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Eufloria (PlayStation3)

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Dark Matter mode

Successfully complete all 25 levels in Story mode.


Walkthrough (Android)


Easy "Aggressor" achievement

Play "Quantum Leap", where you can grow Laser Pods. Get control of the all-stats maxed asteroid. Place two defense trees on it then attach flowers to them. Take control of a smaller weak asteroid and plant four Dyson trees on it, then surrender it to an enemy. Surround the tiny asteroid so that no reinforcements can arrive, then use your laser pods to accumulate 200 kills.

Easy "Hero" achievement

There are 756 lost seedlings, located in the following levels.

Level 1: 9 seedlings.
Level 6: 71 seedlings.
Level 9: 160 seedlings.
Level 10: 50 seedlings.
Level 12: 60 seedlings.
Level 14: 100 seedlings.
Level 17: 49 seedlings.
Level 18: 105 seedlings.
Level 20: 152 seedlings.

Easy "Historian" achievement or trophy

You can find one or two artifacts in each level, except for the tutorials. Zoom in on the asteroids to find them. This is easiest to complete in Dark Matter mode because you are required to conquer every asteroid. Simply scout before conquering the two or three final ones if you think there still could be an artifact. If the artifact is on the last asteroid remaining, select it very fast before the level ends. You can always restart because they are level-specific. Note: If you forgot to collect an artifact and it is now on the only asteroid that was not colonized, you can still get it. Send in your seeds and when they are destroying a tree and breaking into the core, fully zoom into the artifact and keep it visible. As soon as the seeds take over the asteroid, the artifact will unlock. You will be able to see the description and can acknowledge it to end the level. Levels can contain up to two artifacts. There are a total of thirty artifacts in the following levels.

Level 4: Ovoid 7
Level 5: Cubos, Q-Plane
Level 6: Bolian Radio
Level 7: Celestia Nest
Level 8: Amberous, Gersical Void
Level 9: Antropian Trap
Level 10: Micro Nautilus, Gliesian Mirror
Level 11: Geres Cloud Horn, Grower Husk
Level 12: Cache 13
Level 13: Cache 14
Level 14: Auto Vac, Iron Baloon
Level 15: Flux Calendar
Level 16: Fear Flower
Level 17: The Twins
Level 18: Guardian
Level 19: The Versuvia Tablet, False Witness
Level 20: Companions
Level 21: The individual
Level 22: Zotropic Enhancer, Gravitonastus
Level 23: Sensoric Antenna, Protoflora
Level 24: Mimic
Level 25: ?

Easy "Megalopolis" achievement

Note: This will require some time. Play level 9 "Critical Mass". It features over ten small asteroids that will fit on screen, with each having room for five trees. You can confine enemies into a corner, and killing all the enemy seedlings will not end the level. Because 4,000 seedlings is the maximum amount that is allowed to appear at once, they will stop spawning when that amount is reached. To get around this, kill the enemy seedlings when that number is reached, then gather the new ones that appear. Additionally, 500 is the maximum number of seedlings that can be sent at the same time to an empty asteroid, and that number drops if there are any already present. To deal with this limitation, issue multiple simultaneous transfers to the same destination to create piles immediately. Try doing the final sequence using two groups of 2,000 seedlings on opposite sides of the level, farthest from the center to allow enough time to enter the over eight simultaneous transfer actions.
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Easy "Stalemate" achievement or trophy

  • Play level 25, "The Centre Cannot Hold". Surround the two big asteroids in the center. Next, begin placing beacons from your surrounding asteroids on the big one.
  • Play "Forest" in Dark Matter mode. There will be a five defense-tree enemy asteroid nearby, and three asteroids you can inhabit (two of them with five Dyson trees and your starting asteroid). Fully place the Dyson trees wherever possible, then begin sending seedlings via beacon to the closest enemy asteroid.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Starboretum (Bronze): Complete the main game.
Illuminator (Silver): Complete Dark Matter Mode.
Safety (Bronze): Complete "200" without any of your own trees being destroyed.
Lightyear (Bronze): Complete "The Centre Cannot Hold" within 60 minutes.
Lightsecond (Bronze): Complete the campaign in under ten hours.
Pacifism (Bronze): Complete "Protection" without destroying anyone else's trees.
Martyrdom (Bronze): Attack an enemy asteroid and lose 300 seedlings in the process.
Hero (Bronze): Find over 600 of the lost seedlings in the game.
Aggressor (Bronze): Attack an enemy asteroid and destroy 200 seedlings in the process.
Traveller (Bronze): Discover an asteroid using a flower or a mine.
Panspermia (Bronze): Send a flower or a mine over 50000 arbitrary distance units.
Gardener (Bronze): Gather ten flowers on an asteroid.
Minefield (Bronze): Gather five mines on an asteroid.
Attrition (Bronze): Battle for an enemy asteroid for ten minutes.
Besieged (Bronze): Defend one of your own asteroids continuously for five minutes.
Stalemate (Bronze): A pitched battle that lasts over 15 minutes and incurs 500 losses between all sides.
Banzai (Bronze): Destroy ten enemy seedlings using a mine explosion.
Intruder (Bronze): Land a beacon seed on an enemy asteroid.
Historian (Bronze): Record all of the Ancient Artifacts.
Uplift (Bronze): Terraform an asteroid to maximum attributes.


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