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Eldritch (PC)

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Steam achievements

Complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding Steam achievement. To view for "Eldritch (PC)". Choose the "View Stats" option on the drop down list, then choose the option that will list the achievements for your username.
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[temp] Souls : [temp] Do the thing, get the achievement.
[temp] Survive : [temp] Do the thing, get the achievement.
A Marvel I Cannot Fathom : Finish the game in New Game+ mode.
All That Junk : Deposit 9,999 artifacts in the bank chest.
Free at Last : Perform the complete Ritual of Binding.
Gross, It's All Sandy : Acquire the Soul of Nyarlathotep.
Gross, It's All Slimy : Acquire the Soul of Cthulhu.
Gross, It's All Wet : Acquire the Soul of Dagon.
Never Enough Time : Finish the game in under 10 minutes.
Not a Scratch : Finish the game without taking any damage.
R'lyeh Nice to Meet You : Make friends with a star-spawn.
Sweet Revenge : Destroy a lizardman statue.
These Timeless Words : Perform the Ritual of Binding.
Well Read : Read the complete History of the Library.
What Final Horror : Escape the Mountains of Madness.