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Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360)

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This game is titled Eternal Sonata in North America, Europe, and Australia and Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume in Japan.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Party Level 2 (10 points): Obtain party level 2.
Party Level 3 (10 points): Obtain party level 3.
Party Level 4 (10 points): Obtain party level 4.
Party Level 5 (10 points): Obtain party level 5.
Party Level 6 (20 points): Obtain party level 6.
Raindrops (10 points): Complete Chapter 1.
Revolution (10 points): Complete Chapter 2.
Fantaisie Impromptu (10 points): Complete Chapter 3.
Grande Valse Brilliante (10 points): Complete Chapter 4.
Nocturne (10 points): Complete Chapter 5.
Tristesse (10 points): Complete Chapter 6.
Heroic (10 points): Complete Chapter 7.
Heaven's Mirror (10 points): Complete Final chapter: Heaven's Mirror.
Hero's Gate (30 points): Use the Hero's Crest to open the way to Mysterious Unison.
Rondo's Return (50 points): Defeat Rondo in Mysterious Unison.
Claves's Resurrection (50 points): Collect all 7 pieces of Claves's Soul.
Grand Finale (70 points): Defeat Frederic with Claves unlocked.
Soul Released (79 points): Free Chord's Soul from Fort Fermata.
Pirate's Treasure (80 points): Finally obtain Dolce's treasure.
Xylophone Treasure (80 points): Use your orb to open the secret door in Xylophone Tower.
Score Piece Collector (100 points): Collect all 32 Score Pieces.
EZI Worshipper (321 points): Collect all EZI items in the game.


Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Load the cleared saved game file to start a new game session in Encore mode, with all previously collected Score Pieces, Party Levels and a Hero's Crest. The new game session features more difficult enemies and Bosses. A "View Ending" option will also be available to replay the ending sequence at any time.

Alternate costumes

 PlayStation3  Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume.

Allegretto's costume: In Chapter 6, look in one of the treasure chests in "To Coda Ruins".
Beat's costume: In Chapter 5, look in a treasure chest where you fought the Bread Gang Boss while doing the small side-event with Beat as an onscreen character.
Polka's costume #1: In Chapter 4, look in of the treasure chests of the second to last area in the "Lament Mirror".
Polka's costume #2: In Chapter 1 during your second playthrough, visit Polka's home after Frederic joins Polka. After the cinematic, search Polka's bed.
Scrapbook: Complete the events in "The Church of EZI" in your second playthrough and defeat the "Great EZI" Boss.


Walkthrough (PlayStation3)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)



Easy money

Take pictures of enemies and Bosses with Beat's special skills and sell them to vendors.

Score Piece locations

Collect the following Score Pieces at the indicated location to perform musical sessions with NPC and unlock rewards.

1. Agogo Village: Small shrine near March's house.
2. Ft. Fermata: In the chest after the Boss fight.
3. Cantabile Inn: Boat outside of inn.
4. Woodblock Groves: In the chest in North Center.
5. Andante: Storage room near Sullen Melody.
6. Andante: Pillar before the first bridge.
7. Baroque Ship: Bedroom in the East Hallway.
8. Baroque Ship: Barrel after Frederic cutscene.
9. Dolce's Ship: In the hest on fourth floor.
10. Baroque Castle: Bedroom on first floor, east.
11. Baroque Castle: Clock in seocnd floor room, east.
12. Baroque Inn: Room on second floor.
13. Baroque: Snowman near entrance.
14. Sharp Mts.: Second point, hole on the right.
15. Sharp Mts.: Fireplace in lodge.
16. Wah Lava Caves: Middle 3, in chest.
17. Ritardando: Bakery.
18. Ritardando: Bakery.
19. Mandolin Church Catacombs: Chest in East Section.
20. Baroque Tavern: Barrels after Dolce #3.
21. Celeste Forest: From merchant.
22. Cowbell Heights: Bottom of Cello Tree.
23. Mysterious Unison: Chest on fourth floor.
24. Mysterious Unison: Chest on ninth floor.
25. Mysterious Unison: Chest on twelfth floor.
26. Tenuto: Play SP 24 with Easygoing Flat in Encore mode.
27. Heaven's Mirror Forest: From squirrel in Boss area in Encore mode.
28. Forte: Second floor of bar in Encore mode.
29. Forte: Outside of inn in Encore mode.
30. Forte: From the old man near the castle, but only if you spoke to granny in Chapter 4 in Baroque Inn in Encore mode.
31. Baroque: Talk to the woman in lower house, then help the man in Sharp Mts. in Encore mode.
32. Cabasa Bridge: Play SP 19 with Disappointed Note in Chapter 7 only in Encore mode.


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