtained . Sell unwanted items to maintain free space in your inventory.

Easy "Faust" achievement

The Conquest of the Wizardlands DLC is required to enter Diggle Hell. Once in your Pocket Dimension, enter an invalid code into the Portal. The Portal will turn red instead of black, indicating that it now leads to Diggle Hell and not to a Wizardland. Each Diggle Hell level is randomly created (even if you enter the same invalid code as used in a prior visit), and randomly includes a statue of the Diggle God of Hell. Several visits to Diggle Hell may be required to find a "Statue of the Diggle Devil". A high level character is recommended in order to survive. Once a statue is found, click it and answer "Yes" to receive a powerful permanent fire-based buff (until you are blessed by another Diggle God) and earn the achievement.

Easy "The Humanoid Typhoon" achievement

 PC  Note: Because the Deadshot skill has been removed from the character creation menu, this procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "skillDB.xml" file in the "\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dungeons of dredmor\game\" folder. Find the following lines:

<skill name="Deadshot" id="12" type="warrior" deprecated="1" achievement="ACHIEVEMENT_DEADSHOT_MASTERY" description="You are less likely to miss, and when you hit you have an increased opportunity to deal terrible wounds.">
<art icon="skills/skill_deadshot.png"/>
<loadout type="armour" subtype="Spectacles"/>
<flags deprecated="1"/>

Remove the <flags deprecated="1"/> line and save the file. You should now be able to select Deadshot when creating a new character. Then, level it up twice to master the skill.

Easy "I Smoulder With Generic Rage" achievement

Start a new game and progress until you find an Enraged Diggle, which is red. Kill all enemies around it, or bring it away from other threats. Stand next to the Enraged Diggle and advance your turn until it kills you.

Easy "Left For Dread" achievement

Try using a build that is based on the Mage Archetype or crossbows/thrown weapons. You can try defeating Lord Dredmor on either level 10 or 15. Take a large amount of lockpicks to the last level. Kicking a door will destroy it, and you will then not be able to open and close it to your advantage. Once you find him, close the door, drink all Elemental potions, the Potion of Steeling, Radiance and Dire Empowerment (all of which except Steeling will stack up to three times). Fungi will also help, mostly Plumber's Agaric, Prince, Fell Truffle, Grunge Ear and Lobstermane. If you need to restore health, use an Inky Hoglantern or Potion of Invisibility. If desired, you can also use a Spatial Instability potion or any teleport while invisible to escape his melee attacks. Then, restore your health by eating Fairy Wodgers, drinking Lively Regeneration, Healing or Replenishment potions or using a Coral wand. You can remove his debuffs with Zodiacal wands and Potions of Purity. Firing crossbows will take advantage of Lord Dredmor's weakness to piercing damage. He is also susceptible to Righteous damage. Firing Bolts of Doubt, Clockwork Drill Bombs, Clockwork Drill Bolts and Fire Bolts can decrease his health steadily. Thrown weapons such as the Holy Grenade and Clockwork Sawblade are useful, but not as effective as crossbows. If possible, obtain the "Golden Crossbow", which is an artifact crossbow which sometimes appears in shops. Despite its very low damage and -5 EDR, a successful hit with it will debuff your target with "Inevitable Doom", which kills it after 100 turns. However this will result in a one hit kill when used against Lord Dredmor due to the length of the encounter.

Easy "Meet Your True Master" achievement

Start a new game and progress until you find an Arch Diggle, which is purple. Kill all enemies around it, or bring it away from other threats. Stand next to the Arch Diggle and advance your turn until it kills you.

Easy "Monsters With Omelettes" achievement

  • Deep Omelettes can be purchased from Food Dispensers for 326 to 486 Zorkmids. You can also create a Food Dispenser in a rune room by placing the runes in order for top to bottom: Pillars, Growth And Decay, and Scrutiny.
  • The Deep Diggle Chef enemies in the Diggle Hell will drop Deep Omelettes occasionally.
  • You can craft Deep Omelettes by using 4 Diggle Eggs + Disposable Ingot Press.
  • Progress until you have about ten Deep Omelettes, then save the game. Eat the Omelettes then reload the game. To force a reload, either kill yourself in a non-permadeath game, or use the Task Manager to kill the game process in a permadeath game.
  • Repeat the first two floors to accrue Diggle Eggs.

Easy "Simon Belmont" achievement

Note: This requires the Conquest Of The Wizardlands DLC. Vlad Digula can be found in Diggle Hell, which is entered by entering a wrong Arcane address at the gate inside a Pocket Dimension. Once inside, you cannot exit until you find the gate back, and the enemies are difficult. Vlad Digula has high stats and can kill you quickly with his spells. Get his attention, then close a door between you and him. He will remain at the door, allowing you to still use some spells to hit him. Vlad is vulnerable against Righteous, Acidic, Putrefying and Aethereal damage. Consider using Egyptian Magic to damage him. Activate the first three glyphs to increase the damage radius of Call the Storm and use Glyph of Anubis to do Putrefying damage.

Easy "Sir Mix-A-Lot" achievement

  • The Alchemy skill tree allows you to start with a Modular Alchemy Box, Porta-Still, and Elven Ingot Grinder. Investing points into the Alchemy skill tree allows for more potions to be brewed at once, which will save time and resources. The Modular Alchemy Box is used to make anything from potions to equipment. The Porta-Still converts food into alcohol. You can also convert lesser alcohol into higher quality alcohol. Convert alcohol into Aqua Vitae, which is a crucial ingredient for potions. The Elven Ingot Grinder turn ingots and equipment into powders, meat into ground meat, and cheese into grated cheese. If you did not select Alchemy as a skill, you can use the Potion Of Alchemical Inspiration to raise your Alchemy by +1 for 30 turns, and a blessing from the Diggle God Of Secrets statue which will raise Alchemy by +2 until you pray to another statue. Alchemy level 1 is the minimum required to brew Healing Potions from Aqua Vitae and Rust. Rust can be easily acquired by grinding every iron item found. Aqua Vitae can be brewed from all alcohols with Alchemy level 1. Also, note that even though the achievement has "potions" in the description, most recipes involving alchemy-related ingredients will qualify. Some recipes use tools other than the Alchemy Box. An alchemy level requirement indicator does not necessarily mean the recipe counts. For example, creating Aqua Vitae from alcohols count, as well as creating a Cheesy Omelette.
  • Play a character with high Alchemy skill and save all ingredients collected. Once enough are accrued, save the game, brew all the potions you can, then reload the saved game. To reload, either kill yourself in a non-permadeath game, or use the Task Manager to kill the game process in a permadeath game.


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