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Europa Universalis 3 (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press § during game play, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Alternately, hold [Alt] and press 21 on the numeric keypad during game play to display the console window.

Effect Code
Trigger event event <event ID>
Get pirates pirate
Get money cash
Get stability stability
Get prestige prestige
Get spies spy
Get diplomats diplomat
Get missionaries missionary
Get merchants merchant
Get colonists colonist
Kill nation's leader die <nation ID number>
Control indicated nation tag <nation ID number>
Native attack die native
Toggle fog of war fow <on or off>
Discover indicated province discover <province ID number>
Undiscover indicated province undiscover <province ID number>
Start revolt revolt <province ID number>
Invest money in that technology invest <technology name> <money>
Toggle full screen mode fullscreen
Add a merchant to random COT event 1
Add two merchants to random COT event 2
Add three merchant to random COT event 3
Russian Nation can be formed event 1001
Netherlands can be formed event 1002
Spanish nation can be formed event 1003
English nation can be formed event 1004
Convert your country to France event 1005
Italy can be formed event 1006
Germany can be formed event 1007
Persia can be formed event 1008
India can be formed event 1009
Ireland can be formed event 1010
Covert your country to the British event 1011
Brazilian quest for independence event 1030
Chilean quest for independence event 1031
Join Holy Roman Empire event 1051
Leave Holy Roman Empire event 1052
Become an Elector event 1054
Treasury empty event 1063
Order is restored event 1064
Invest in Army event 1075
Invest in Navy event 1076
Join Hanseatic league event 1091
Decline of the Hanseatic league event 1092
Build Hanseatic league Kontor event 1093
Rift in the Hanseatic alliance event 1094
Protestant reformation event 2001
Spread of Protestantism event 2002
Province turns from Catholic to Protestant event 2004
Religious reformation event 2011
Spread of religious reformation event 2012
End of time of trouble event 3008
Religious intolerance event 3012
Social reform event 3014
Royal bureaucracy event 3015
Wave of modern influence event 4001
Western influence event 4002
Western culture event 4003
Military reform event 4011
Diplomat Henri d'Estrées event 4031
No text bonus trader event 4032
Financial reform event 4033
Social reform event 4034
Military development event 4035
Architectural development event 4036
Indian trade company event 4041
National bank event 4042
Christian influence event 5001
Muslim influence event 5003
Gift to the state event 5008
Excellent minister event 5015
Exceptional year event 5019
Rush of Colonists (3) event 5022
Rush of merchant event 5023
Diplomatic move event 5024
Excellent diplomacy event 5025
Reformation of the army event 5027
+25 Army Tradition event 5031
Reformation of the navy event 5032
+25 to Naval Tradition event 5036
Agricultural revolution event 5037
+15% Manpower event 5039
Good government policies event 5040
Choice of stability, government tech, or gold deposit event 5043
Build Fortification event 5057
Regulation of the medical profession event 5062
Monopoly company formed event 5070
New land Claimed event 5073
Indian engineer available event 5083
Foreign drill instructor available event 5084
Foreign bribe offered event 5096
Bumper year; 100,000 manpower event 6418
Unknown morehumans

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Technology names

Use one of the following entries with the invest code.


In Nomine


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