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General tips

Try the following tactics.
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  • The game ends at turn 151.
  • Build a Paper Mill (CoGen) and/or an Aluminum Smelter to speed up the game.
  • Place National Parks in bush squares to cover your pollution (+6 Tourism, -8 Pollution).
  • Build two Farms minimum and upgrade your Wind Generator to the maximum and do not do anything else until then.
  • Build two Camping Spots and wait till you have enough money to upgrade them and your farms.
  • Build a Wave Generator and buy the Whale attraction.
  • Save your money until you can purchase a Hydro Dam and maximize it.
  • Build two Mountain Skis and upgrade them.

Easy money

On the first turn, build four farms and do not advance to the next turn yet. Save the game and get the code. When you load the game you will still have $0, but in reality you have unlimited cash and can get rid of the four farms.