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Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC

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This game is titled The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky in North America and Europe, and Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki FC in Japan.


Walkthrough (PC)


Gambler Jack books

Complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding Gambler Jack volume.

  • Gambler Jack Vol. 1: In the Prologue, after Le Locle is attacked but before setting of for Grimsel fortress, check the rooms upstairs in the Bracer HQ.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 2: In Chapters 1, 2, or 8, purchase from the Ruan casino for 100 medals.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 3: In Chapter 2, on the airship at the start of the chapter, talk to Olivier twice
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 4: In Chapter 3, after speaking with the Erebonian Ambassador, but before leaving the Embassy, talk to the librarian
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 5: In Chapter 3, while searching Grancel for Renne, talk to the patron in the Coffee Shop
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 6: In Chapter 4, immediately after arriving in Rolen, enter the building beside the bar and talk to the woman inside.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 7: In Chapter 5, after killing the three quest monsters at the start of the chapter, talk to the soldiers at the Krone Pass checkpoint.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 8: In Chapter 6, before going to the resort, go to Ravennue village. A boy has it.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 9: In Chapter 6, before going to the resort, go to Haken Gate. One of the soldiers has it.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 10: In Chapter 7, after completing Carnelia tower, but before completing Sapphirl tower, speak to Antoine the cat while Kloe is in your party.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 11: In Chapter 8, after finishing the Rolent sidequests, witness the wedding, then speak to the guests in the bar.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 12: In Chapter 8, after finishing the Ruan sidequests, speak with the students at the Jenis academy.
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 13: In Chapter 8, after finishing the Zeiss sidequests, head to Wolf Fort and speak with the soldiers there
  • Gambler Jack Vol. 14: In Chapter 8, After all areas have been cleared but before heading to Grancel, return to Bose. The book-seller is giving it away.

Zemurian Crystal

In Chapter 8, after obtaining all fourteen volumes of Gambler Jack, speak to the NPC on the top floor of the Bracer Guild in Grancel.

Ultimate Weapon

In Chapter 9, access the terminal in the bar building with the Zemurian Crystal in your inventory. Take the resulting data orb to Russel.
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