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Endless War 3

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Easy kills

Do not rush out into combat. Take your opponents on one at a time if possible.

Command mode

Press Q to activate Command mode when a firefight starts to direct your allies' fire against tough opponents to take them out.

Weapon combos

  • Selecting the weapon holding [Reload] and selecting another weapon applies the properties of one weapon to another. For example, selecting the M79, holding [Reload], then selecting the minigun and releasing it will result in a minigun that will fire small rockets. These properties can also be applied to the knife, secondary weapon, and grenades. For example, applying the minigun to the knife will result in you holding the minigun like a knife and firing and slicing at the same time.
  • Get the flare gun and minigun. Select the flare gun and hold R while pressing 1. Release R when the minigun appears and you have an unlimited range automatic flamethrower.
  • Select flame thrower then choose the micro Uzi. Press 2, hold R while pressing 1. Release R to have a flamethrowing uzi with 100% accuracy.
  • Equip any gun (SPAS-12 shotgun recommended), then hold R while pressing [Quotes] to equip the army knife. Let it reload and you have a gun with unlimited ammunition and no recoil. However you can only fire one shot at a time and the damage is now 80.
  • Get death's scythe and any secondary weapon. When in a war, move to your secondary then hold R while pressing 1. You will get unlimited ammunition that kills in one shot.
  • Get the flare gun. Press 2 to go to the flare gun then hold R while pressing 1 . Release R for a 300 shot flare gun with the speed of a mini gun.
  • Get the minigun and M79 and. Hold R while pressing 1. Release R to get an M79 that has 300 shots with the speed of a minigun.
  • Get the rocket launcher as your first weapon and flare gun as your second. The best bombs are fragmentation. With these weapons you will be unstoppable. Fire the rocket launcher for long range targets and groups, and the flare gun for close-up targets. Note: Rockets can go through walls.
  • Get the flare gun and Tesla cannon. Press 2 then R repeatedly, then press 1. You will get a rapid firing flare gun. You can press [Space] for a napalm launcher.
  • Go to the "Options" and choose to unlock all weapons. Use the minigun as your main weapon. Use the flare gun as a sidearm. For grenades, use splitter or frag. Take on one enemy at a time to win easily.
  • Take the chain gun and flare gun. Press 2, hold R, press 1, then release R. You will get a full auto napalm launcher and a flare gun that shoots at chain gun speed.
  • Get a flare gun and an AK47 or any weapon that has a melee attack for its special. Press 2 repeatedly. If it shows that you have a flare, keep pressing 2 then press 1. You should now have unlimited special ammunition.
  • Choose the chain gun for the primary weapon and the flare gun for the secondary weapon. During a battle press 2, hold R, press 1, release R, the hold [Space] and you will have napalm rockets flying everywhere.
  • Get a Death Scythe and a weapon of your choice. Press 1 then hold R. While holding R, press 2. You will be wielding a Death Scythe, but it will shoot like a gun. A single bullet will kill the enemy.
  • Take any gun and go to war. With your main gun, press R repeatedly then press 4 while still pressing R. Let it reload and you will fire a shot and throw a grenade at the same time.
  • Select the flare gun and start the game. At the beginning of the game, press 2, hold R, then press 3. Release R and when you have your knife out you can shoot flares without using ammunition. If you switch your weapon you will have to repeat the trick.
  • Get a napalm rocket and a flare gun. Combine the two. First press 2, equip the flare gun, press R rapidly, then press 1 while pressing R. Hold [Space] and you will get a 120 rocket per second napalm rocket launcher.
  • To get a mini-gun, hold Z, then L, then T in order.
  • To get rapid fire rockets, hold X, then H, then I in order.
  • To get a rocket launcher, hold Y, then M, then P in order.
  • Use the following trick to get a minigun with double damage. Get a mini gun and a Desert Eagle then go to war. Take your Desert Eagle out and press R repeatedly, then press 1 when pressing R.
  • Use the following trick to create super grenades. Take Galil or FN SCAR (or any weapon with grenade attack for special) as the first weapon and the M79 for the second weapon. Press 2 then R rapidly, then press 1 while still pressing R. The weapon will reload then shoot grenades. If you do this with a weapon like the minigun (or any weapon without any of its own grenades), the grenades will not do any damage to the area around their target. They cannot kill people behind walls. With the FN SCAR you will have slightly smaller frag grenades explode when hitting objects or the point you aimed at.
  • Get the minigun for your first weapon and the M79 grenade launcher. Take out the M79 during game play then and hold R and press 1. This will combine the minigun with the M79 with an amazing rate of fire.
  • Combine a Napalm Launcher and an Army Knife and you will be unbeatable.