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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 (PlayStation3)

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This game is titled Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Gundam Musou 3 in Japan.


Knight Gundam

Successfully complete the game with all the main storylines finished.

Musha MK1

  • Complete Trial of the Giants 1-4 in the Challenge missions.
  • Alternately, reach Rank 1 in Online mode.

Musha MK2

  • Complete The Trial Comes From The Past 9 in the Challenge missions.
  • Alternately, reach Rank 1 in Online mode.

Knight Gundam items

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding items for Knight Gundam.

Knight Gundam Pilot: Unlock the Knight Gundam Suit, then complete the "I Am Knight Gundam!" special mission.
Knight Gundam Suit: Complete "The Neverending Battle" mission in Chapter: For Reform.

Mobile Suit SP Equipment

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding special equipment.

Char's Gelgoog SP Equipment: Complete the "Solomon's Nightmare" History mission.
Char's Zaku II SP Equipment: Complete the "Space Fortress A Baoa Qu" History mission.
Gundam SP Equipment: Complete the "Escape" History mission.
Hyaku Shiki SP Equipment: Complete the "Warriors, Again..." History mission.
Knight Gundam SP Equipment: Complete "The Neverending Battle" mission under the hard difficulty, then read the message at the terminal.
Musha Gundam and Musha Gundam Mk II SP equipment: Reach Rank 1 in Online mode.

Collection missions

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mission.

Assembling Mobile Suits: Clear the "Deformed Mobile Suits" mission.
Attacks from All Directions: Play 10 missions in Nu Gundam, Qubeley series, Turn X, Strike Freedom, Reborns Gundam, Sazabi, or Zeong.
Baptism Before God: Shoot down 1000 in The O, Gundam Mk II (Titans) or Hambrabi.
Big Green Battle: Play 10 missions in a green mobile suit.
Black Shock: Play 10 missions in a black mobile suit.
Blue Shock: Play 10 missions in a blue mobile suit.
Children of Mother Earth: Shoot down 1,000 targets with Gaza C, Gaza D, or Bawoo.
Crimson Shock: Play 10 missions in a red mobile suit.
Deformed Mobile Suits: Play 10 missions in Zeta Gundam, Wing Gundam, Epyon, Hambrabi, Bound Doc, Gaza C, or Gaza D.
Feet? What Are They Good For?: Play 10 missions in Ball or Zeong.
Fight! King Of Hearts!: Shoot down 1000 in Burning Gundam or Master Gundam.
For The Dialogue That Should Come: Shoot down 1000 in 00 or Reborns Gundam.
Freedom, Justice, and Fate: Shoot down 1000 in Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, or Destiny.
GM! GM! GM!: Play 20 missions in GM, and complete the "Zaku! Zaku! Zaku!" mission.
Guardian Warriors: Shoot down 1,000 targets with Zaku Tank, HIzack, or Gouf Flight Type.
Happy Souls: Have all friendship levels at level 3 or higher.
Heartless Slaughterers: Shoot down 1,000 targets in Gedlav.
Heroes Of The One Year War: Shoot down 1000 in Ball or GM.
Marine Mayhem: Play 10 missions in Z'gok series, Acguy, or Kapool.
Martyrs of the Oracle: Shoot down 1,000 targets with Marasai or Barzam.
Mother Space: Shoot down 1000 in Qubeley or Qubeley Mk II.
Mourning Warriors: Shoot down 1,000 targets with Zaku II, Gouf, Z'gok, or Acguy.
O! O! O!: Play 20 missions in Ball or Kapool, and complete the "GM! GM! GM!" mission.
Peaceful Souls: Complete the "Trials Come From the Past 9" mission.
Pedigree of the White Devil (1): Shoot down 1000 in Nu Gundam.
Successor Warriors: Shoot down 1,000 targets with Rick Dias, GM II, or Nemo.
The Gene Spliced: Shoot down 1,000 targets in GINN.
The Legend of the Red Comet 1: Shoot down 1,000 targets in a Char Custom mobile suit.
The Moon Will Always Be There: Shoot down 1000 in Double X, Turn A, or Turn X.
The Sword Which Disrupts the Age: Shoot down 1000 in Epyon or Tallgeese II.
Those that Have Experienced the Dark History: Shoot down 1,000 targets in GM or Char's Zaku II.
Transforming Mobile Suits: Complete the "Deformed Mobile Suits" mission.
Waning Light Warriors: Shoot down 1,000 targets with Zaku II, Dom, or Gelgoog.
White Shock: Play 10 missions in a white mobile suit.
Wild Souls: Complete "Trial of the Giants 4" to unlock Musha Gundam.
Wings That Fly Toward The Future: Shoot down 1000 in Wing Gundam, Deathscythe, or Heavyarms.
Witnesses of Miracles: Shoot down 1,000 targets in Jegan or Geara Doga.
Yellow Shock: Play 10 missions in a yellow mobile suit, clear all other color based missions.
Zaku! Zaku! Zaku: Play 20 missions in Zaku II.

Alternate costumes

Complete the indicated History mode mission to unlock the corresponding alternate costume.

Amuro (0079): "Escape" mission.
Amuro (Z): "Riders in the Skies - Epilogue" mission.
Char (0079): "Space Fortress A Baoa Qu" mission.
Char (Normal suit): "Space Rainbow (Neo Zeon)" mission.
Char (Z): "Love is the Pulse of the Stars" mission.
Haman (Normal suit): "Warriors, Again... (Neo Zeon)" mission.
Haman (ZZ): "Conviction in the Cosmos (Axis)" mission.
Katejina (Long hair): "Ascent of Angels (Zanscare)" mission.
Laura Rolla: "Moonlight Butterfly" mission.
Milliardo (Zechs): "The Final Victor (White Fang)" mission.


Walkthrough (PlayStation3)


Making friends

Unlike in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, where the pilots make friends with each other, in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 the pilots make friends with the player. This results in only one friendship board. After pilots are introduced through the story missions, you must go to the Terminal and read their "hello" message. This is extremely important, as you cannot earn accord with these pilots, even if you play beside them in missions, until you have read this message and they appear on the friendship board under the "Records" tab. Once the character appears on the friendship chart, you can start to build accord with them and increase their friendship level to receive various benefits based on the individual characters. Also, unlike Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, accord never decreases, even if you shoot the pilot down during missions. For playable pilots, there are five ways to earn accord with them and raise their friendship level.

  • Fight alongside them in battle. For every battle you fight on the same side as a pilot you gain a small amount of accord. This amount is slightly higher if they are active (not shot down and awaiting respawn) when you complete the mission.
  • If a pilot calls for help because they are losing a fight with another ace, you will get accord if you can get there and finish off the enemy before the friendly pilot is shot down.
  • There are special battlefield objectives that will randomly activate in the course of missions. Some of these objectives involve assisting other pilots. Successful complete one of these to earn some accord.
  • You automatically earn accord with whatever pilot you have set as your partner with every mission you undertake together. While you lose the opportunity for bonus accord from the first two methods since they will not spawn in the mission while set to partner, you are at least guaranteed a small amount of accord every mission.
  • Play as the character. You gain a small amount of accord for every mission you play as a character as well.

Because most (but not all) characters cannot be selected as a partner or as a playable character until they reach level 2 and 3 friendship respectively, you are limited to the first three methods initially. Most pilots have a story mission in which they are introduced. A good way to get mission time with them is to replay this mission. A lot of these into missions also involve you having to "rescue" them, so this makes these missions ideal for building accord. Like Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, there are friendship missions you can perform as well. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 even has friendship missions for each Gundam series.

NPC friendship

For non playable characters, their friendship levels will depend on your relationship with the playable ones. Some of the non-playable characters want you to make friends with the characters from their respective series, while others prefer want you to make friends with the pilots from the story chapters they are associated with. Either way, making steady progress with you playable pilots will bring these friendships along eventually as a matter of course.

Level 5 friendships

Unlike levels 2 through 4, pilots will not enter the level 5 bracket as soon as their accord is high enough. Once accord is high enough for Level 5 with a specific character, it will unlock a special mission under the "Relationship" category under the "Missions" tab. This is always a high difficulty mission and is usually restricted to that particular pilot and their primary mobile suit. However there are exceptions. For example, Haman's level 5 friendship mission is actually completed by Banagher Links in his Unicorn Gundam. Remember, getting the pilot to level 4 does not unlock their Relationship mission automatically; you still must earn additional accord to unlock it.

Control loading screen

Press X while the character spins on the pad to make him move faster. Repeat the process to make him move faster each time.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.

Ascent of Angels (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit V Gundam" history missions.
Avenger (Bronze): Shoot down more than 100 enemies online.
Bounty Hunter (Bronze): Obtain more than 10,000 G.
Celestial Being (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" history missions.
Character Collector (Bronze): Complete the character gallery.
Chosen Future (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny" history missions.
Cross of Zeon (Bronze): Exceed 100 plays.
Demon of the Lab (Silver): Reach tech level 10 in the Mobile Suit lab.
Fierce Avenger (Silver): Shoot down more than 1,000 enemies online.
Golden Autumn (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit A Gundam" history missions.
Instructor from Hell (Silver): Raise any one character's pilot level to 50.
Last One Standing (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" history missions.
Last Shooting (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam" history missions.
Leader of Humanity (Bronze): Completely finish either of the story missions "Those Who Understand" or "Those Who Fight.".
Legendary Master Ace (Silver): Shoot down 100,000 enemies.
Licensed to Ride (Silver): Obtain all licenses.
Master Ace (Bronze): Shoot down 10,000 enemies.
Mobile Suit Collector (Bronze): Complete the Mobile Suit gallery.
Mobile Suit Gatherer (Gold): Unlock all playable Mobile Suits.
Movie Collector (Bronze): Complete the movie gallery.
Nebula Medal (Silver): Exceed 200 plays.
Online Play 100 (Silver): Play online more than 100 times.
Online Play 20 (Bronze): Play online more than 20 times.
Over the Rainbow (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn" history missions.
Pilot Gatherer (Gold): Unlock all playable characters.
Platinum (Platinum): Receive all other trophies.
Purebred Innovator (Gold): Friendship level of all characters reaches level 5.
Revolutionary (Silver): Clear all story missions.
Sound Collector (Bronze): Complete the BGM gallery.
Space Pirate (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam F91" history missions.
Space Soarer (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" history missions.
Starbow (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" history missions.
Stardust Memory (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083" history missions.
Tales of Dark History (Silver): Clear all history missions.
The Moon in the Sky (Bronze): Clear all "After War Gundam X" history missions.
To the Future! (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" history missions.
True Gundam Dynasty Warrior (Gold): Clear all missions.
Warrior Again (Bronze): Clear all "Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam" history missions.


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