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Europa Universalis 4 (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press ~ to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Gold; default is 5,000 cash <number>
Manpower; default is 50,000 manpower <number>
Maximum Stability stability
+6 Prestige prestige
Add casus belli against target country add_cb <casus belli tag> <target country tag>
Add core add_core <province id>
Add natives to indicated province add_natives <provinceid> <number>
Add opinion to/from tag add_opinion <country tag>
Add papal influence to tag add_pi <country tag>
Add patriarch authority to tag add_pa <country tag>
Add reform level to the empire add_reformlevel <number>
Add indicated country tag to your interest add_interest <country tag>
Add a colonist to a country add_colonist <country tag>
Add a heir of a tag add_heir <target country tag>
Add a missionary to a country add_missionary <country tag>
Add diplomatic entroute add_diplo
Add more humans morehumans <number>
Add Piety piety
Add population to a province population <province id> <number>
Add indicated idea group power <stability/tech_table_key/idea_key>
Add indicated idea group add_idea_group <idea group key>
Begin annex/annexes the specified tag annex <target country tag>
Begin integrate/integrates the specified tag integrate <target country tag>
Change controller controll <province id>
Change map mode mapmode <map mode number>
Change ownership own <province id>
Change currently playing soundtrack nextsong
Clear the console clear
Create saved game file savegame
Discover capital of target tag discover <target country tag>
Double Rainbow help from unicorn helphelp
Toggle Self-Learning AI selflearningai
Execute an event event <event id> <target country tag>
Fog of War disabled fow off
Fog of War enabled fow on
Force Polls valid events poll
Get administrative power the rules administration improve adm <optional number>
Get diplomatic power dip <optional number>
Get military power mil <optional number>
Get power in all powers powerpoints <optional number>
Max war score in all wars for the country winwars
Nudge tool nudge
Set chance for random sound in combat view combatsound <0-50>
Increase Imperial Authority imperial_authority <number>
Kill first cardinal in the list kill_cardinal
Kill heir of a tag kill_heir <target country tag>
Kill monarch of a tag die(kill) <target country tag>
Make the client go oos oos
Price Info recorded on the gamelog
in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\logs
Display all console commands or a specific command description help <command name>
Display used memory memory
Region Balance output balance
Reload entire interface reloadinterface
Reloads the gui or lua file type reload <gui or lua>
Remove casus belli from target country remove_cb <casus belli tag> <target country tag>
Remove core remove_core <province id>
Remove indicated country tag from your interest remove_interest <country tag>
Remove Defender of the Faith for the players religion remove_defender_faith
Request the game state from host requestgamestate
Score output score
Set legitimacy of the ruler legitimacy <number>
Set forced sprite level; specify no argument to reset spritelevel <sprite level>
Set the missionary progress for a province setmissionaryprogress <province id> <number>
Show all votes for a cardinal in the tooltip of his name papvotes
Show your IP address IP
Start a Pirate in a province pirate <province id>
Start a Revolt in a province revolt <province id>
Switch tag to another country tag <country tag>
Switche to play no country at all, and no longer shows messages or pauses the game observe(spectator)
Test a mission without triggering it testmission <mission name>
Test an event without triggering it testevent <event id> <character id>
Toggle additional AI info aiview
Toggle AI positive responses for everything Yes! yesman
Toggle all messages popup msg
Toggle debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision collision(debug_collision)
Toggle full screen fullscreen
Toggle Terra Incognita ti(debug_ti)
Toggle the pause banner for clean screenshots nopausetext
Turn off fog of war in a province or in general fow(debug_fow) <optional province id>
Validate all events without triggering it validateevents
Vassalize the specified tag vassalize <target country tag>
Display time time
Win the siege in the specified province siege <province id>


Steam achievements

Complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievements and statistics in the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the "Europa Universalis 4 (PC)" game hub. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

A Kaiser not just in name : Enact all reforms in the Holy Roman Empire.
A Manchurian Candidate : Start as one of the Jurchen tribes and form Qing.
A Pile of Gold : Own 10 provinces which produce gold.
A Protected Market : Have 100% Mercantilism.
A Sun God : Form Inca, Westernise and own all of South America.
African Power : Own all provinces in Africa as Kongo.
Agressive Expander : Own 200 provinces.
Albania or Iberia : As Albania, conquer Iberia and Causcasus.
All belongs to Mother Russia : Form Russia.
An early Reich : Form Germany.
Arabian Coffee : Form Arabia and have highest producing nation in coffee.
At every continent : Own one province on each continent.
Auld Alliance Reversed : As Scotland, have France as a vassal.
Azur semé de lis or : Get all the French Cores as France.
Barbarossa : As a Maghrebi nation, have 500 light ships privateering at the same time.
Basileus : Restore the Roman Empire.
Bengal Tiger : Start as Bengal and own Samarkand as a core province.
Blockader : Blockade at least 10 ports of one enemy.
Brothers in Arms : Win a war as a secondary participant.
Center of Attention : Own both a Protestant and a Reformed Center of Reformation.
Cold War : Win a war without fighting a single battle.
Defender of the Faith : Become Defender of the Faith.
Definitely the Sultan of Rum : Own Rome, Moscow and Istanbul as Ottomans.
Die Please Die : Have a ruler with 1 or lower in all three categories who is over the age of 80.
Double the Love : Start with no unions and get two at the same time.
Down Under : Have a colony in Australia.
Dracula's Revenge : Form Romania and conquer all of the Balkans.
Electable! : Become an elector in the HRE as a country which does not start as elector.
Even Better than Piet Heyn : Gain over 100 gold from privateering a single treasure fleet.
For the Glory : Diplo-annex a vassal.
Foremost Servitor of Jagannath : Start as Orissa and own all tropical wood provinces.
Four For Trade : Form four Trade Companies and get bonus merchants from all of them.
Georgia on my Mind : Conquer all three Georgias.
Gothic Invasion : Start as Theodoro and conquer all Germanic culture provinces in Europe.
Grand Coalition : Join a coalition of more than 5 nations.
Guarantor of Peace : Guarantee the Independence of France, The Ottoman Empire and Russia.
Hessian Mercenaries : As Hesse, have at least 50 regiments of mercenaries.
Holy Trinity : As the Papacy, own Jerusalem and have Livonian Order, Teutonic Order and The Knights as Marches.
Imperio español : As Spain have Mexico, Panama, Havana, Cuzco in colonial Nations under you.
In the Name of the Father : As an Orthodox country, have 100 Patriarch Authority.
Isn't this the way to India? : Discover the Americas as Castile or Spain.
Italian Ambition : Form Italy.
It's all about luck : Win a battle against a great leader, without a leader.
It's all about the money : Accumulate 3000 gold.
Je maintiendrai : Form the Netherlands as a minor nation starting with Dutch culture.
Jihad : As Najd, conquer Europe, Africa and Asia and convert it to Sunni religion.
Just a Little Patience : Play a campaign from 1444 until 1820.
King of Jerusalem : Form the Kingdom of Jerusalem as Cyprus or The Knights.
Kirishitan Japan : Start as a Japanese Daimyo, convert yourself and all of Japan to Christianity.
Kow-Tow : As Ming, have a subject from each religion group.
Krabater : Form the nation of Croatia and station a unit of cavalry in Stockholm.
Land of Eastern Jade : Colonize a province in Central America as a Buddhist country.
Liberty or Death : Start as USA in 1776 bookmark and own all your cores while being at peace.
Lion of the North : Start as Sweden and lead the Protestant League to victory against the Emperor.
Luck of the Irish : Conquer the British Isles as an an Irish nation.
Magellan’s Voyage : Make the first circumnavigation.
Market Control : Be trade leader of seven different goods.
Marshy March : Have a march with at least two marsh provinces.
Master of India : Own all of India as a European nation.
My armies are invincible! : Gain at least 7.0 land morale.
My True Friend : Go to war in support of a rebel faction and win, enforcing their demands.
No Pirates in my Caribbean : Own the entire Caribbean.
No trail of tears : Own the Thirteen Colonies as a westernized Cherokee.
Nobody wants to die : Own Timbuktu as Songhai
Norwegian Wood : Own all naval supplies provinces as Norway.
Not so sad a state... : As Portugal, have a colony in Brazil and in Africa.
On the Edge of Madness : As Aztecs, reach 95 Doom, then go 20 years without Doom hitting 100.
One King to Rule! : As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, abolishing the Sejm.
One night in Paris : Own Paris as England or Great Britain.
Over a Thousand! : Own 1001 provinces directly.
Poland can into space : As Poland, reach the maximum level in all technologies (32).
Prester John : Start as Ethiopia and own Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople.
Queen of Mercury : As Kilwa, own Zanzibar and Bombay (North Konkan).
Raja of the Rajput Reich : Conquer all of Germany as Nagaur.
Respected : Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability.
Royal Authority : Install an union through a succession war.
Ruina Imperii : Dismantle the Holy Roman Empire.
Seriously?! : Kill 10,000 men in one battle.
Shahanshah : Start as Tabarestan and form Persia.
Sinaasappel! : Get Orangists in power with 100% Republican Tradition, and owning a province in China.
Sons of Carthage : As Tunisia, own Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Algiers and the southern coast of Spain.
Spain is the Emperor : Become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as Spain.
Sunset Invasion : Conquer Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rome as the Aztec.
Sweden is not overpowered! : Own the entire Baltic coastline as Sweden.
Switzerlake : Own 99 provinces as Switzerland while owning no ports.
That is mine! : Conquer a province.
That's a Grand Army : Build up your army to your country's maximum army forcelimit.
That's a Grand Navy : Build up your navy to your country's maximum navy forcelimit.
That's a Silk Road : Own all provinces in the world producing silk.
The Chrysanthemum Throne : Unite Japan as a Daimyo.
The Emperors new clothes : Overthrow Austria and become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
The Five Colonies : Have five colonial nations.
The Grand Armada : Have 500 heavy ships and no loans.
The Great Khan : As the Mongol Khanate or the Golden Horde, conquer or vassalize the Chinese, Russian and Persian regions.
The Iron Price : Restore the Danelaw region to Danish rule, and make it Danish culture.
The pen is mightier than the sword : Have three unions at the same time as Austria.
The Princess is in this Castle : Have a female heir and a Royal Palace.
The Re-Reconquista : Reconquer all of Iberia as Granada.
The Rising Sun : Own all of Japan as a European nation.
The Spice Must Flow : Form the nation of Malaya.
The Sun Never Sets on the Indian Empire : Form Hindustan and own Cape, London, Hong Kong and Ottawa.
The Three Mountains : Conquer the World as Ryukyu.
This is Persia! : Form Persia and conquer Egypt, Anatolia and Greece.
This navy can take it all : Gain at least 7.0 naval morale.
This Revolution Was Crushed : In a war against the target of the Revolution, control their capital and have above 99% war score.
Total Control : Own 100 or more provinces with no local autonomy or unrest.
Trade Hegemon : Conquer Aden, Hormoz and Malacca with any Western European country.
Traditional Player : More than 90 percent Naval and Army Tradition.
True Catholic : Control three Cardinals.
Truly Divine Ruler : Get a 5/5/5 Ruler.
Turn the Table : As a colony, break free and vassalize your former overlord.
Turning the Tide : Start as a Steppe Horde in 1444, and fully westernize.
Until death do us apart : Secure a Royal Marriage with another country.
Vasa or Wettin? : Get a ruler of your dynasty on the throne of Poland or the Commonwealth while they are an elective monarchy.
Venetian Sea : Have a 90% Trade share in both the Alexandria and Constantinople nodes as Venice, owning less than 10 cities.
Victorious! : Win a war.
Viva la Revolución! : Have rebels you support in another country enforce their demands.
Winged Hussars : Have Winged Hussars as your active unit with more than +50% cavalry combat ability.
World Conqueror : Conquer the World.
World Discoverer : Discover the whole world.


Easy "Azur semé de lis or" achievement

Play as France and select the provinces you own cores on, but do not own yourself. They are mostly the vassals and England, and perhaps one or two Burgundy provinces. Cede all the cores (you will see a scroll with a red "X" to the right of the list of claims/cores on a province). Note: This will result in large penalties to your prestige.

Easy "Down Under" achievement

Play as a Southeast Asian country, such as Brunei or any country that begin on Java. Increase your Tech enough to earn your first Idea Group. Choose Exploration, then purchase up through Quest for the New World. Send an explorer due south of your starting location and you will discover Australia. If you have core provinces on Java or Timor, your initial colonial range might be able to reach the northernmost Australian provinces. If not, invest more in range.

Easy "Liberty or Death" achievement

Give the British enough of your cores to make them agree to the peace. They will have certain ones they want to make the trade slightly faster. Then, select each province you gave up and revoke the core. You will lose 10 prestige each time, however it will be acceptable. "Liberty or Death" will be earned when you have revoked all the cores now owned by Great Britain.

Easy "Marshy March" achievement

Start as Lithuania and create the subject country of Kiev. Designate Kiev as a march (which is basically a vassal with less income but more military potential). "Marshy March" will be earned when the new vassal starts with two marsh provinces. Note: If the Art Of War DLC is installed, a Suzerain can also change the vassal into a march.

Easy "One King to Rule!" achievement

This event triggers in the late 1500s or early 1600s as Poland, or after forming the Commonwealth as Poland. You will be given the history of the Sejm and information about a king who thought it was a good idea to try to abolish it. You will have two options. The first is to go off for religious studies, which basically changes your ruler and ignores the event. Select the second option. Try to have 3 Stability in the years leading up to the event, as well as a stockpile of monarch points. Your Stability will immediately drop by 3, and you have a massive amount of nationwide unrest, economic penalties, and similar issues. Once the event begins, it will spawn several sets of rebels that must be eliminated. You have to defeat each of those groups. If any other rebellions started up due to the unrest or stability, you must eliminate them as well. After a few months have passed, an event will trigger that notes the rebellion is at an end. You will earn "One King to Rule!" as well as a few bonuses.

Easy "Shahanshah" achievement

Go to the "Diplomacy" tab to start the game and release the Persian state. Then, place a check in the box to play as the new country.

Easy "The Re-Reconquista" achievement

Note: Earning this achievement is very luck dependent. Have Algiers as ally. If they are a rival, restart the mission. Take land from Morocco or make it a vassal. The gold mine will allow you to pay the colonists and is also a low base tax. You will be able to core it but do not take too much land. Rush exploration ideas but do not spend diplomacy points until reaching Admin Tech 4. Take Cape Verde before the Portuguese. You can also westernize, if you think it will help. Begin the colonization of Brazil, then colonize a few Caribbean island. If Castille is faster than you, send colonists to Carthagena, the capital of the Granada. You can also go to North America, as it is easier to colonize and the Caribbean will not be that distant overseas, however the Incas will be far away, and Aztecs are often strong. Do not colonize the tropical provinces while there are non-tropical and uncolonized land. Defeat the natives before the other western nations and take the gold mines. The Inca have a weaker army than the Aztecs, but do not underestimate the Inca and the Andes or it can result in a peasants' war. If anyone start colonizing, try to stop them to prevent a strong colonial nation. Bots will not colonize tropical land unless as a last resort. Wait and prepare a lot of boats to form a wooden wall. You will also require many boats and transports to retake Granada. At this point you should have land in Europe. Find European allies, such as the Ottomans or France. Before 1700, attack Castille or Portugal and take most of the land of their colonies and destroy their transports ships. After 1700, attack Portugal, preferably if it is not allied to Castille, and take all their land in Europe (except Lisboa). You will probably have a coalition of Castille, Portugal, and Aragon formed against you. If France joins the coalition, improve relations. If they are outraged but with a positive opinion and if they are in the coalition for two years, they may leave. Attack Castille, preferably when they have only a few allies or if they are at war with France, and then take as much land as possible. Do the same for Aragon. One of the three Iberians may be allied with Austria or the Holy Roman Empire, but France will not give them access, and you should still have the Ottomans as an ally. You must then attack France. This will not be as easy as Castille or Portugal. Attack them with the Ottomans and England while they are at war against Austria. Before this last war, build arsenals in America. A force limit of 210 to 240 will be required. Become Pious to get a morale bonus and hire a +10% Morale adviser. Accumulate money, then move your armies very slowly. Do not be attack generals with a better morale. Note: You also need to pay advisers, because the lucky nations will always have better rulers.

Easy "Winged Hussars" achievement

Consider doing this with Poland because their national idea gives you an increase in cavalry power naturally. This also allows you to earn "One King" and "Poland Can Into Space" in a single good completion. You will not get Winged Hussars until Tech level 22 in Military. If playing as Poland, your national idea will give you 33% to cavalry once you acquire it, long before the tech level required is reached, leaving 17% remaining. There are three ways to get the remaining amount.

  • Aristocratic ideas group: Noble Knights give 10%.
  • Quality Ideas group: Finest of Horses give 10%.
  • Complete both Aristocratic and Espionage. The national idea from both will give 20% as long as it is active.

Once you have at least 51% (53% if Poland), set Hussars as your preferred cavalry unit. Note: You can check to see how much total bonus you have on the "Military info" screen, which is the same screen used to change units. In addition, if done late in the game, Hussars will not appear unless you select "Show outdated units". However you can change to it, allow it to activate, then change it back.


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