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Eenies At War

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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100 Wins: Win 100 multiplayer games.
12 Hit Combo: Do a 12 hit combo.
24 Hit Combo: Do a 24 hit combo.
25 Wins: Win 25 multiplayer games.
5 Hit Combo: Do a 5 hit combo.
500 Wins: Win 500 multiplayer games.
Activate Stargate: Activate the Stargate.
Big UFO: Take out the Big UFO.
Big Ugly: Complete Dinosaur Campaign Stage.
Blobble: Complete the Blobble Campaign Stage.
Body Guard: Protect the king in the Castle campaign stage.
Brave: Get through the Stony Road.
Bricks Can't Fly: Complete the floating platform stage.
Calamari Rings: Complete the Octopus Campaign Stage.
Carbon: Destroy carbon aliens in the Prism Campaign Stage.
Christmas: Complete the Christmas Special Stage.
DNA: Complete the Molecule Campaign Stage.
Don't Forget To Wipe: Complete the Toilet Stage.
E Virus: Complete the Pumpkin Farm Stage.
Flower Power: Destroy all flowers.
Fortress: Complete the Fort campaign stage without losing a single unit.
Gardener: Complete Dark Forest Campaign Stage.
Ghost: Kill pumpkins in the ghost stage.
Gorilla Tamer: Take down the Gorilla in the Mushroom campaign stage without taking any damage.
Graveyard: Complete the Graveyard Stage.
I Passed: Pass Guardoff in the Babies Campaign Stage.
In the Name of Science: Save the scientist in the Mt. Hutt campaign stage.
Machina Gate: Enter the Machina Star Gate.
Marriage Wrecker: Kill both rhinos at hte Oasis campaign stage without losing any units.
Mega Damage: Deal over 70 HP damage in one shot.
Mission Impossible: Complete the super hard MOFO Stage.
No Outposts Allowed: Destroy the alien outpost.
Oh Bats: Pass the Bats Stage.
Pandora: Destroy all blue aliens.
Party Pooper: Crash the aliens' parts without losing your teammate.
Phoenix Down: Complete the Phoenix Campaign Stage.
Purple Power: Win the Arc campaign stage without losing your teammate.
Remains: Complete the Remains Campaign Stage.
Rising: Complete the Rising Campaign Stage.
Robotica: Complete the Robotica Stage and defeat Mecha.
Sashimi: Complete the Fish Campaign Stage.
Saved the Chief: Win the Village campaign stage without the Chief taking any damage.
Sheep Saviour: Save at least one sheep in the Valley campaign stage.
Shepherd: Save all sheep in the Valley campaign stage.
Slimey: Complete the Slimey Campaign Stage.
Small Town Hero: Save all the villagers in the Village campaign stage.
Student: Defeat the ancient in the campaign sword grave stage.
Stuff the Welcome: Kill Sentry in Stargate.
Survival: Survive zombie waves at Old Castle Bridge.
SWAT: Defeat all aliens in the Hills campaign without losing any teammates.
Trophy Collector: Protect Eskimos
Tutorial Completed: Complete the tutorial.
UFO Crash Site: Investigate the UFO Crash Site.
Underground: Defeat underground drillers in the Beneath Stage.
Underwater Threat: Complete the Eel Campaign Stage.
Unfazed: Survive the ambush at the Icy Bridge campaign without losing your partner.
VIP: Gain entry into the Ancients City.
What Vortex: Complete the Vortex Campaign Stage.
Worms Sucks: Complete the Worms Campaign Stage.